June 7, 2013

The Epidemic of Rape in the Military

The media is currently worked up over the Epidemic of Rape in the Military. For example, here's a representative op-ed in the NYT:
Don’t Trust the Pentagon to End Rape 
JUNE 3, 2013 
LOS ANGELES — THE Senate Armed Services Committee will hold a hearing today on sexual assault in the military. This comes after months of revelations of rapes and other violent attacks at military bases and academies. ... 
The military has a problem with embedded, serial sexual predators. According to a 2011 report from the Pentagon’s Sexual Assault and Prevention Office, 90 percent of military rapes are committed by men with previous histories of assault. These predators select and befriend lower-ranking victims; often they ply their victims with alcohol or drugs and assault them when they are unconscious. 
In my film “The Invisible War,” a retired brigadier general, Loree K. Sutton, describes the military as a “target-rich environment” for serial predators. The training and leadership efforts the Pentagon proposes won’t change this environment. It simply isn’t possible to “train” or “lead” serial predators not to rape. 
There is a way to stop these predators: we should prosecute and incarcerate them. But here the military fails entirely. 
Though the Defense Department estimates that there were 26,000 sexual assaults in the military last year, fewer than 1 percent resulted in a court-martial conviction. 

Wow, 26,000 rapes in one year, and only 1 percent getting convicted!

Oh ... wait a minute ... the 26,000 figure, a projection from a survey, isn't for "rape." The author suddenly switched from talking about "rape" to talking about "sexual assault," which is ... well, what exactly? 

The media isn't in a hurry to provide examples of what's just over the line and is therefore "sexual assault" and what is just under the line and is therefore not "sexual assault."

Here's the Army's FAQ on the subject, but it's not all that illuminating, either. It's bereft of concrete examples of what is and isn't "sexual assault." The Army defines "sexual assault" as "intentional sexual contact," but no examples are given. Is, say, a pat on the butt sexual assault? Is playing footsie sexual assault?

This murkiness is not unique to this latest sex scandal. It's not a bug, it's a feature when lawyers enlist the media in helping them target a deep-pocketed institution.

In lawyer-driven sex-scandals, it's not uncommon for crisp sounding abstractions to mask a lot of murkiness. For example, in the endless, and highly lucrative, Catholic priest scandals, picture in your head a representative example of a sexual act perpetrated by a Catholic priest. My guess is that the most likely example that comes to mind is Gerry Sandusky in the shower with the 10 year old boy. 

And yet, Gerry Sandusky wasn't at all a priest, he was the retired linebacker coach at Linebacker U., Penn State. But, the Sandusky example comes readily to mind in relation to the priest scandals because we've been told over and over and over exactly what Sandusky did. Why? Because it's so horrifying. 

In contrast, the media (and the plaintiff's attorneys who package much of what appeared in the media) were seldom in as much of a hurry to tells us about exactly what all those Catholic priests tended to be doing over the years. When you look into what actually happened, it seldom turns out to be all that Sandusky-like: instead, creepy and disgusting, but seldom brutal. 

After all, the priests in these scandals were seldom America's most famous linebacker coach. Instead, they tended to be gentle, gay, lonely alcoholics who had taken a personal interest in some youth (youths, not children, typically past puberty -- the priests were far more often gay than pedophiliac), a personal interest that went too far. (See John Patrick Shanley's play Doubt.)

Back to the Epidemic of Military Rape.

Finally, reading through the military's report on the survey where the endlessly-cited 26,000 number of "sexual assaults" comes from, I find an example:
(e.g., intentional touching of genitalia, breasts, or buttocks) 

So, if I'm reading this right, the pat on the butt would be sexual assault, but footsie would not. Or maybe not. It doesn't seem to be in the interest of anybody important to clear up confusion.

Here's the official graph of the Rape Epidemic:
So, the percentage of military women asserting "unwanted sexual contact" declined from 6.8% in the first survey in 2006 to 4.4% in the second in 2010, then rose to 6.1% in the 2012 third survey. (So, for whatever it's worth, this number is down slightly from 2006 to 2012.) The rise from 2010 to 2012 is, as far as I know, the only evidence of the Epidemic of Military Rape that you keep hearing about.

In a related story, as part of the media campaign, from the NYT:
Naval Academy Is Shaken by Student’s Report of Rape by Athletes 
MAY 31, 2013

ANNAPOLIS, Md. — As midshipmen were graduating from the Naval Academy here last week, Navy investigators were conducting an investigation into reports that several football players had serially raped a female midshipman at an off-campus party last year. ...
The investigation, stemming from an April 2012 party, has sputtered off and on for more than a year, hampered in part by the woman’s initial refusal to cooperate, the officials said. She was ashamed and then later felt intimidated, according to her Washington lawyer, Susan Burke. In a series of interviews, the female midshipman said that she was upset that she had faced disciplinary action for under-age drinking at the party while the football players were permitted to play last season. 
... Academy officials said that the players were allowed to play for the team last fall because no charges had been brought in the case and they were accorded the presumption of innocence as a result. ... 
The inquiry comes amid a growing national controversy over sexual assaults in the military — and over whether he Pentagon has reacted aggressively enough to curb them. The controversy has now reached into the cloistered world of the elite service academies. 
... On April 14, 2012, the woman said, she went to a crowded off-campus party hosted by a group of football players. It was held at an Annapolis home known as “the football house.” In interviews, several midshipmen who attended the party said it was one of several houses used by members of the academy athletic teams, in violation of rules prohibiting midshipmen from having off-campus housing in the Annapolis area. 
The woman, then a third-class midshipman, or sophomore, said she drank heavily before the party and was intoxicated by the time she arrived at the football house. She said she drank more after she got there and began to black out. 
She said she could recall only brief moments of that night. ...
Later that night, Ms. Tisdale told her friend that rumors were flying around campus that several football players had had sex with her at the party.
...Still worried about the backlash, she was not fully cooperative once an investigation was begun by the Naval Criminal Investigative Service. “I told them I chose to drink, it was my fault, and I couldn’t remember,” she recalled. “The N.C.I.S. agent told me, ‘Just because you were drinking doesn’t give them the right.’ ”
... She also hired Ms. Burke, who says she began meeting with Navy investigators as well. 
In cooperating with the investigators, the victim agreed to secretly record conversations with some of the football players, including one by telephone the day before President Obama came to deliver his graduation address at the Naval Academy last Friday, she said. 

Since nobody remembers anything these days, not surprisingly, nobody has brought up in relation to this case what Naval Academy professor Bruce Fleming wrote in an NYT op-ed on 5/20/2010:
Meanwhile, the academy’s former pursuit of excellence seems to have been pushed aside by the all-consuming desire to beat Notre Dame at football (as Navy did last year). To keep our teams in the top divisions of the National Collegiate Athletic Association, we fill officer-candidate slots with students who have been recruited primarily for their skills at big-time sports. ... 
It’s no surprise that recruited athletes have been at the center of recent scandals, including a linebacker who was convicted of indecent assault on a female midshipman in 2007 and a quarterback who was accused of rape and dismissed from the academy for sexual misconduct in 2006. Sports stars are flattered on campus, avoid many of the onerous duties other midshipmen must perform, and know they’re not going to be thrown out. Instead of zero tolerance, we now push for zero attrition: we “remediate” honor code offenses. 
Another program that is placing strain on the academies is an unofficial affirmative-action preference in admissions.

In the early 1960s, Heisman Trophy winner Roger Staubach almost single-handedly carried to Navy to a national title bowl game, but after that the Navy football team seldom qualified for post-season bowls? Why? Staubach had to spend four years as a naval officer. On his 31st birthday, Staubach had so far only started 14 NFL games in his life (and yet he still went on to wrack up one of the great careers in NFL history.) So, other high potential athletes shunned the military academy to avoid the 4 year post-graduation commitment

In the 38 years after Staubach, Navy went to only 4 bowl games. Since, 2003, however, Navy has gone to 10 bowl games in 12 years.

The easiest way that rigorous colleges get better at football is by letting in more marginal characters. One little discussed side effect is that the number of co-eds getting raped tends to go up along with the win totals.


Zakalwe said...

I'd ask whether that 26,000 number comes from surveys or only actual accusations delivered through one of the reporting channels (some of which won't result in prosecution and only provide help to the victim).

When I joined an artillery battery of 120ish men in 2009 they had just completed a command climate survey. The new first sergeant was pretty pissed off because the results came back with something like 30+ results claiming they had experienced sexual assault or harassment (I don't recall which). No one had ever made any such accusation and it seemed unlikely that there some some big hazing program going on under the leadership's noses. The prevailing theory is that young knucklehead privates were putting in bullshit because it amused them.

Whiskey said...

Hmmmmmm .... I can't find ANY pictures of the alleged assailants at Navy. Not a single picture. Best guess -- the athletes in question are definitely not melanin challenged. It's not certain. But I'd bet on it.

As far as women in the military, I went to grad school with a number of West Pointers (aka "ring knockers") and Academy and ROTC Naval officers; their take was lots of very young men, 18-19, first time away from home, require lots of work and discipline to keep on the straight and narrow, women were and are disruptive to that effort, not the least of which is that many decide a 1 year "cruise" in the Persian Gulf, one of God's most miserable places, sand storms in the middle of the place with 105 degree temps, is not for them and getting pregnant is a good way out of the Navy.

Anonymous said...

When the media starts reporting instead of ignoring black on white rape statistics for society as a whole, then I'll care.

Google "black on white rape statistics"

Mark said...

One of the curses of humanity is to perpetually relearn the lessons of the past. Ecclesiastes tells us what has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun. Society ignores traditional knowledge at their peril.

We did not wake up one day and decide women should not be in the military. Experience told us it was worse than counter productive. During the days of sail, the Royal Navy only allowed women onboard for one purpose - whoring - and usually only when in port.

Allow women in the navy, or any other service, for administration and health care at the base, and there won't be a sexual assault problem - at least not at the level so described.

Anonymous said...

I wonder how many of the sexual assaults are gay men giving unwanted affection?

I bet I'll never find out.

Hunsdon said...

Whiskey: All service academy graduates are "ring knockers." Whether they went to Annapolis or the South Hudson Institute of Technology, or the Air Force Academy, they're ring knockers.

And I agree with you: women don't belong in the military. If they must be in the military, at least, for God's sake, have separate basic training like the USMC does.

Anonymous said...

Not so subtle attempt by the Left to insert a commisar class into the military to makesure correct thought is being enforced.

Also very curious about what the metrics were for this 'survey', and if it was along the same lines as the debunked '3 out of 4' women are raped metric that still gets tossed around. (Sex you regret? Rape!) The narrative has also totally ignored that the majority of sexual assaults are man on man.

Anonymous said...

Okay, the race angle should - but won't - be so obvious that it doesn't need to be said. Which would worse, that they won't let them think about it, or that they don't care if Teh Blax rape a few women, as long as their pwecious widdle feelings aren't hurt and they don't go off rioting? Sacrifice a few to save the many.

But doesn't this kinda indicate that maybe women *aren't* physically cut out for life in the armed forces? Maybe we're, uh, more physically vulnerable? The feminists seem to want to have it both ways. When they want women in combat (which has to be the stupidest idea ever) then women are equal and doing great and how dare you question this, you evil bigot who is evil. For just about everything else, women are vulnerable victims who are victimised, Pick a side, ladies.

Anonymous said...

I have been in the military for over twenty years. We receive all sorts of training on how we should have respect for others and sexual assault. Armed Forces Network is always playing PSAs telling guys not to rape. In one briefing, we were told that if a woman drinks to much and consents to sex, she can still charge the guy with rape the next day. This means that if a male GI and a female are out drinking, both get drunk, both have consensual sex, and the female regrets it the next day, the guys a rapist because she was too drunk to give consent, even though he was also too drunk to give consent. It makes no sense.

Steve Sailer said...

"Pick a side, ladies."

It's not like the Army has to land on Omaha Beach, so the military has lots of money and time to waste on, say, getting a single steroided-up female officer through the USMC's Infantry Officer test, and simultaneously engage in endless he said-she said inquiries about what precisely were the feelings, in all their multitudinous complexity, of the plaintiff as she took her panties off.

Kenneth A. Regas said...

There's another huge unreported issue here - consensual sex. Hear me out.

In the bad old days my Navy had an understanding about sailors and sex. When we reached the fleshpots of Asia the boys would be boys. But as long as Poppa came home to Momma after his deployment and he didn't have a dread disease (and there were 4 weeks from Bangkok to San Diego to clear anything up) nobody knew nothing.

Now healthy young men and women are spending nine month deployments in the company of each other, far from their loved ones. Friendships turn into romances, ripe with potential for drama and intrigue while deployed, and for heartbreak and broken families after.

To say nothing of convenient pregnancies, such as just before the ship sails.

This has to be a catastrophe for military families, to say nothing about unit readiness, with not a peep from the MSM, or anybody else as best I can tell.

It's tragic.


p.s. The pregnancy dodge was explained to me by a Navy captain in the mid 1990's. He had a shore command where female sailors were assigned after the ship sailed and they got their abortions. I guess 20 years isn't enough time for the Navy to have noticed.

Steve Sailer said...

Right. Sailors' wives were strongly against sex-integrating Navy ships because their husbands would knock up women on board, then either divorce their wives back in the States or have to pay child support to the other woman -- in either case a financial disaster for the wife and legitimate children of the sailor.

Automatic_Wing said...

None of this stuff is any different from what goes on in college. In fact, military personnel these days live in co-ed dorms, just like college students, so it shouldn't be any big surprise that the military is having issues with young people getting drunk and having regrettable sex. That stuff happens all the time on campus.

Matthew said...

I suspect part of the sexual assault problem is that there are women in the services, but not enough to go around - especially at the service academies.

The sex ratio is like 4-1, at best, and the service academies and other military installations are often isolated from surrounding communities (especially when you're at sea). This creates a mating market strongly skewed against men. But it gets worse: fraternizing between the ranks is disallowed, and that reduces the women who are available for romantic or sexual relationships.

We either need a service that is 50/50, or one that is basically 100% male. The latter would be far easier to achieve than the former.

Reg Cæsar said...

One writer's surname is Dick, and the other's is Risen. Now THAT looks like a conspiracy!

ivvenalis said...

An unwanted pat on the butt definitely counts as sexual assault in the military. I was told this repeatedly when I was in.

I'm highly skeptical of the "rape epidemic". I saw one legitimate case of sex assault (well, I didn't personally see it, but it definitely happened) and several cases of sexual misconduct (fraternization). In all cases the offender was punished rather swiftly--jail sentence in the former case, dismissal from the service in the frat cases. Everything else was either drunken stupidity (no investigation, but the sort of thing that tends to get reported on surveys as rape/assault whether the "victim" actually thinks it was or not) or a female soldier claiming she was assaulted to escape punishment for e.g. getting drunk on deployment.

Canadian CIncinnatus said...

I spent 4 years in isolated posts in the high arctic. At one, Mould Bay NWT, there were 11 of us with the next community 200 nautical miles away. I believe it was the most isolated inhabited spot in North America. What I saw with regard to sexual harassment was this: if the staff was 100% male, there was no problem; if the staff was 50% male/50% female, there was no problem; but if the staff was 80% male and 20% female, there was no end of problems. Guys getting too excited over the few women and spooking them, women winding guys up for fun but then discovering the game wasn't fun any more when the guys got wound up too much, guys getting jealous of other guys because they snagged done of the women, etc.

Of course, the most common mixes was 100% men or 80/20 men/women. With the latter ratio you WILL have problems. It is just basic human nature. These are young, healthy men and women after all. They want to do what comes natural.

If the US military were not under the rule of Political Correctness, it would do what the Israeli military does: place women in separate units, commanded by females, with contact between men and women. With this arrangement, sexual problems would not be eliminated, but they would be minimized.

Considering how the military ignores human nature the real surprise is how few problems it has.

Anonymous said...

This reminds me of when Norm MacDonald did the correspondents dinner. He started out by bringing up that Clinton had nominated the first 3 star general and then joked "she's been doing a good job, but she's had trouble figuring out how to sexually harrass herself" DEAD SILENCE (which made the joke even funnier). And that was in the 90's before Monica.

Reg Cæsar said...

One writer is surnamed Dick, and the other Risen. Sounds like a conspiracy to me!

Julian O'Dea said...

I have just had a really stunning insight. Why not simply have no nubile women in the armed forces and its academies?

No woman: No rape.

Anonymous said...

In Britain there has been a wave of hysteria over the past year about many women alledging that various male TV celebrities of the 1960s and 70s either raped or sexualy assaulted them.
This all started with the allegations surrounding one Jimmy Savile (a BBC DJ who was an old man even in the 60s), who has been at the center of a firestorm that only came to light after his death. (Funny that - none of his accusers wanted to challenge him when he was living, on criminal rather than civil charges - they had all of 50 years to do so).
Anyhow, it all gets a bit murky. The media induced zeitgeist seems to be that 'poor, sweet innocent young girls' were ravaged by older, powerful, rich, privileged famous TV personalities who myseriously had the 'police and the establishment in their pockets', hence the women were alledgedly too intimidated to actually press charges after the alledged attacks.
Sorry if I offend some, but methinks I can detect the whiff of easy money from suing dead (and discredited) mens' estates.
Anyhow, the latest man to be caught up in the shit-storm is none other than Ken Barlow - Britain's favorite old uncle - a familiar face in every British living room for 53 years. Barlow is accused of child rapes in 1965. How you can 'prove' a rape 50 years ago, I do not know. Why the victim waited 50 years to go to to the police is another mystery, but Barlow is a stone-rich man.
However, I think that the rape/cash-machine/old-man/ teenage groupie bandwagon has scored an own-goal with the persecution of Barlow. Ken Barlow is well-loved and adored by millions and millions of older British women who see him as the archetype of all that is good in a male. For this reason, I think public sympathy and opinion will swing to his side and he will be truimphantly and exonerated and his accusers denounced as shrews and vixens - no one can denounce women better than other women.
Whilst on the subject, it was a known fact that Savile *paid* willing girls with cash, introductions to pop stars (he was a big cheese in the music scene), gifts etc for sexual favors. The girls freely had sex with him for cash and 'kudos'. Now after he's dead they are all claiming 'victimhood'. The headmistress of the approved girls' school Savile preyed upon said as much.

One wonders when David Cassidy will be arrested. By all accounts he had more poon than all of the rest of 70s crew (pop-stars, DJs, TV hosts etc) put together.
But somehow claiming 'victimhood' with Cassidy (who was young and good-looking at the time), won't fly as compared to Jimmy Savile, Ken Barlow, Stuart Hall, Rolf Harris, Gary Glitter, Jimmy Tarbuck etc etc.

Matthew said...

"Guys getting too excited over the few women and spooking them, women winding guys up for fun but then discovering the game wasn't fun any more when the guys got wound up too much, guys getting jealous of other guys because they snagged done of the women, etc."

Exactly my point. At military installations near big towns this probably isn't as big of a problem. Men can date civilians in town. At more isolated installations - at the academies, at sea, on deployment - it can be a huge problem.

Anonymous said...

Remember when all it would take was the end of DADT, and the end of the ban on women in combat, and then elites and their media would love the military with the same fervor as most Americans?

Lucy and the football time. Concessions were made, and the hostility remains.

Handle said...

There is no "epidemic" or anything like it in the military. Comparing civilian cohorts (like college kids) the military arguable does better on all metrics. I can tell you exactly where these bogus numbers come from if you're really curious Steve. Handle -at- Multizionism -dot- com.

Bottom line is that Kirby Dick's "The Invisible War" is nothing but clearly mendacious propaganda to anyone who knows the facts about military justice. Sorry, there's no other way to say it. How many times does the average sex criminal "assault" in a lifetime? 300 (movie quote) or 1.5 (reality)? Well, that's only a 10,000% error, a mere fat finger, or something.

Oh, also, the epilogue, "A judge ruled that rape is a hazard incident to military service". Um, no. A clear lie. The ruling is on the internet people. Judge O'Grady dismissed Cioca's claim at Summary Judgment and said nothing of the sort - not even debatably. Apparently no one wants to call Kirby on this nonsense. No surprise.

As a preview - the key to the made-up numbers is the old late 80's "Sexual Experience Survey" which tried to "operationalize ("translate actions into non-legal language ordinary people understand") concepts like "rape" and "attempted rape". So, for example, you ask a bunch of new Naval recruits in the 90's "Have you over hoped to have sex with a woman who didn't want to by giving her alcohol but were unsuccessful?" About 16% of the guys who think it's a completely benign question say "Yeah, who hasn't?" All of them are now counted as "Attempted Rapists" and Kirby says "1 out of 6 new recruits in the military are sexual predators" or some nonsense like that.

Hooray propaganda!

Hunsdon said...

Matthew said: But it gets worse: fraternizing between the ranks is disallowed, and that reduces the women who are available for romantic or sexual relationships.

Hunsdon said: Bwa ha ha. Sir, I find myself to be touchingly naive, but this restores my faith in myself as a cynic. I was aware of relationships between SNCOs and other ranks, SNCOs and NCOs, and officers and other ranks.

Anonymous said...

"(e.g., intentional touching of genitalia, breasts, or buttocks"

Wow, That means I was sexually assaulted at work when a couple of women patted me on the butt.

The horror.

Anonymous said...

"The woman, then a third-class midshipman, or sophomore, said she drank heavily before the party and was intoxicated by the time she arrived at the football house. She said she drank more after she got there and began to black out. "

Was she arrested for drinking under age?

Why is the drinking age 21 when few follow it? It turns drinking into something cool because you are not supposed to do it.

Personally, I rarely even have a drink. I don't understand people who have to drink or take drugs to have fun.

Matra said...

What is it going to take for the average patriotic white male to realise that by joining the military he is siding with the enemy?

Mr. Anon said...

"The woman, then a third-class midshipman, or sophomore, said she drank heavily before the party and was intoxicated by the time she arrived at the football house. She said she drank more after she got there and began to black out."

Yeah, this is who we want manning the bridge of a warship.

It sounds perfectly possible to me that was happened was this: the girl went to a party drunk, got drunker still, and acted like a slut, giving it out to whomever was interested. Later on, when she realized that her slutty reputation would follow her around the Navy, she charges rape. Of course it wouldn't matter - she'll still carry around the reputation - but then 19 year old girls don't necessarily think straight in such circumstances - one reason, perhaps, why 19 year old girls shouldn't be sailors.

I think this is just one more elaborate lie our that nation has deluded itself with - that women can be soldiers or sailors in a fighting army or navy. It is bunkam. You can have a military that is diverse and politically correct, or you can have one that can win wars. You can't have both.

Dutch Boy said...

I don't see how anyone familiar with human behavior in general and soldiers' behavior in particular could not have foreseen that the military was going to have a big sex harassment/rape problem when they force-fed large numbers of females into the general military population. I note that an American academic has documented such behavior directed by GIs against French civilians in WWII:

Matthew said...

"Hunsdon said: Bwa ha ha. Sir, I find myself to be touchingly naive, but this restores my faith in myself as a cynic. I was aware of relationships between SNCOs and other ranks, SNCOs and NCOs, and officers and other ranks."

I was referring to policy, not reality. Even if not always enforced, the policy still affects the dynamics of relationships by causing FUD.

Don't be an asshole.

elaine said...

A friend of mine worked for a big shot lawyer who'd been cited for sexual harrassment. Since he was sort of a friend of my friend, he asked her frankly, "Nance, you've seen my fiance (quite a looker, to whom he is still married 25 yrs later). Since I've got her, do you think I need to feel some other woman's boobs?" Well, what could my friend say? It was a well paid job. He did "accidently" feel her butt in the Xerox room one day, but she was too frazzled to say anything. Years later we joked, he's telling some other new girl, "Don't believe what Nancy told you. Take a look at my wife. Since I've got her, do you think I'd need to feel some other woman's butt?" Sometimes you can just laugh. As far as the military, my brother was on a nuclear submarine that had female crew members. He would never "assault" anybody, and did not mention any such thing; but then his mission was so secret he assured me if he told me all about it, he'd have to kill me. I said, well then, keep it to yourself.
All this exaggeration of the problem trivializes the cases that really occur, imo. Although I know it happens, I just can't believe that with all the indoctrination the recruits undergo, there is an overwhelming amount of it. It's another way to stir fear and anxiety among us.
For some reason, the powers that be like to keep us all in that condition.

Hunsdon said...

Matthew said: Don't be an asshole.

Hunsdon said: I didn't think I was, actually. I thought you meant what you said: that the policy against fraternization reduces the number of women who are available for romantic or sexual relationships.

Svigor said...

I have just had a really stunning insight. Why not simply have no nubile women in the armed forces and its academies?

No woman: No rape.

Yep. I'd protect women from rape (and men from jail) by keeping them out of the military. I'd protect "minorities" from the evil white racists by allowing the evil white racists to live segregated. I'd protect immigrants from the evil white xenophobes by closing the borders and cracking down on the evil white fat cats who drive down wages by exploiting immigrant labor.

The left responds by calling me a sexist, racist, xenophobic, fascist, plutocrat.

Anonymous said...

Do you have access to real news in caves?