May 7, 2006

"The Hot White Defendant"

James Fulford on the Blog provides a rough count of the demographic breakdown of the bad guys on the LAPD's most wanted list:
Looking at the the names on the LAPD Most Wanted list, there are three categories of names: What Archie Bunker called “regular American,” random foreigners, (did you know there are Armenian gangs in LA?) and Hispanic. I count, unscientifically, about 20 random foreigners, 28 regular Americans [white and black], and 180 Hispanics.

One thing that jumped out at me from scanning the Most Wanted list was how few black criminals are left in LA. Whether that means they have reformed or have merely, under pressure from all the Hispanic criminals, moved elsewhere in the country, is unclear.

What is clear is that real LA criminals don't look much at all like the many Great White Defendants on the crime shows filmed in LA.

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