December 22, 2012

Pro-Immigrant "Cafe Con Leche Republicans" slam Ann Coulter

From Huffington Post:
Ann Coulter Slammed By Cafe Con Leche Republicans, Conservative Pro-Immigrant Group 
The Huffington Post  |  By Roque Planas  
Latinos aren’t done setting the record straight with Ann Coulter. 
The conservative pundit penned a column earlier this month in which she lashed out at the “deluge of unskilled immigrants pouring into the country” and portrayed Latinos as a lazy “underclass” looking for a government handout. Coulter titles the piece “America Nears El Tipping Pointo,” presumably to make a virtue of her ignorance of the Spanish language. 
The error-ridden piece has riled up the pro-immigrant conservative group Café Con Leche Republicans, who skewer Coulter’s piece in a scathing response, calling the column a “libel of Latino family values” and marshaling data to prove Coulter’s claims are false. 
“The ‘facts’ Ann Coulter cites are either blatantly untrue, or she cherry picks facts in isolation of other relevant factors,” the article by Café Con Leche Republicans’ President Bob Quasius says. 
Quasius takes Coulter to task over her claims that Latinos are less likely to get married, work less hard than non-Latinos, are less religious, have more illegitimate children and others. Quasius cites Pew Center research, whereas Coulter rarely cites published sources.

I hadn't actually heard of Cafe Con Leche Republicans before, so I Googled Bob Quasius's picture. 

Turns out, he's an amiable, Captain Kangarooish-looking fellow. Like so many Hispanic leaders quoted in the press on the subject of immigration these days, he's a lot longer on the leche than the cafe

But what would we do without all this disinterested advice from Leche-Americans, Conquistador-Americans, and Hidalgo-Americans?


Joel said...

FWIW, his website seems to imply that he's a white guy married to a woman from Honduras, hence his interest in the subject.

Anonymous said...

Oh my, Café Con Leche Republicans? The very name sounds so elitist I wonder if it's some sort of subliminal joke.

I'll bet any amount of money this group doesn't actually exist except as a name on some pieces of paper.

Anonymous said...

I think Joel's research holds the key.

Those who marry Hispanics/latinos or marry their children off to Hispanics/latinos are frequently consumed by an exaggerated sense of false pride in the overwhelming wonderfulness of the great and charitable deed they've bestowed upon "their" little brown one(s).



Anonymous said...

And yet every other week someone on this message board trash talks Ann Coulter.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Why don't republicans simply make the case that it's nothing against anyone's race, but third world immigration produces democrat votes, and is negative in the sense of driving us into destructive euro socialism. At 2 million per year and 70% democrat voting, that's another 700k votes per year after citizenship, in elections decided by a few million votes. The entire democrat advantage at this point is an immigrant phenomenon. Republicans could offer to increase European and quality Asian immigration (not southeast Asian), likely republican blocks, to levels equal to democrat immigrants. That would put the spotlight more on democrats political motivation for immigration.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Also, what levers are pulled to accelerate or decelerate citizenization of immigrants; about 45% of 40 million immigrants are citizens, leaving 22 million potential citizens and a net increase of 9 million democrat votes, plus additions from further immigration. We are Josh brolin, with an hour more to scramble, before a merciless execution. Then, game over. What would Jim Rogers do?

Anonymous said...

conqui go homez.

Anonymous said...

Best policy is for red states to find ways to encourage blacks and browns to move to blue stares/cities. Run ads like in Blade Runner about off world colonies.

"Amigos. Massachussetts es muy bueno. Mucho dinero, mucho welfaro, mucho everythingez. Go!"

TontoBubbaGoldstein said...

In all honesty, the only decent piece of writing that I have ever read that was written by Coulter, was her eulogy of Joseph Sobran. Google it.

Anonymous said...

And yet every other week someone on this message board trash talks Ann Coulter.

Do they? Thats odd because Ive been reading iSteve for years now and she barely gets a mention from Steve and only a fraction more from the commentariat.

Anonymous said...

"Leche" is also vulgar slang in Spanish:

Jon said...

I used to do contract work in a maquiladora in Baja California. On my first day there, the I asked the rather well-endowed secretary with my kitchen Spanish for a cup of coffee and she returned with coffee and no milk. So I asked her with my literal translation of the request, "¿tiene leche?" and couldn't figure out why her face turned red and everyone in the office burst out laughing.

Guest007 said...

what everyone should be pointing out is that Mr. Quasius lives in Marshall Minnesota which is 2% Hispanic. I guess it is easy to be a big supporter of increased immigration when one lives in a town where one can avoid all of the negative impacts of increased immigration from the third world.,_Minnesota

Anonymous said...

I don't worry in 2016 hispanics will vote 75 to 80 percent for the Democratics since the younger generaton of lations that were born in the states will be eligble to vote and there ar less social conservative and more of them have children out of wedlock than their parents, need government handouts.

Anonymous said...

Ted Poe recently came out to support a guestworker program. I read a lot of wealthy Latins are now buying property in Texas or Florida. The upper classes from Mexico or Latin America want to keep the lower killed for maids and so forth. A lot of wealthy Mexicans are using Texas or Florida to aboid the drug cartels and make money from rential property since foreigners are now buying up us real estate. Con Leche which is based in Texas I believe is probably being influnece by the new Mexico uppre class that wants the lower class for maids and so forth.

Anonymous said...

Now in the Blue Sates less Mexicans are buying Real estate more asians like in California. What is interesting is a lot of Chinese bouy into La because of Chinese ther in some cities. Joel Konkin mention that La has 250,000 kids under 15, it maybe because some of the Mexican and Central American population are having less kids its expense La and many moved to the inland empire, the Asians buying rential property or property for their kids going to college drive up the rents or housing. Maybe La will lost some Mexican population at the end of the decade.

Anonymous said...

Steve, you know the Valley wasn't as liberal 20 years ago and I know that San Diego and Orange were not but the Republican Party approves of replacing whites with hispanics since Reagan in Orange or San Diego or the Valley. Orange County wanted 65 percent for Ronnie Reagan in 1980 and only 53 percent for Mittens, yet the Republican Party wantes to lose all large counties of 3 million people, why?

Anonymous said...

Bob Perry, the main financier behind the effort to discredit John Kerry's military record, is the most prolific political donor in Texas.
A home builder who lives lakeside in this Houston suburb, Perry has helped bankroll the widespread success of Republican candidates in Texas, has long-standing ties to many close associates of President Bush and has contributed to four Bush campaigns. According to interviews and campaign documents, he has given a total of more than $5 million to scores of candidates.

"And the vast majority of those people have never laid eyes on him," said Court Koenning, executive director of the Republican Party in Harris County.

Despite the enormous influence of his money, Perry, 71, is reticent and guarded, and remains something of a mystery in Texas. But his largess has crept onto the national stage.

A $100,000 check that Perry wrote this year represented about two-thirds of the money in Swift Boat Veterans for Truth accounts as of June 30, according to financial documents. He since has given another $100,000 to the organization, according to reports this week.

The Bush campaign says it has no ties to the group.

The group's television advertisements, running in closely contested Wisconsin, Ohio and West Virginia, and a book written by one of the group's leaders, Houston lawyer John O'Neill, are part of an orchestrated campaign questioning Kerry's fitness as a leader and commander in chief.

"Bob Perry is a very generous guy with his political donations," Koenning said. "His primary interest is good government. ... Everybody agrees that John Kerry's service to this country is admirable. But if he lied about it, that speaks to his character."

"I think he fancies himself as a person who can manipulate politics for his own gain," Soechting said. "Politics and money are one and the same to him."
Bob Perry as mention is one of the Texans pushing for a guestworker program, so con Leche has some friends, and Perry is a big developer.

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DCThrowback said...

Ann follows Steve on twitter. She gets it.

Also, Cipher wins.

Brazilian said...

Spartans need their Helots, you can be a Perikoi Steve.

Fernandinande said...

Huffpo's bloviating is pretty funny sometimes. This is one of them.

Foreign Expert said...

Coulter's books are surprisingly good.

David Davenport said...

Those who marry Hispanics/latinos or marry their children off to Hispanics/latinos are frequently consumed by an exaggerated sense of false pride in the overwhelming wonderfulness of the great and charitable deed ...

The Bush family.

Dr Van Nostrand said...

I think quoted Steve on more than one occasion.Mostly on IQ and immigration stuff I think.

Poor Ann is on outs with both the Tea Party for her spirited support of Romney and even "establishment" Republicans for her schoolgirl crush on Chris Christie who they view as helping Obama win wrt Hurricane Sandy.

Jeepers said...

To the Anon who said " Republicans could offer to increase European and quality Asian immigration (not southeast Asian), likely republican blocks, to levels equal to democrat immigrants. That would put the spotlight more on democrats political motivation for immigration."

You haven't been doing your homework, Anon. East Asians are voting Dem at rates about as high as Latinos. No immigrant group has the slightest interest in the America we grew up in--at best they want a Europeanized America.

Mr. Anon said...

Hey, Steve, ever thought about changing your name to something more vibrant? You're almost white enough to be a Hispanic spokesman.


Jefferson said...

Lou Dobbs is a rare breed in that he is married to a Mexican woman, yet he still opposes turning the U.S into another Mexico.

Anonymous said...

In recent years, it's become politically popular for states to take a tough stance against employers that hire "illegal immigrants" -- also referred to as undocumented workers. But is that actually helping American workers? In at least one case, the answer is definitely no.

A group of dairy farmers in upstate New York has found a creative end run around the government's penalties for hiring undocumented workers by employing robot farmers. Thirty New York dairy farmers have bought European-manufactured robots and put them to work milking their herds, according to a report by

The robots cost $200,000 to $500,000 to install, depending upon how many were purchased at a time, and the farmers are using the robots for $10-an-hour, entry-level jobs that immigrant workers normally held. The crackdown on undocumented workers, the farmers say, has made filling these jobs tough.

More: Robots Join The Workforce: Will They Claim Your Job?
But isn't the cost of the robots prohibitive? Why not just raise workers' wages instead?

The farmers believe that in the long run the robots will be worth the investment, as there is a sharp increase in demand for milk due to a new-found popularity of Greek yogurt.

"The bottom line is -- all of this yogurt,'' George Haier, an Eden, N.Y., farmer told New York station WGRZ.

Think of the possabilites if this can be applied to cutting down illegal maids, janiors, landscapers and some of the construcation or low skilled factory garment work as well as the farm work we could have 5 to 6 million people return home.

Corn said...

Well, robot milkers may not give "give back" milking jobs to American farmhands, but they don't need taxpayer subsidized medical insurance, food stamps, or foreign language ballots.

Still a net plus IMO.

Anonymous said...

Also, Republicans and Libertarians admire the Mexican pushcart businessess where you sell junk or food with no regulations or taxes. Maybe, that why the Republican elite admires illegal Mexicans. However, the pushcart business in Mexico or Latin America or the US don't make you rich. Reason Mag wanted more hispanic immirgants because they prefer businesses where you don't pay taxes or are not regulated but that Asians since they prefer businesses that are regulated or pay taxes.

Anonymous said...

Repubs and Business people particulary during the past 10 years want the lowest tax state or regulations out there. Sometimes while I agree with them that some states tax or regulate too much maybe they should push for changed instead of running to the south or packing to move overseas.

Anonymous said...

Well, maybe the lower taxes, regulation and the oil boom has made it easier for Texas Mexicans to get jobs compared to California Mexicans. El Paso unemployment is 7.8 versus Santa Ana Ca at 11.0 percent. Maybe, Ca is not producing enough low skilled jobs and rents also make it difficult to want to locate in area if you are paying low wages.

Anonymous said...

Actually, the asians might have not been voting higher for the Dems. Most of asian polls were from Santa Clara and Seattle and New York and La, non were from Orange County or San Diego were asians in fact voted less for the dems. That's why they state of California had asians at 79 precent for Obama since it was from the Bay area and LA. Hispanic polls were from both liberal and conservative areas so they were actually more accurate.

Anonymous said...

Also, in California polling hispanics did lower than the national average because no Bay area polls were conducted. San Jose and Santa Clara are about 27 percent hispanic but they are parts of Los Angeles were not included in the polling hispanics might have actually voted for higher for Obama and a lot of polls on hispanics were conducted in the more conservative inland counties.

ATBOTL said...

"Why don't republicans simply make the case that it's nothing against anyone's race, but third world immigration produces democrat votes, and is negative in the sense of driving us into destructive euro socialism."

Because the big money interests that control the party want cheap third world labor.

I though everyone was clear on that at this point.

Anonymous said...

Robot milkers don't commit any crime. There is no language barrier to overcome. There is no cultural clash. They are no burden to the taxpayer. Japan has chosen much mechanization and robotics to fill holes in its workforce and avoid the intractable problems of immigration. Seems to work there pretty good. I felt a lot safer walking around Japan's cities then in the U.S., even though I saw nobody that looked like me. So what's the problem?

Anonymous said...

I mean Joel Konkin stated that La has lost 350,000 kids under the age of 15 this means Mexicans are having less babies or are moving to places like the inland empire since most of the kids born in La are now Mexicans.

Cail Corishev said...

The 'robot milkers' story is as much a bit of misdirection as the "crops rotting in the fields" stories. First of all, we're talking the kind of "robot" that bolts the side panels on a car; we're not in Jetsons territory here. The cow walks into a chute and an arm comes up and sprays her udder clean and another sticks the milker on her. They're not that fancy, and you still have people around to make sure everything's working, because cows aren't (yet) as consistently built as auto frames. Robot milkers have been around for a while, so no dairy farmer recently discovered them because illegals have allegedly become scarce. They were the next step up from the "swinging parlor" where the milkers could swing from one cow to the next, but a real live person had to wash off the cow's udder, move the milker over, and treat the outgoing cow's udder with an iodine dip.

This entire process took maybe a minute per cow -- 10 seconds per gallon of milk, to be generous. So as with all food these days, the cost of the labor at the point of harvest is a minuscule portion of what you pay in the store. They could replace illegal immigrants in the dairies with congressmen making six figures, and it wouldn't raise the price of a gallon of milk much. They're not putting in robots because American workers are too expensive or can't be found.

The point of robots (and illegal immigrants, to some extent) isn't necessarily that they'll save you money directly, but that they avoid all the regulation and risk that goes into hiring human citizens. Robots don't sue you for OSHA violations or sexual harassment. You don't have to withhold numerous fees from their paychecks or provide them with health care. Employing people these days is a thankless chore, thanks to our government's insistence on punishing anyone with the temerity to do it.

Anonymous said...

The article was geared toward complaining about the machines and saying there was no illegal immirgnats working them. I'm saying it was a good idea to use the machines.

Cail Corishev said...


Agreed. I was responding to the way this article, as is typical, presents it as a choice between illegal immigrants or soulless robots. The implication being that American dairy workers simply aren't an option anymore, so we might as well let illegals do the work so someone can get paid and feed his starving children this Christmas.

That's a false choice in a couple ways: first, Americans could and would do the work if it paid well enough; and second, the people who build and maintain and monitor the robots get paid.

I don't know whether robot milkers make sense without seeing the dairy's bottom line. But if they're a bad idea, it's not because they put illegals out of work.

Anonymous said...

Here's another lie by the media about Jim Demitt like he was strongly against illegal immirgation. Jim Demitt endorsed Jeff Flake in the primary against Will Cardon. Flake is now involved with a legalization process. So Demitt like most conservative Republicans was not that anti-illegal immirgant. Also, it maybe that Demitt thought Flake would beat Caronma better in the Senate race but unlike the Huffington post story Demitt is not that opposed to anti-immirgaton.

Anonymous said...

Given that so many whites in northern states either stayed home or held their noses and voted for Obama(cuz they hated Romney's pandering to superrich and military industrial complex) in 2012, the main lesson of GOP should be FIND WAYS TO CONNECT WITH NORTHERN WHITES, especially the middle class and working class.

But that would mean white unity and white togetherness, and neither liberal Jews nor neocon Jews want that. Liberal Jews wanna divide whites into rich and poor, between liberal and conservative. Neocon Jews want white conservatives to serve Zionism than work toward white unity and power.

And so, what we hear from NY Times and Commentary is 'GOP should try to reach out to blacks, gays, browns, and yellows'. Both groups of Jews don't want whites in GOP to find ways to appeal to more whites. Both groups of Jews want whites to be divided.

Well, GOP has been sucking up to Zionism, but how's that worked out so far?

Anonymous said...

Neo-Jews are not the only ones that are soft on illegal immirgants a lot of the leadership of evangelicals are even if they are zionist or not. Richard Land a conservative, Jim Daily of Focus on the Family and anti-zionist leftist for Democratics Jim Wallis. Land is from Tn and while most white southerners and white northers are against it the elite is not.

David Davenport said...

... the main lesson of GOP should be FIND WAYS TO CONNECT WITH NORTHERN WHITES, especially the middle class and working class.

What policies do you suggest Republicans take regarding labor unions and right to work laws?

Anonymous said...

Foreclosures appear to be one of the few things in America not tracked directly by race. But the circumstantial evidence that blacks and Hispanics account for a disproportionate share is agreed upon by all who have looked into the question closely.

This map from RealtyTrac shows that the foreclosure disaster is largely regional. There are high rates of foreclosure in states such as Georgia and New Jersey, but the two main default dumps are the Midwestern Rustbelt and the heavily Hispanic Sunbelt.

The first regional meltdown is centered in Detroit, where the auto industry is perpetually dwindling. It's hitting black neighborhoods particularly hard.

There's a certain sense of tragic inevitability to this. In 2006, the New York Times did a sad story on the foreclosure on a single mother of four who had bought a house in the slums of Cleveland paying only three percent down:

"Over the years, Ms. Roberts's monthly expenses rose because of repairs to a dilapidated porch and the birth of two grandchildren, but the $880 a month she takes home after taxes from her job as a home health aide did not. Ms. Roberts, 35, also receives $1,100 in Social Security benefits because two of her younger children have learning disabilities. " [For Minorities, Signs of Trouble in Foreclosures, By Vikas Bajaj And Ron Nixon, February 22, 2006.]

I guess that America losing money on 35-year-old grandmothers who earn $880 per month is what you might call the Slavery Tax, and we're just going to have to keep paying it.

Yet the Rust Belt default catastrophe is dwarfed by what's happened in California, along with its neighbors Arizona and Nevada, and in Florida. And this is much more of a self-inflicted wound, occurring in seemingly prosperous places where immigrants have flooded in.

The highest foreclosure rate is in Nevada. ("Talk about 'moral hazard!'" I can imagine Nevada residents scoffing, "You want your money? Then come get it from me Las Vegas Style. If you're not man enough, Mr. Banker, to dangle me by my ankles off a hotel balcony, then tough luck.")
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.. .
Copy Steve's old article. I noticed with the exception of Arizona a drift to the left politcally with California, Florida and Nevada. Granted, Calif had been a blue state for some time but Bush's housing bubble changed San Diego from light red to light blue, and San Bernardino from like red to light blue. Orange from red to light red and Riverside from red to light red. Bush's act turn off whites, asians, hispanics and blacks that lost their own on overexpensive housing and which Nevada and Florida in presidential elections to light blue. Karl Rove blew it.

Anonymous said...

. New York City

2. Miami

3. Los Angeles

4. Houston

5. Memphis

The Most Equal Cities are:
(metro areas)

1. Salt Lake City

2. Virginia Beach

3. Minneapolis

4. Las Vegas*

5. Riverside, Calif

Anonymous said...

The first list are the most unequal cities.

Anonymous said...

Another American who struggles to put food on the table is Jorge, a 57-year-old who migrated to the United States from Mexico in 1982. Jorge (who doesn’t want his last name used) lives with his wife in the large Chaparral colonia, an informal settlement of trailers, small houses and shanties near Las Cruces, New Mexico. Many of the roads are unpaved; many homes are not on the sewage or natural gas systems. There is a jarring contrast here between the ugliness of the settlement and the beauty of the desert landscape.

“There’s a lot of deterioration of the trailers,” Jorge says in Spanish. “In winter, pipes explode because of the freeze. I don’t have water right now. Heating is so expensive, with propane gas. Those who have little children, they have to use it, but it’s so expensive.” A volunteer firefighter, he adds, “We see a lot of accidents with water heaters and explosions with the propane tanks.”

Jorge recently had to give up his construction job because of worsening diabetes. These days he lives on $592 a month in disability payments, as well as his wife’s income from a part-time job. With no access to credit, the couple have been forced to borrow from payday loan companies, routinely paying $600 back on a $200 loan to pay their bills. The hole gets deeper with each new loan. They had to cede their car titles to the loan companies to guarantee their debts. This sort of situation is ubiquitous in the colonia. In fact, payday loans were one of the nation’s few growth industries during the recession.
This family should have stayed in Mexico.

Anonymous said...

"This family should have stayed in Mexico."

Probably, but what i find interesting is that even though he has lived in America for over thrity years he hasn't picked up enough English language fluency to even have a brief conversation with a reporter, except in Spanish.