August 24, 2010

Summer Panhandling Drive Continues

I'd rather write than beg, but it's time to shake the tin cup again.

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Thanks. I appreciate it, deeply.


Pat Shuff said...

Parody dept-- from The Center for Responsible Lending.


An important and empirically robust new study belies the stereotype of the California foreclosure crisis as resulting from house flippers and social climbers overreaching to buy 4,000 square foot mansions.

Essentially half of all foreclosures in California involve Hispanics, roughly in the same proportion that subprime mortgages were given out in the years prior to the crisis. Thus, the last to arrive at the bottom rungs of the middle class ladder are the first to be pushed back off.

The picture that emerges from this foreclosure study is of a generation of Hispanic homeowners, typically refinancing an existing, modest home, rather than buying an extravagant McMansion, losing years of accumulated wealth and savings in the process. Opponents of foreclosure relief and debt reduction regularly invoke the useful fiction of foreclosure victims as profligate yuppies with surplus bathrooms. The facts are otherwise.

Key Findings

Latino and African-American homeowners in California have experienced foreclosure rates 2.3 and 1.9 times that of non-Hispanic white borrowers. Latino borrowers alone make up 48 percent of all foreclosures.

However, the degree to which communities of color have been impacted in any given
state is difficult to know, as demographic data on foreclosed borrowers is not generally

In this report, we look to see which geographic areas and demographic groups have been
hit hardest by the foreclosure crisis in California.

Section II of our paper outlines
the data and methods that we use to analyze the geographic and demographic compositions recent California foreclosures. Section III presents our findings and
Section IV provides policy recommendations and concluding remarks.

The pdf report at the above url contains the graphs and charts which score Stevil 1, Ritholtz 0.

Anonymous said...

You're a beggar.

Florida resident said...

Dear Mr. Sailer !

On somewhat related note:
did you have a chance to watch the movie "Precious" ?

Disclosure: I have absolutely no personal investment in this movie.

No grudge if you will censor this comment out.

Respectfully yours, Florida resident.