May 25, 2006

"My Favorite Sailerism:"

A med student writes:

My Favorite Sailerism: You make a lot of generalizations on your blog, and they tend to be surprisingly correct. But I think the most correct of all is that some time ago you said that you've never seen a woman in a book store reading a magazine from the so called prestige section.

I too have spent many hours in book stores reading magazines, perhaps more so than is normal or even healthy for a 23 year old. I first go for the car magazines, and then I read the Economist, AmCon, National Review, Time, Business Week, etc.

I have never, ever seen a woman reading one of these magazines. Nor have I ever seen a woman pick up one of these magazines in a doctors office or at the gym (to read while on the treadmill). I'll put money down that - given a choice between the two - a woman is more likely to pick up a Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue to compare herself to the pretty models than she is to pick up a Newsweek magazine.

No wonder they didn't let women vote for the longest time

Well, women keep the human race from falling apart, in part by reading self-help magazines, which allows men to think about stuff that doesn't affect them personally.

Meanwhile, Thrasymachus writes:

I don't get Mean Mr. Mustard's Da Vinci Code hate. He completely misses the real significance of the book. Its truth or falsehood doesn't matter: knowing a couple facts about The Da Vinci Code is a wonderful way to hit on girls reading books. I don't think I've ever seen one reading anything else.

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