July 4, 2012

They're not making Australians like they used to

From the Telegraph of London, an account of a student in Australia: "who attended an elite private girls' school in Sydney, said she had a wrist problem, suffered discrimination and her mark should have been 100. Her result, a university entrance score, meant she beat 99.95 per cent of other students – but she believed she would have received the top mark if treated fairly."


anony-mouse said...

An improvement.

They've gone from stealing jumbucks to stealing marks. And she looks better than any swagman.

And if such things get too out of hand they already know how to set up a penal colony.

Anonymous said...

I'll say. Down Under's gone from alcoholic bogan trash to hard-working elite East Asians in just a couple of generations. Good on 'em, mate!

Anonymous said...

To bad the wasps and Jews are competing on status and not merit. Competing on who has the most black friends, who recycles the most, who has the most liberal view on gays etc.

Anonymous said...

I like what you did there.

true Scotsman said...

I didn't cry when me own father was hung for stealing a pig-- but I'll cry now.

Anonymous said...

No slap on the wrist this.

Anonymous said...

I could have been a jet fighter pilot but for my eyes.

I could have gotten a perfect score on the SAT if my brains had been smarter. But I was given a lower score because my brain power wasn't what it should have been. Who can I sue?

Tim of Angle said...

Oh, sure -- I see the name Sarah Hui Xin Wong and the first thing that occurs to me is 'Australian'.

Anonymous said...

Real Australians aren't brave and exciting like the ones you see on TV.

Anonymous said...

From crocodile dundee to koala crybaby.

Anonymous said...

"Sarah Hui Xin Wong"

Not a tiger girl but a pussy baby.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, Sarah Hui Xin Wong is a chimera.

Wong is the Cantonese version of Wang or Huang (they sound the same in Cantonese, but different in Mandarin), while Hui Xin is Mandarin.

I guess she is just conflicted.

Anonymous said...

The girl was Asian and the score listed is not a percentile ranking.

Egalitarian Americans would be shocked to hear that scores are scaled back towards the mean of the school you attend. As a result there are never top performers from average or below schools.

Anonymous said...

Sarah Hui Xin Wong: the face of Australia's future ethnic elite.

To quote Amren's Thomas Jackson:

Australia has an immigration policy that is like ours stood on its head. The United States is filling up with unlettered Hispanics, who make every social problem worse, whether it is crime, school failure, illegitimacy, youth gangs, obesity, or drug-taking.

Australia is importing hundreds of thousands of smart, hard-working people who are streaming into the nation’s best universities and working their way to the top. Mass immigration at its best? No. “In 1994 the acerbic Le Kuan Yew, then Prime Minister of Singapore, forecast that Australians were destined to be the poor white trash of Asia,” writes Peter Wilkinson in The Howard Legacy. “Today one can say that white Australians are destined to be the poor trash of Australia.”

These successful immigrants are almost all Asians—mainly Chinese—and white Australians have begun to resent their increasing dominance. As columnist Michael Duffy asked in the Sydney Morning Herald, “Is it perhaps the first time in history that a nation’s elite have invited another group to come in and replace it?”


What is happening in Australia is yet another example of why racial diversity does not work. The Chinese who can afford to immigrate are well above average in ability and even further above the Australian average. There is nothing to stop them from displacing the WASP ruling class, and changing the country in ways whites will not like.

Had these talented immigrants been Britons, Canadians, or white South Africans, there would be nothing like the friction that is sure to come. There might be a few murmurs of discontent if Boers, for example, took over a few major banks, but in a generation Boers would be indistinguishable from old Australian stock. The Chinese will remain Chinese, whether they are running a corner laundry or the foreign ministry. And, as Dr. Wilkinson points out, when the old WASP elite discovers that its children and grandchildren are sweeping floors in Chinese-owned factories, they will have only themselves to blame.

Full article

"They've gone from stealing jumbucks to stealing marks. And she looks better than any swagman."

Sarah Hui Xin Wong may reside in Australia, but she is clearly not "Australian" in the traditional sense. She probably hasn't even heard of "Waltzing Matilda."

Anonymous said...

I knew that the girl was Chinese even before I opened the link. The Chinese seem to have a cultural inability to understand that having the highest marks is not the be-all and end-all of education. Maybe the current Western fad of rewarding all sorts of politically correct things instead of pure merit is not good, but an overemphasis on exam scores to the exclusion of everything else is not good either. Of course, the Chinese have been using tests as a path to advancement for centuries.


Anonymous said...

Australia is one huge pretty bubble waiting to get popped. Australia has been riding the massive commodity boom since 2000 (almost without equal in history) as Asia's industralisation went into over-drive (particularly China). The massive exports brought in an enormous number of Dollars. It isn't true that only the Asians are having it good. An average truck driver in some of the mines in Western Australia is getting paid $180K a year (this is not a typo). Property prices in Perth (not the most fashionable city) are up 10 fold in a decade. In terms of nominal per capita GDP, Australia is 6th in the world now. This is all coming to an end. As China's boom soon turns to bust, all the excesses built in Australia's overgeared economy will unravel. People think America had a property bubble. They have no idea. Property prices in OZ are up 12 fold on an average in the last two decades. When the bubble bursts, they will all get smacked hard - White, Asian, non-Asian.

candid_observer said...

Well, I guess at Amren they get really excited over the influx of Chinese into Asian universities, but I am more interested in looking at Australia as a test case in which able Asians are pitted against those of European background for cultural/economic/political domination.

My own guess is that the Asian immigrants are going to fall well short of domination, and will follow the path they seem to in American universities: great over-representation when it comes to tests, and a surprising relative under-representation in the cultural/economic/political elites.

Australians of European stock, for reasons that strike me as rather mysterious, seem, if anything,(by my admittedly quite crude sense of such things) rather over-represented in Western culture in areas such as science, philosophy, entertainment, business etc. I don't see such talented people going away; and I just wonder if the Australian Asians are really going to compete with them in numbers, however successful they've been at school.

But, again, it's an interesting test: we'll see.

Anonymous said...


For a laugh.

Sam said...

Australia is going the way of California.
Paradises don't last forever.