May 9, 2013

White v. Hispanic cognitive gap across 39 studies with 5,696,529 sample size

From Philip L. Roth et al's 2001 article Ethnic Group Differences in Cognitive Ability in Employment and Educational Settings: A Meta-Analysis (PDF), where d stands for a standard deviation (such as roughly 15 points on an IQ test or 100 points on an SAT subtest scored 200 to 800):
In other words, this meta-analysis considered overall 39 studies with a combined sample size (all ethnicities) of 5,696,519 (only age 14 and above). The overall white-Hispanic gap was 0.72 standard deviations or (expressed on an IQ scale) 10.8 IQ points. This is a larger gap than Linda Gottfredson's 1988 estimate of a 7.5 IQ point gap. 

The 95% confidence interval (i.e., excluding the single lowest and highest findings out of 38) range from gaps of 0.60 to 0.88, so there isn't a lot of disparity. (The one outlying 0.40 finding was for occupants of particular jobs, and thus had severe restriction of range issues.)

Language familiarity is of course an issue. For example, East Asians tend to score much better on American tests in math subtests than in verbal subtests. While there is some evidence for this pattern among Hispanics in America, it is not at all as clear as among Asians.

Here some interesting subtests included in the overall meta-analysis:
Obviously, restriction of range is a problem with many of these. For example, the Graduate Record Exam test is taken by people who either have graduated from college or about to graduate from college and are considering an advanced degree. But the overall gap on the GRE is still 0.72 standard deviations.

If you are interested in the meta-methodology:
Literature Review: Data Sources  
Articles on Black-White and Hispanic-White differences on tests of cognitive abilities were gathered from several sources including Psych-Lit of the American Psychological Association, Educational Resources Information Center (known as ERIC), Dissertation Abstracts Interna-tional, and Abstracted Business Information (known as ABI Inform). Reference lists and studies used by several narrative literature reviews and meta-analyses of related concepts were also examined (Dreger & Miller, 1968; Herrnstein & Murray, 1994; Jensen, 1980; Osborne & McGurk, 1982; Schmitt et al., 1996; Toquam, Corpe, & Dunnette, 1989). Attempts were made to overcome the “file drawer problem” by contact- ing test publishers and researchers active in the field. Letters were written to 6 major publishers of cognitive ability tests and 16 prominent researchers working in the area. 

To be sure ...
As such, it does not suggest that there are not high scoring individuals in both groups.


Ex Submarine Officer said...

Mexicans are dreary, except for the occasional lady who is pretty hot until she grows a moustache.

Bring back the Chechens, I miss their vibrancy.

E Kaufman said...

Comments are open at the Atlantic in a post citing Nisbett's book.

DYork said...

Check out this WHITE man charged with the murder of this elderly lady.

The freak show that is America just keeps marching onward.

For a mere White man is very diverse and vibrant.

How are we supposed to evaluate racial realities and disparities without at least making a reasonable assessment of the racial make up of the people involved?

Anonymous said...

And despite it all, the sad Mexicans are not offing themselves in middle age.

I'm surprised you haven't mentioned the NYTimes article (which got almost 1000 comments) revealing that white men are committing self-murder at an accelerating rate. The comments are much more interesting than the piece. The recurring theme in the comments is that if you get laid off within a decade of your retirement, you are pretty much doomed to a hand-to-mouth existence. Some of the commenters have Spanish surnames, but they write white - no mention of their ethnicity. I haven't seen any comments, yet, from African Americans sharing the secrets of retaining a zeal for living.

Anonymous said...

It's obviously a vast right wing conspiracy. Every one of these study authors must be closet white supremacists who have started from the assumption that Hispanics have lower IQs than whites, and worked backward. How could it be any other way? It's the only way that Jennifer Rubin's religious outlook on race can be reconciled. But it's far easier to not look in the first place.

Just as good Christians avoid or flee temptation, so too must the politically correct person if they are to remain pure.

Anonymous said...

Has the rising wealth gap destroyed 'base politics'?

Both parties have the rich folks and the 'base' made of up everyone from middle class to poor folks. The base is obviously much bigger in sheer numbers than the rich folks as there are more unrich folks than rich folks. But then, candidates are groomed, chosen, and promoted by the amount of money than amount of votes; only at the very end do people get to vote, but then, their minds have been influenced by TV commercials bought with big money.

In the past when the income/wealth gap wasn't so huge, the base could drum a lot of cash for both parties. Republican middle class had lots of dough to give to the GOP and labor unions played a big role in the Democratic party. Working class was a real power in America. As Jim Webb said, there was a time when the income gap between the factory worker and CEO wasn't that huge in America.

Since politics is driven by money, both the Republican middle class base and Democratic working class base were big players in politics. Much money came from them.

But in the past few decades, the rich have been getting so much richer. Middle class has remained stagnant and in some regions have dwindled. And the working class really took it in the neck. There's the rise of service sector class but much of its close to minimum wage stuff.

So, it seems a lot more money now comes from the top than from the base. So, GOP has come to rely heavily on Wall Street, oil tycoons, and Las Vegas fellers like Adelson and much less on the middle class, which is why the GOP routinely stabs the base in the back.
And it could well be that Dems get more money from elite homos than from the working class, which is a shell of its former self.

Now, cons may have gambled that the ultra-rise of the superrich would be good for the GOP since rich folks have been traditionally for the GOP, especially when wasps were kings of America. But the new superrich don't feel that way, especially as the refurbished Democratic Party gave up on Big Labor and joined forces with globalist capitalism. Also, a lot of the superrich are Jews and homos, and they hate American conservatism.

It's no wonder that the Democratic Party and Republican party no longer give a crap about the base. Most of the wealth is now at the very top.

Even our culture reflects the change. Consider the gayish terms 'odious' and 'noxious'. I mean, people didn't talk like this in the past. Can you imagine John Wayne or Lee Marvin saying something is sooooo 'odious' and 'noxious'? That is wussy gay talk.
But now, entire thoughts and views are banned cuz a bunch of SWPL dorks in the media have decided that such ideas are oh-so 'odious' and 'noxious'.

ODIOUS! It's soooo ODIOUS! Odie-schmodie.

Anonymous said...

Did anybody see Rachel Maddow on MSNBC? She was referring to an article calling out Alternative Right and Richard Spencer. Here is the quote:

"the GOP might bow to demographic reality and drastically change course—becoming the party of piƱatas, burrittos, and “Forget the Alamo.” "

They had a whole 20 minutes on the Heritage foundation and Richwine. They are apparently now trying to associate "White Supremacists" and alternative right against immigration.

The good thing is that finally IQ and HBD is on TV, its getting out there.

Anonymous said...

Richwine's dissertation

Anonymous said...

Good piece by Buchanan but he's focusing only on the electoral numbers.

Jews and homos are but 5% of the electorate but constitute the most powerful force in American politics. They hold the elite institutions and have lots of cash. Indeed, Obama did a lot more for Jews and homos than for Negroes, his own kind. Why? Politicians are whores of big money, big media, big institutions.

So, the real failure of cons is their lack of success in business and elite fields. If cons had control of academia, culture, and etc, a lot of Hispanics and Asians would be watching conzo stuff, reading conzo books, learning conzo stuff in colleges, and voting for the GOP. But they're into homo stuff and vote for the homocratic party cuz Jews and homos control elite institutions. Conzos believe in trickle down economics but I guess they never heard of trickle down culture.

If electoral power is where it's at, Jews would have no power in America. Voters go to the polls with their feet but their minds are molded by the small elites that control the media, finance, technology, law firms and courts, and etc.

But American conservatism, by promoting mediocrity as American-as-apple-pie and being so anti-intellectual, ceded entire intellectual and cultural fields to liberals.

But then, whaddya expect from the party of Pat Robertson? And Buchanan still thinks evolution is wrong and God made stuff in 6 days.

Anonymous said...

I got about seventy pages into the oh-so-inflammatory dissertation. It is a thoughtful, carefully worded, and exceptionally well-documented piece of work, something befitting a Harvard PhD candidate.

That won't matter, of course. No one who matters is going to read it.

McGillicuddy said...

I don’t think Richwine is going to back down. He posted two articles on Alternative Right disputing Unz’s HisPanic! thesis. This appears to be a hobby horse of his.

Anonymous said...

DWL don't care about any of this!

Will Hispanic immigration allow them to afford a nanny/maid?

If conservatives can figure out a way to fix the wage gap, DWL's wouldn't need immigrants to raise their children. In fact, nationwide, the need to hire cheaper labor would not exist.

McGillicuddy said...

Forgot the link.

Anonymous said...


Some of the commenters at Huffpo on the article about Richwine are citing this NY Times piece today touting Hispanic gains in education.

After lagging behind other Americans in education for generations, Latinos have significantly narrowed the gap, and last year they passed a milestone, with new Hispanic high school graduates more likely than their white counterparts to go directly to college, according to a new study.

In an era of rising high school completion and college attendance over all, Latinos have made larger gains than other groups, the Pew Research Center reported Thursday, in a study based on data collected by the Census Bureau. By several measures, young Latinos have achieved parity with blacks in educational attainment.

Steve Sailer said...

Have their SAT scores gone up?

Back in 2006, the more enterprising were dropping out to get jobs. Now there are no jobs, so they are walking the stage and and killing time in community college for a few years waiting for the economy to come back.

Anonymous said...

Have their SAT scores gone up?

They don't say. It looks like a propaganda piece. The article is only 7 paragraphs. In the title bar of your browser it reads, "Latinos sharply narrow education gap". But the title of the piece is "As Latinos Make Gains in Education, Gaps Remain".

I love this paragraph.

“This is the maturation of a big second generation among Latinos — native born, and educated in American schools,” said Richard Fry, the lead author of the report. He noted survey results showing that Latinos were more likely than white students to say that a college degree is essential to get ahead in life.

This shows nothing about performance and only goes to show that Latinos, if they hold these views, have not figured out that there is an education bubble like whites have.

I really don't think there is anything to this piece except for its use by immigration supporters to counter any of our arguments. After all, it was published in the NY Times.

Anonymous said...

NYT:"By several measures, young Latinos have achieved parity with blacks in educational attainment."

Parity with Blacks, well, problem solved!

The author of this piece, Richard Perez-Pena, is a White Cuban....


Anonymous said...

Any evidence that Hispanic scores are similar for both men and women? I wonder if Hispanic women outscore Hispanic men?

rob said...

Hispanics have the lowest HS graduation rates. The article didn't give dropout rates.

Percent of 18-24 with HS diplomas
Hisp: 100-14% = 86%
Black:100-7 = 93%
White:100-5 = 95%
Asians: Not Given

Percent of HS grads who go to college:

Hisp: 69%
white: 67%
black: 63%
Asian: 84%

The percentage of all eighteen year olds, using the 18-24 yo old no degree number

Hisp= .69*86% = 59.3% of 18 yo
white=.67*95% =63.65%
black= .63*93% = 58.6%
Asian= didn't give dropout rate

I'm not sure if college is really a good idea for someone with an IQ of 80, but everyone says go to college, and there aren't many jobs, so what else should they do? I doubt if the survey of 18-24 yo for HS graduation included people in jail or prison, and some people get a GED, so I think the actual dropout rates are higher.

I'd be interested to see the community college vs four year. I think a fair number of people enroll in CC for the financial aid, and don't withdraw. Some people learn trades, and I knew a girl who did a 2 year associates at a community college, and got her bachelors at William and Mary in two years. She was bright and driven. More importantly, she was a good girl. CC and working retail aren't a good peer group for people who are more easily led astray.

rob said...

Oh yeah, I wonder about the financing of community college. Has tuition skyrocketed like four year colleges, and do students usually take out loans? Tricking people who aren't very bright into taking out large loans for 'college' remedial English and math classes is evil.

White kids who are a bit below the white mean are much more likely to be able to enlist in the military. There are a fair number of blacks and hispanics who aren't smart enough for the military. They probably go to college.

The Pew Hispanic center does have reasons to fudge the numbers as much as they can, that doesn't mean they do. Obviously they want it to show Hispanics won't be a big lump of dumb forever.

But, the squatters came to scrub toilets and work the fields for cheap. These Hispanics can be educated, they don't wanna scrub toilets! We must import millions more Hispanics to scrub toilets!

Anonymous said...

rob said...

Hispanic gains in education may have something to do with:

"In California, Push for College Diversity Starts Earlier"

Anonymous said...

you are going to get us in trouble if you keep saying the emperor is naked like that.