July 11, 2009

The goal of the Sotomayor hearings ...

... shouldn't be to try to show that she's outside the liberal mainstream, but to show what the liberal mainstream actually is.

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Anonymous said...

*Sigh*. Not even a fight? Curitiba here I come.

Maybe go full nihilist and go to Pattaya instead. Either would be less hostile to working age het white males, friggin Ouagadougou would be less hostile to het white males. I know: political asylum in Iran; at least you are free to question the ethnic background of a Supreme Court nominee there without people freaking.

I keep thinking about that scene in Apocalypto: "Run".

wwwww said...

question for sotomayor should the bar exam be given a thumbs down summary judgement due to disparate impact

Jimmy Anderson said...

Very pithy. Sounds like one of Deogolwulf's fewtrils.

Jim Bowery said...

Sotomayor backers urge reporters to probe New Haven firefighter:
"Sotomayor and her panel colleagues were bound by long-standing precedent and federal law," People for the American Way executive vice president Marge Baker said in a June statement. "They applied the law without regard to their personal views."

Anonymous said...

"question for sotomayor should the bar exam be given a thumbs down summary judgement due to disparate impact"

Umm, but then move to an engineering degree. People already think of lawyers as scumbags, but engineers are different--each time they cross a bridge, a huge population of people keep their fingers crossed that the engineers knew what the hell they were doing when they designed the thing.

Yes, yes, I know that engineering schools are not impacted by AA like law and med school, but that doesn't matter. It's the image that counts.

Reg C├Žsar said...

...to show what the liberal mainstream actually is.

I think a better term would be "mainline", what with its narcotic connotations.

rob said...

Very good point strategy. I think Gingrich said that no one wins an election. Someone loses.

Democrats lose running as liberals for going on, like 20 years? Clinton ran as a New Dem. The brand name sucks so bad, they started calling themselves progressives.

Obama in particular did not win. Bush lost. Change meant not W. The Democratic majority might be short-lived if the Republicans can convince a few more whites that Obama wants them to be less successful. Especially convincing white women (that's WOMEN to you, testy) that they no longer gain materially from AA: they compete with white men for slots not reserved for blacks and hispanics.

2 questions for Sotomayor:

Since (phrase it nicely) Whites would clean up competing in the affirmative action pool. If an AA-fraud case came before you, what would you do? For example "[The Minority Business Development Agency]MBDA does not require proof of you being a minority to take advantage of the various programs the agency has to offer. However, when seeking assistance from the agency, there is a disclaimer that you must answer that does state you are in fact a minority. All you have to do is type YES after reading the disclaimer and we use that disclaimer as verification of you being a minority."

Should there be a stricter standard than checking a box? If so, what should that standard be?

Some federal laws specify that Spanish speaking Americans, not self-identified 'hispanics' qualify for minority set-asides. How well do think one needs to speak Spanish to qualify?

Hat tip to Big Bill


Confirmation that the Minority Business Development Agency still confuses hispanic and spanish speaking


josh said...

Gee,those Republicans are some soft,squishy little men! One Repub Senator was overheard to remark,as Lindsey Graham happened to pass by,quoting Max McGee's famous line re Vince Lombardi,"He's all the man there is"! PS:I wonder if Sotomayer will smile? Ya think?

Anonymous said...

It would still be great for them to get DiStefano up there, but getting Ricci and Vargas could be a masterstroke. Played right, this could be Sotomayor's "Anita Hill". Let's hope that the Repubs don't stick to form and blow this.

Word today is that the left, People for the American Way and the assorted cast of characters, are doing oppo research and leaking smears against Ricci already.

jody said...

sotomayor will become a supreme court justice. there's no reason to spend much time or energy debating this on the internet.

as somebody else commented, the interesting thing about this confirmation process appears to be that people plan to attack frank ricci.

well organized political attacks on innocent european men who are completely and totally in the right, and not in the wrong at all, is becoming standard for the democrats.

that's a really bad sign for US politics. i mean seriously. a fairly organized attack is actually going to be made on a dyslexic firefighter who got screwed out of promotion by the same city that he serves? this is the person who needs to have his character demolished by a team of overpaid lawyers?

Anonymous said...

By the bye, aside from Ricci and Vargas, I've noticed that the GOP witness list has a number of gun rights personalities. Included are Stephen Halbrook, David Kopel, and a former NRA president. I'm wondering, especially since this is an issue that the Dems perennially have to worry about and have a fair number of conservative members (more in the House than the Senate) who are gun-rights supporters, if this isn't a pretty good place to push in highlighting the liberal mainstream?

Mr. Anon said...

"Anonymous said...

Yes, yes, I know that engineering schools are not impacted by AA like law and med school, but that doesn't matter. It's the image that counts."

Just you wait - it's coming. Title IX will soon be applied to science departments. Engineering departments won't be far behind.


Anonymous said...


And the FSMA! You guys want a coalition, start talking about the destruction of the economy that is happening *right now.*

Anonymous said...

One more question for her;

Are Brazilian-Americans hispanic? Why or why not?

What about Cape Verdeans?

Tom Piatak said...


Jim Bowery said...

Sessions: Sonia Sotomayor 'out of mainstream'