June 23, 2013

Visas as civil rights for foreigners

Here's a squib in the New York Times that inadvertently reveals much about Establishment prejudices on immigration.
Supporters of Immigration Bill Offer Amendment Focused on Women 
Saying the immigration overhaul bill now before the Senate would discriminate against future immigrants who are women, 13 female senators have introduced an amendment that would make it easier for foreign women to come to the United States under a new merit system in the legislation. 
The amendment is part of a new effort by supporters of the bill to attract votes by framing immigration as a women’s issue. Its lead sponsors are two Democrats, Senator Mazie K. Hirono of Hawaii and Senator Patty Murray of Washington, and sponsors also include a Republican, Senator Lisa Murkowski of Alaska. ...

The amendment the senators introduced late Wednesday would make a major change to the bill now on the Senate floor. It would create a separate tier for professions typically held by women, under a new merit-based point system for future immigration that would place more emphasis on job qualifications and less on family ties, which are the priority in the current system. 
The senators said women in foreign countries often do not have the same educational and career opportunities as men. “We should not cement those inequalities into our immigration laws,” Ms. Hirono said.

Sure, argue the 13 female Senators, these foreign women are uneducated and unskilled, but, you see, that's the fault of their own countries, so, ergo, therefore, and hence, it's America's responsibility to rectify this discrimination by handing out more visas. To not do so would be discriminatory, and that's the worst thing in the world.
Ms. Murkowski (R-Her Daddy) said the amendment would open up more visas for women in health care professions, to alleviate chronic shortages in this country.

Ah, the chronic shortage of Americans willing to change bedpans for less than the market rate of pay. This shortage is so chronic that I've been hearing all about it since the 1970s. It's almost as chronic as my money shortage. All my life, I've suffered from a chronic shortage of money, which I define as having less money than, all else being equal, I wish I had. I think the Gang of Eight should do something about that.


Anonymous said...

Do as other Go8 supports do. Form your own gang of one.

wren said...

Reading Haaretz for that previous post was really eye-opening. Particularly for the articles that they are promoting.

Unfortunately, the interesting ones are behind a paywall.

Still, they pointed me to the organ trafficking ring between Israel and Costa Rica and protests of the "Prevention of Infiltration Law."

(An older article about it)

A law granting Israeli authorities the power to detain illegal migrants for up to three years came into effect on Sunday, in the wake of widening public controversy over the influx of African migrants who cross into Israel along its border with Egypt.

The law makes illegal migrants and asylum seekers liable to jail, without trial or deportation, if caught staying in Israel for long periods. In addition, anyone helping migrants or providing them with shelter could face prison sentences of between five and 15 years.

The law amended the Prevention of Infiltration Law of 1954, passed to prevent the entry of Palestinians as part of emergency legislation. The law is expanded to address migrant workers or asylum seekers who enter Israel without posing a threat to Israel's security.

According to the law, migrant workers already here could be jailed for the most minor offense such as spraying graffiti or stealing a bicycle - infractions for which they would not have been detained before.

So far, all migrants who have been caught by the Israel Defense Forces on the Israel-Egypt border have been transferred to the Saharonim detention facility which holds 2,000 spaces.

The facility is currently being expanded to 5,400. The Interior Ministry has reported that they are implementing the amendment and will fill up Saharonim, where they will be held until the ministry "finds other solutions."

According to the Interior Ministry, the Saharonim detention center will run out of space within a month.

All those detained go through an identification process and a medical examination. Those who file for asylum receive a temporary visa to remain in Israel. Sudanese and Eritreans, however, are not allowed to file for asylum, although they are automatically eligible for temporary shelter and a one-way ticket to Tel Aviv. Some migrants continue independently to Arad or Eilat where they often have acquaintances.

According to the ministry, up to 60,000 African migrant currently live in Israel, with 2,031 entering in the month of May alone.

Human rights organizations see the amendment as a harsh step which contradicts the United Nations Convention Relating to the Status of Refugees (CRSR). According to the Hotline for Migrant Workers, the law was "born in sin" and is a "dark moment for Israel."

"Instead of acting like all civilized countries and verifying requests for asylum and granting refugee status to those who are eligible, which Israel is obligated to do under the UN convention, the state sees mass imprisonment of thousands of people, women and children, whose only offense was seeking escape from murderous regimes, as a solution to the problem. This solution will not solve a thing as it is neither humane nor effective.

In a statement, the Israel Prison Services said that it was ready to "take in as many illegal residents as come to its facilities, with the required detainment authority and according to time of detention."

"For this purpose, several wards outside Saharonim have been converted, and we will prepare according to need," the statement added.

Meanwhile on Sunday, Israeli daily Maariv published an interview with Interior Minister Eli Yishai, in which he stated that most of the "Muslims that arrive here do not even believe that this country belongs to us, to the white man."

"I will continue the struggle until the end of my term, with no compramises," Yishai continued, stating that he would use "all the tools to expel the foreigners, until not one infiltrator remains."

Anonymous said...

"Immigration as a woman's issue".

So, now it is apparently America's role in the world to play Lady Bountiful and right the wrongs of all the nasty foreigners by leaving little green cards, along with a silver dollar - under the pillows of every 'oppressed woman' on the planet, (there are literally billions of them), whilst she is soundly asleep at midnight in beddy-bye land. Lady Bountiful sends little 'immigration fairies' (think of Bryan Kaplan in a tutu, not a predator drone for gawd's sake).

All from the nation of motherhood and apple pie.

But seriously this is hust another manifestation of America's inverted caste system, the eternal totem pole of post-Kennedy politics in which the biologically favored are given extra 'rights and priveleges' than the disfavored. No night-time visitations from Kaplan-in-a-tutu to a nasty phallus-bearer who happens to a pull a rickshaw for a living.
Strangely enough, in India, the real inventors of caste systems, widows were habitually burned alive.

Cail Corishev said...

It's always surprised me that so many women are willing to work as LPNs for practically minimum wage. Yeah, you can get the job without any education or experience, but that's true of burger flipping, and it pays about as well and doesn't involve diapers.

As a result of those low wages and expectations, the job has extremely high turnover, people regularly just not showing up for work, and low-quality employees in general. If we care at all about the people they care for, it ought to pay more, not less, and that would draw more, better employees to the job.

Anonymous said...

In reply to wren,

So Africans STILL try to infiltrate into Israel despite the dire penalties and the obvious fact that the Israelis - in this rare case both the government (which would never, ever happen in Europe) and the people purely and simply DO NOT WANT THEM and have made it perfectly plain in every way sahpe and form of this fact.

What part of "go away, we don't want you" don't the Africans don't understand?

IHTG said...

Why is wren posting article from last year in a completely unrelated thread?

Esther said...

Why should foreigners not be allowed to vote in US elections? This is discriminatory, and deprives them of human rights. If you are too lazy to move to Mexico, then bring it here.

Anonymous said...

"its America's responsibility"

s/b "it's"

Anonymous said...


Review of a book arguing for checking, and thinking about UK immigration.

SCALAR said...

Ah, the chronic shortage of Americans willing to change bedpans for less than the market rate of pay. This shortage is so chronic that I've been hearing it since the 1970s.

I haven't heard it yet, but Kanye West has song coming out called "New Slaves." It has to be about how his people are getting their labor bid down to nothing by immigration, right?


Oh, wait, listening to it now. It's just about "oh noes, private prisons!" and getting fellated by a rich white women. Less interesting than expected...

Anonymous said...

Lol have they ever been to a hospital? There are no shortages of foreign women. Besides the men who come here will most likely marry women from their own countries if they're not already married. Oh I forgot marriage is bad to these women.

Anonymous said...

So does this mean that the visas for Russian mail order brides will be increased? I thought the feminists were making that difficult in order to protect American women from foreign competition in the marriage market.

immigration activism/robbery said...

OT, but this story of an immigrant turned immigration activist, turned busted bank robber begs for isteve commentary:

Kind of the wrong question though isn't it? The real question is what was this parasite personally getting from being an immigration activist? Rephrased, how is immigration activism similar to de la garza's other hobbies: tax evasion, petty theft, and bank robbery?

Exactaking said...


So if you're a dreamer, you can jump the border get free citizenship and a monthly EBT reload. If you're a lifetime citizen with substantial assets, you can escape taxation, but you can never return.

Hacienda said...

This is the problem with moralistic thinking.

It doesn't scale. At the individual or communal level it works. At the global level, it's preposterous. Ask the Russians, the Chinese. Above all, ask the WASPs. LOL. After all, the jokes on them!

Harry Baldwin said...

Vietnam, 1968" "We had to destroy the village in order to save it [from communism]."

America, 2013: "We have to destroy the nation in order to save it [from racism, sexism, homophobia, Islamaphobia, and nativism]."

jody said...

between this, and the homosexual amendment from the vermont senator, and the previous lifting of the prohibition on HIV immigrants, what is left i wonder.

cultural marxism is the dominant political philosophy now and the state religion of the national government. the united states MUST open itself to unskilled uneducated women BECAUSE they are women, homosexuals BECAUSE they are homosexuals, and AIDS patients for the same reasons. and so on and so forth for every group i suppose.

the only upside is that all this extra crap getting stuffed in the bill might be enough to sink it. it's turning into a free for all with senators jamming pet legislation in there.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like more Asian nurses. Woohoo!

Mr. Anon said...

"IHTG said...

Why is wren posting article from last year in a completely unrelated thread?"

Because it is not "completely unrelated". In fact, it is not "unrelated" at all.

Anonymous said...

Heh. Also the cronic shortage of women in America is about to change.

I support this new move.

I hope that the sisterhood only realizes too late how stupid they were.

jody said...

"This is the problem with moralistic thinking."

this is the problem with allowing women to come to control your society. maybe it wasn't such a good idea allowing them to vote, allowing them to make our laws, allowing them to be our leaders.

it really doesn't work out, long term. the decline of many institutions can be traced to the increasing number of women in positions of power. they alter the balance too much. replacing the hard, cold, painful, black and white decision making process which testosterone allows you to make, and diluting it with squishy mushy estrogen decision making.

finally you end up with them running around "Oh that's not fair, change it. Wait, there's something else that's not fair, change that." until everything is so out of whack and screwed up you can't recover.

however, merely stating this, i have now committed one of the most serious thought crimes. perhaps the NSA is sending the FBI to collect me at this very moment.

Corn said...

Like Steve said, this "shortage of nurses" talk was going on 10-15 years ago. My mother (a nurse at the time but retired now) had the same cogent observation as Steve:

"Wouldn't be a shortage of nurses if they paid nurses more."

True Patriot said...

Let's have more visas for heterosexual childless never-married white and east-asian women under 25 years of age who pass a medical checkup, have BMI under 24, and IQ of 100 or more (nonsmokers only).

Anonymous said...

more visas for women in health care professions, to alleviate chronic shortages in this country

As usual, a bold-faced lie. There is a HUGE surplus of nurses in California and finding a decent nursing position everywhere else is pretty much impossible without BS degree from a decent place. And even then, the job market is extremely competitive. The only places that may experience shortages of qualifies nurses are nursing homes and when that happens it happens solely because they don't pay market rate.

candid_observer said...

I wonder how many of the women "health professionals" targeted by this amendment are blacks from the Caribbean. In the Boston area, it is certainly standard for "health aides" to be from such backgrounds.

Even in very high class retirement homes, women of such background entirely dominate that function. While none of the patients can talk openly about it, it's an obvious major problem for them that these health aides seem to be filled with resentment toward them, and act it out in many ways when they think they are not being watched -- treating them roughly, ignoring their requests, and generally being dismissive and obnoxious to them.

It's obvious too that the patients feel they can't protest, first because they are at the mercy of these aides, and second because they fear being accused of racism. For the administration of those homes, it's perfect, though: they get dirt cheap labor, and they know that no complaints can be registered if poor treatment results.

Prof. Woland said...

We can install a point system kind of like Canada but based on a 1 to 10 scale.

True Patriot said...

It would be highly amusing to watch people react to a Congressional proposal to admit more eligible high-IQ young women as immigrants. Everyone would shriek and sputter that an influx of young women would lower native men's cost of sex, and increase economic competition for native women.* Of course if you rewrite that sentence replacing "native men" with "rich people," "sex" with "labor," and "native women" with "middle-class workers" you get exactly what the open-borders crowd wants.

Open-borders advocates always laud even partial moves in their direction such as Obama's lawless amnesty for "young" illegal aliens, even if those seem "unfair" to other cohorts of wanna-be immigrants. I wonder if they would support visas for young single high-IQ women, or would they retreat into hypocrisy?

*As if any of that would be bad. In fact it would likely be good because it would help avert demographic decline.

anonyias said...

I find it really hard to believe that there is a shortage of nurses. Of the women I know who attended a 4 yr college, probably at least a 1/4 of them received a nursing degree. Not all of them have found jobs yet, either. Nursing is a very popular field right now. Maybe what the powers that be are really talking about are shortages of low-wage CNAs and LPNs.

Anonymous said...

"replacing the hard, cold, painful, black and white decision making process which testosterone allows you to make."

This is so overwrought it borders on pathetic. This is like those me that go on and on and on and on about how they can change a tire and their daughters can't.

Auntie Analogue said...

These lady legislators merely follow the Leftist exhortation to "Think Globally, Act Locally." Which is, come to the think of it, exactly how the one-percenter-owned transnational globalist elite behave by suborning legislators to impose their global cheap foreign scab labor profiteering schemes on the United States and other Western nations: this touchy-feely admit-foreign-women amendment to the Shamnesty bill is just more of "privatize profits, socialize the costs."

Who'da thunk that the super-rich globalist elite would have grasped that their application of Leftist imperatives works perfectly to their profitable capitalist advantage?

Anonymous said...

"If we care at all about the people they care for, it ought to pay more, not less, and that would draw more, better employees to the job."

It is amazing what we pay people who take care of our supposed loved ones.

We also pay people nothing who have clandestine access to our food.

Cail Corishev said...

Maybe what the powers that be are really talking about are shortages of low-wage CNAs and LPNs.

Exactly, but that's how it works. Look at IT: they talk and talk about how we need more geniuses to innovate, but what they're really after is lower wages for their code factories. And to the extent that they can find extra geniuses, it pushes everyone down a step, increasing the labor supply at each lower level and suppressing wages all down the line.

Same thing with nurses: it's not about the salary of the head nurse in the emergency room; it's about the wages of the mass of young, uneducated women who are bathing bedridden people and cleaning bed pans for around minimum wage. The more nurses there are chasing jobs, the more they'll have to settle for those lower-wage jobs to make ends meet, and everyone makes less -- except the CEOs and stockholders, of course.

wren said...

Why is wren posting article from last year in a completely unrelated thread?

To contrast our governments' different responses to illegal infiltrators and migrants.

For example, I found it interesting that in Israel, grafiti could be punishable by years in prison for an illegal migrant. Also, housing an illegal migrant is punishable by up to 15 years in jail.

Contrast that to our system that apparently illegal immigrants thousands of dollars every year in earned income tax credits.

I am still trying to figure out that article about tens of millions of dollars in tax returns for illegal immigrants going to one address.

E. Rekshun said...

"It [the amendment] would create a separate tier for professions typically held by women."

If it allows more gorgeous, leggy, east European models into the US, then I'm all for it!

Big Bill said...

You have to respect the Israelis. Jewish supremacism is their goal and it is working just fine for them in Israel. They have their weepy, bleeding heart brethren fighting for open borders in the USA and running interference for them back home in the motherland. That ain't easy, let's be honest.

So use it against their brethren in America when they teach induced altruism to your children ans fellow citizens. Support Jewish Supremacism in Israel. When you talk to your neighbors and friends, use the success of the Israeli border fences and prison camps for brown-skinned "illegal infiltrators", and criminalizing of things like graffiti as a wonderful example of how successful a hard line approach can be.

It also wont hurt to mention that US soldiers are over there patrolling in the Israeli desert to help catch the infiltrators as well. By golly, if our soldiers are good enough to patrol the desert to keep brown-skinned Christian, Muslim and pagan invaders out of Israel, they are certainly smart enough to do it for their own people on the Mexican border, right?

Anonymous said...

I am okay with more East Asian and Latina young women, but not those wanting to bring their kids. Otherwise we get a bunch of fatherless gangsters dumped on our doorstep to provide for.

Whiskey said...

Big Bill -- you need to hang out with Liberals in places like Daily Kos, or Huffington Post. I challenge you to read their stuff for a month. They hate Israel more than David Duke on steroids. Jews like George Soros, who made his fortune in Hungary in WWII, hunting down fellow Jews for the Nazis, and auctioning their goods, really, and he's proud of it btw, hate Israel more than Louis Farrakhan crossed with the Aryan Nations. So too does Michael Chabon, and any number of prominent Leftist American Jews. It is nothing more than the expression of class hatred you see by say, Goy Bill Gates, who does not give scholarships to Whites in his Gates Foundation. Only people of color.

Israel is the epitome of nationalism and White nationalism at that, so naturally elites Jews or not hate it. But don't take my word for it, read Huffington and Kos for a month.

As for nurses, unfortunately I am acquainted with the nursing staff to a great length in the local hospitals due to many family illnesses. ERs are the province mostly of registry nurses, most of whom are White. The floors however are mostly Filipino and Chinese already. One long-term outpatient facility in Orange County I visit three times a week, the staff is entirely Filipino, male and female, save for one White male tech (who is very nice btw).

The staff is nice, but it is hard to communicate and they chat all the time in Tagalog.

For now, for the most part, White women have not borne the cost of mass immigration. The Latina underclass is too fat and unattractive (really) to bear much sexual market competition, and too uneducated to be a threat for health care, teaching, office work, etc. That is now ending.

So White women will no longer be able to benefit asymmetrically from stuff that screws over White guys. I suspect it is too late, far too late. And it will all end in tears, and worse.

countenance said...

Of course most immigrants these days are men. The men colonize, find work, then send for their women once they get established.

hardly said...

this is the most bizarrely stupid thing ive ever read. And I say this as an immigrant male.

Anonymous said...


Coulter is so very wrong. The problem is 99.999999999% of immigrants are not terrorists.
If more were, Americans would turn against immigration.

So, I say bring more immigrants from nations known for terrorism.

Imagine if even 1% of Mexicans were setting off bombs in the US. We would end immigration and build huge walls.

Most Pallies were not suicide bombers but enough were, and so Jews erected huge walls in Israel.

double guitars said...

S.744 deliberative process as explained by a Simpsons clip

jody said...

"This is so overwrought it borders on pathetic."

first thought police officer heard from.

any more? come on. i know you're out there. tell me how utterly moronic i am for even suggesting that a total gynocracy isn't just as good as any other form of society. they're doing a bang up job in our educational system, turning out de-testosteronified, wimpy girly men. no dodge ball boys, no tackle football, no fighting, don't even DRAW a gun or wear an NRA shirt, or we'll call the police. be nice little obedient robots. yes, these people running our schools are doing a very good job. let's get these same people running ALL of our insititutions. we can really go far then!

what is the recent homosexualization, feminization of the US military OTHER THAN an attempt to turn it into some kind of weak, female friendly, milquetoast crap sandwich? the US military actually WANTS women shooting the guns, and commanding the troops, and being generals? what nation in the HISTORY OF THE WORLD has ever functioned successfully this way? or even functioned this way period?

tell me that having a fat lesbian who never saw combat action, is just the thing west point needs to pull itself into the 21st century. what would straight white heterosexual men know about winning wars, anyway? all they did was win so many wars and vanquish so many of america's enemies, that now america has no real enemies, and can afford to entertain these metrosexuals, homosexuals, and women.

"Most Pallies were not suicide bombers but enough were, and so Jews erected huge walls in Israel. "

most muslims are not terrorists but enough are, and so the US government shredded the constitution to create a surveillance state to "protect" us from the muslims which they demand must continue to flood in. meanwhile any citizens who resist are harrassed and detained. sam francis nailed this.

Anonymous said...

"The amendment is part of a new effort by supporters of the bill to attract votes by framing immigration as a women’s issue."

No one in the Senate can be thinking for a minute that this is going to change anybody's vote in Congress.

I like the desperation that this shows.

They are going to the bother of making up feel-good meaningless amendments.

Very good, I say, keep doing that, but make the future amendments more controversial, please. Drive away those fence-sitters firmly and definitely into the "NO" camp.

Hacienda said...

this is the problem with allowing women to come to control your society.


I know that. S. Korea under a military dictatorship was a fun, if somewhat violent place. Lots of boys playing wargames, killing little animals, girls seen as prizes to be won or taken. I lived that. Great stuff.

American life is timid and empty in comparison. Pretty toxic, actually, and narcissistic. In all ways- looks, intellect, moral posturing, business. It's the women, but it's also being "American". There is no other option.