May 26, 2006

Analyses of the Senate immigration vote:

On Gideon's blog:

GOP Senators facing the voters in their state voted largely against this bill. GOP Senators who want to be President voted largely in favor of this bill. That suggests a rather different balance of power between interests in the race for President as compared with the race for a Senate seat.

The would-be Presidential timbers no doubt are hoping that the liberal media will accord them paroxysms of Strange New Respect over their statesmanlike, rational, moderate cave-ins.

There's lots more worth reading.

One of Larry Auster's readers has the religious breakdown:

"Catholics voted 19-4 yes, with Bunning, Santorum, Sununu and Vitter voting no (Salazar did not vote). Jews voted 11-0 yes. The combined Catholic-Jewish vote was 30-4 in favor... Senate Mormons voted 3-2 in favor of the bill." [More]

That leaves the bill losing 29-30 among Protestants and All Other.

This 30-4 vote among Senators whose ancestors largely immigrated between 160 and 80 years ago shows the extraordinary power of Ellis Island ethnic nostalgia today.

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