April 5, 2006

Allan Wall: "Gringo Meddlers Expelled from Mexico:"

Back in 2002 in VDARE.com, our man in Mexico, Allan Wall, wrote about an incident that offers a pointed contrast to last week's massive street demonstrations by illegal immigrants in American cities that so intimidated the United States Senate:

On May 2nd, the Instituto Nacional de MigraciĆ³n (Mexican INS) expelled 18 Americans from Mexico. These expelled Americans had violated the terms of their Mexican visas by getting involved, albeit in a minor fashion, in Mexican politics – a definite no-no for foreigners in Mexico.

The Americans’ offense was to participate in May Day marches in Mexico City and Guadalajara. The ones in Mexico City were college students, visiting with their professor from Washington State. They had joined a group protesting the expropriation of land near Mexico City for a new airport and were waving machetes with the other protestors. They might have gotten away with it, except that some of them were heard on the TV news shouting protest slogans in broken Spanish, which in turn caused Mexican journalists to express outrage.

The INM wasted no time. The offenses were committed on May 1st, and by the evening of May 2nd, the offending gringos were on their way back to the U.S.A., their Mexican visas revoked.

According to Javier Moctezuma, Mexican subsecretary of Population, Migration and Religious Affairs (part of the Interior Department), the Americans were kicked out because “they violated article 43 of the General Population Law......article 43 has been violated and the standard must be applied.”

Article 43 of the General Law of Population (Ley General de PoblaciĆ³n) states that:

“The admission to the country of a foreigner obliges him to strictly comply with the conditions established for him in the immigration permit and the dispositions established by the respective laws.”

As an El Universal article puts it, “as any foreigner, they should not meddle in national affairs.” [More]

That's from the VDARE.com blog, which is also pounding out up-to-the-minute coverage of the Senate debate on immigration. Thanks for this item to James Fulford and his unbelievable memory for old VDARE.com articles.

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