April 5, 2006

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April 10, 2006 Issue

Iran: The Logic of Deterrence
By Christopher Layne
Tehran’s quest for nuclear weapons is a rational response to a real threat, which makes diplomacy a more prudent option than regime change.

Minding Our Manners
By Theodore Dalrymple
Militant egalitarians make rudeness a virtue.

What Victory Lost

By Wayne Merry
After three years, it’s more clear than ever that we would have been better off not to have invaded Iraq.

Red-Ink Rebellion
By W. James Antle III
House conservatives mount a challenge to Republican spending practices.

How to Handle Hamas
By Leon Hadar
Hamas’s voters did not reject the peace process.

Madness of Crowds
By Glenn Greenwald
Loyalty to Bush is the criterion for conservatism.

Remember Kosovo?
By Doug Bandow
The Kosovo War was no nation-building success.

Lighting Up the Screen
By Steve Sailer
Aaron Eckhart in “Thank You for Smoking”

California Dreamin’
By Roger D. McGrath
Coast of Dreams: California on the Edge, 1990-2003 by Kevin Starr

The American Conservative

An Empire Built of Paper
By Llewellyn H. Rockwell Jr.
Empire of Debt: The Rise of an Epic Financial Crisis
by William Bonner and Addison Wiggin

Counterfeit Conservative
By Doug Bandow
Impostor: How George W. Bush Bankrupted America and Betrayed the Reagan Legacy
by Bruce Bartlett

Are We Up to the Empire Game?
By Patrick J. Buchanan
Bush discredits Arab democracy.

Ugly Americans on the March
By Taki
Why I cheered for Finland

Fourteen Days: National Review Purges Buckley; Do the Troops Support the Troops?; Free Speech Hits Its Limit in Austria

Deep Background: Suicide Bomber University; Abandoning Abbas; Iran Bombs the Dollar

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