April 4, 2013

Crime-fighting billionaire advises rest of us

From the Associated Press:
Mayor: Fight Crime by Being More Like NYC 
NEW YORK (AP) — New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg says places that want to reduce gun violence might want to emulate the Big Apple.


Anonymous said...

Police hunt for kidnappers as young couple are snatched at gunpoint off Manhattan street in broad daylight


Anonymous said...

Does not compute. This would invite stop-and-frisk lawsuits from all around the country, at least one of which would likely go before the Supreme Court. The Court might, in turn, decide to put the kibosh on stop-and-frisk everywhere, including NYC. Does Bloomberg want to set this chain of events in motion?

Anonymous said...

Frisky Business.

Anonymous said...

Step 1. Stop and frisk all or almost all black males aged 14-30.

Step 2. Cover your ass with some ridiculous SWPL initiatives, because that proves you aren't racist.

So what would be Mayor Emmanuel's transfats and soda-ban? Close the Loop to passenger cars?


Jehu said...

So is he just taunting other cities, who would NEVER be allowed to go 'stop and frisk', or do half the things NYC is permitted, or is he just ignorant of the realities underlying the NYC exceptions?

Hunsdon said...

There's got to be a "No, pray to me" joke in there somewhere.

pat said...

For another pespective on urban gun violence.

Ghetto Marksmanship


Anononymous said...

Assault Statistics of Hospitals and City Police Seem to Differ

"the number of assault victims taken to emergency rooms nearly doubled

Hospitals reported 47,779 assault victims in 2006, the latest figures available, a 90 percent increase from 1999. By comparison, the Police Department reported 19,173 felony assaults in 2006, a 33 percent decrease from 1998. (Numbers from 1999 were not immediately available.) The hospital numbers also show that assaults in which a firearm or cutting instrument was used, almost always constituting a felony offense, also grew, to 5,502 from 3,468, Mr. Eterno said."

Calculating using the above numbers:

Year --- police reported assault --- hospital assault victims
1999 ------------ 22,037 --------------------------- 25,146
2006 ------------ 19,173 --------------------------- 47,173

x said...

so we'll hate him. because he can take it. because he's not our hero. he's a silent guardian. a watchful protector.

a dark bloomberg.

countenance said...

New York City: Push the blacks out of Brooklyn, Harlem and The Bronx and get 'em into Westchester County or Long Island.

Chicago: Push the blacks out of the South Side into South Suburban Cook County.

Crime rates go down in both cities.

el supremo said...

@Anonymous 2:13

The NYC "kidnapping" was actually a surprise birthday prank


Anonymous said...

Out of touch billionaire.

Whiskey said...

Bloomberg believes his own BS. He made billions off the idea of a terminal with all sorts of information about stocks, bonds, etc. But that was it. He honestly thinks that NYC reduced crime by banning transfats and smoking in bars.

Anyway, Stop and Frisk is dead man walking in NYC anyway. NYC is not politically sustainable, since judges will throw it out on the grounds it unfairly penalizes Blacks. Law and politics and society demand Blacks never get penalized higher than Whites. Its an intrinsic part of the Peter Hitchens mindset.

Hunsdon said...

Whiskey sez: Anyway, Stop and Frisk is dead man walking in NYC anyway.

Hunsdon: Using a golem to fight crime! Is there nothing the Jews cannot do?

Evil Sandmich said...

might want to emulate the Big Apple

Not everyone can have the Fed print billions every month and dump it into their local economy.