April 25, 2006

"Trial by media choir blankets Duke rape case"

writes columnist James P. Pinkerton in the big Long Island paper Newsday:

Even the nominally blue-chip news portals are getting in on the act. The New York Times, which sets the agenda for the rest of the mainstream media, has found itself drawn to the Duke case - even though, traditionally, the Times has seen itself as being above such tabloid-y fare.

So why these changing Times? The main reason is competitive pressure; no paper can resist the public fascination with this case. Yet blogger Steve Sailer offers another reason: The Times, he says, loves a story in which blacks might have been criminally victimized by whites, because it reverses the all-too familiar pattern. So the Times jumps at the chance to show whites acting badly, thus elevating the paper's self-appointed status as the arbiter of social and racial justice. As Sailer puts it, "The Duke lacrosse team, a bunch of rich preppie jerks, makes a wonderful target for other whites wishing to parade their moral superiority."

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