April 23, 2006

War Nerd on the Moussaoui Trial

Gary Brecher writes in Fighting Terror with Kleenex:

Instead, Moussaoui blew into court looking like Bluto from Popeye: this big, burly, hairy, shouting blowhard full of Koranic piss'n'vinegar. It was shameful to watch the way he talked back to the useless prosecution team. It ruined the whole point of the trial. Look, this trial isn't exactly a whodunit. Moussaoui boasts non-stop that he was in on the plot, so that's settled. The point is to make him look weak and terrified and get him to renounce his Al Quaeda ties in public, preferably while crying like a little bitch.

Instead - and it shames me to say this - it was our guys who cried. I can't believe it! There was a serving US Army officer on the stand, CRYING while he talked about people being (sob!) killed, yes, KILLED when Moussaoui's pals from the "How to Fly a Commercial Airliner without Landing" aviation school slammed that commuter jet into the Pentagon. This dude was soaking his hanky while Moussaoui looked on and sneered.

Now don't start telling me about how manly it is to cry. In the first place, no it isn't. In the second place, even if you think so, they sure don't think that way in Waziristan and Yemen and Java. In those places, a US Army officer weeping while he talks about casualties means one thing: w-e-a-k. Trouble is, we're so used to all this boo-hoo crap about 9/11 for home consumption that we don't see that when it's time to put on a show for the Muslim hordes (and that's what this trial is). [More]

And here's a transcript of John Derbyshire on Radio Derb:

I hate to admit it, and you're going to hate me for admitting it, but as I've been following the Zacarias Moussaoui trial, I've found my self wondering if we really can win this war on terror. Item: A U.S. naval officer, Lt. Nancy McKeown, wept on the witness stand while testifying about the deaths of her colleagues. Here is what Moussaoui said about that, quote: "I think it was disgusting for a military person to cry. She is military, she should expect people at war with her to want to kill her."

I agree with Moussaoui. Isn't it an offense under our Uniform Code of Military Justice to weep in the face—literally, actually, in the face—of the enemy? If it isn't, it ought to be. I'd be happy to see Lt. McKeown court martialed, and if judgment were up to me, she'd be stripped of her commission and given five years in the brig.

Item: In Moussaoui's defense, though without his approval, a clinical social worker, Ms. Jan Vogelsang, testified that Moussaoui was a victim of child abuse and racism. His father had beaten the kids, and Moussaoui's girlfriend's family had rejected him because they looked down on North Africans. What did Moussaoui think of that testimony? "It's a lot of American B.S.," he shouted as he was led from the court.

Well, again, I totally agree. It is a lot of B.S., though unfortunately not particularly American. The whole Western world has been infected by this poisonous pap.

Item: The Los Angeles Times, arguing against a death sentence, editorialized that, quote: "Capital punishment gives jihadists like Moussaoui the martyrdom they crave." End quote. Possibly so; but it gives the rest of us the immense satisfaction of knowing that there is one less of the enemy in existence.

Watching this trial, I've been left with the impression that on one side of the war on terror there are unbreakable men of steely determination striving to kill as many of us as possible, without distinction, compunction, or remorse. On the other side are the emoting, weeping, sniveling, feminized legions of our rotten therapeutic society, the children of Oprah and Bill Clinton, wailing about "racism" and "abuse," gushing out their precious feelings for the world to see. So far as that first side is concerned, I believe Zacarias Moussaoui is a fair example of what we are up against. If the other side is illustrative of the Western world's cultural defenses, we are surely doomed.

A reader adds:

Did you see 'Some Kind of Monster,' the documentary about [heavy metal band] Metallica? Dave Mustaine, the lead singer of [another metal band] Megadeth, CRIES in it. Not for the arguably acceptable reasons for a man to cry (death of a dog or father), but because he was having a sit down with the Metallica drummer and they were talking about the fall-out from Mustaine being kicked out of Metallica 20+ years ago. Just to reiterate -- the singer of Megadeth cries on camera. What the hell is happening to this country???

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