April 4, 2006

Anti-Sailerism at FireDogLake

Anti-Sailerism's characteristic mode is to quote from me and then, rather than muster any facts or logic to dispute the truth of what I've just said, point and sputter, "Isn't that awful! He must be a horrible person to say such a thing." There's a classic example over at FireDogLake.com, where "Armando" appears to have gone out of his way to find particularly unobjectionable quotes from me, such as:

"Personally, I’ve long wanted more black quarterbacks in the NFL. Living in Southern California, I don’t have a team to root for. So I just watch the wrap-up shows to see amazing plays. And black quarterbacks provide more of them than whites, because they are generally faster and shiftier runners.. . .

Why do black quarterbacks tend to be better runners than white quarterbacks? For the same reasons that blacks tend to be better runners than whites in all sports. Perhaps the single most self-evident fact about American spectator sports is that blacks, on average, are faster than whites. No human being not of West African descent ever ran 100 meters in less than 10 seconds until this spring, when Patrick Johnson, finally broke that barrier, 35 years after the first Sub-Saharan African"

Another awful thing I wrote, according to FireDogLake, was:

Our political discourse is dominated not by a concern for the needs of the American people as a whole, but by the self-interest and unexamined assumptions of the verbally facile.

But, you see, my sounding well-informed, reasonable, and fair-minded is all just part of my sinister plot!

This denunciation would all be utterly boring except for the appearance in the Comments section of good old "Tacitus" -- a.k.a., Josh Trevino, the co-founder of the Republican group blog RedState and close friend of the disgraced Ben Domench -- to announce that he totally agrees that I'm a horrible person and has been denouncing me as an "evilcon" for years.

So, you see, I'm a unifier! I've brought together the Chimpy McHitlerBushton-haters at FireDogLake and Mr. RedState, Josh Trevino.

UPDATE: I was going to quote you what Ben's Buddy had to say about me, but the second time I went back, all that was left of his comment was:


Trevino you lost your ability to comment here the other night when you showed up and started insulting other commenters... Now you and your bigot bretheren [sic] can just get out of here, this isn’t LGF.

Oh, well, I guess there is just a little too much hatred sloshing around within the anti-Sailerists for even me to foster amity amongst them.

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