April 26, 2006

Jerod Walker: Black or Mormon? You be the judge!

In the news today is a freshman quarterback on the Utah State football team named Jerod Walker. Okay, let's play the game of "Black or Mormon?"

- Well, he's named after an Old Testament figure (Jared was, quite literally, Methuselah's grandfather), but with a creatively misspelled name. So, that could go either way.

- He plays college football, which is roughly half black, half white.

- He plays for Utah State, which is in the most Mormon state in the country.

- He plays quarterback, which has been traditionally a white position, but which has gotten blacker.

- He holds his high school's passing record (sounds white) and quarterback rushing record (sounds black).

Kind of a toss-up so far... So, why is a football player in the news in April? Well, the Deseret News reports:

Police have arrested a Utah State University football player accused of first-degree felony rape in connection with an April 9 incident involving a 20-year-old USU coed.

So, how do you bet now?

His picture is here.

For some reason, I don't think the NYT will run dozens of articles about this story, just like they haven't given blanket coverage to the rape charge filed against the Naval Academy's quarterback. I guess, being a football quarterback just isn't a high profile position like being on the lacrosse team. That's the only explanation I can come up with...

(For the Navy quarterback's side of the case, see here.)

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