July 14, 2013

Breaking News in NYT: Emmett Till murdered

In the top story at NYTimes.com at the moment, Adam Nagourney reports:
Emmett Till, 14, was murdered in Mississippi in 1955, reportedly after flirting with a white woman.


FWG said...

Wow, I had no idea about this Emmett Till character.

Anonymous said...

Jesse Jackson will be comparing it to Selma in a moment.

Anonymous said...

I want someone on camera to remind Jesse Jackson of his own statement about being fearful of any young black males who might be walking behind him, and to ask him why he said that, and why that might be and if that is still true.

Won't happen, though. Actual truth IS inconvenient.

Anonymous said...

Forgive me for saying this, but Till's mother DID warn him to mind his p's and q's while visiting Mississippi.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Tarantino will make a movie called

Kill Till.

Till the end of the world.

Mr. Anon said...

Did they mean this guy?


Oops, wrong Till. Kinda.

Anonymous said...

Progressives are strangely stuck in the past.

Can't they see the black vs brown angle in this, and can't they see this is the result of increasing diversity?

Blaming Zimmerman of 'killing Emmett Till' is like blaming Palestinians for the Holocaust.
But then, Pallies got in the neck. If the oppressed Pallies can be 'Arab Nazis', I suppose Zimmerman can be a 'white brown man'.

blogger said...

Since Till, how many white women have been raped or murdered by black men?

I guess NYT never heard of the Knoxville massacre.

And when 20+ raped a 11 yr brown girl in Texas, gee, them boys didn't mean no harm. And good thing she didn't have a gun cuz she might killed a bunch of skittle munching Gary Colemans who were just being friendly.

What you talking about, NYT?

Now, suppose 20+ rednecks had done that to a 11 yr black girl.

Anonymous said...

I have a Delusion!

Shouting Thomas said...

The creation of martyrs seems to be central to the left's mission.

Once a martyr has been set in place, he can never be dislodged.

David said...

Emmett Till was legitimately in the news a few years ago:

Where Is Emmett Till's Coffin?.

"The four suspected grave robbers -- all employees of Burr Oak Cemetery, all African-Americans -- have been arrested and sit in the Cook County jail. Each has been charged with one count of dismembering a human body and each could face up to 30 years in prison. I hope that means that the 30 years will be multiplied by more than 300, for each body desecrated. This is not what 'Rest In Peace' is supposed to mean."

Anonymous said...

Some people here will probably ascribe ideological motives, and that's part of the story, to this kind of coverage.

But it's also about vested interests. Just like climate change scientists had to one-up each other in alarmism, the media has to go beyond each other all the time in the race-baiting to keep getting more pageviews.

Secondly, as many of you have noted, there are a ton of black/black crime happening all the time. 90% of all victims of black criminals are black themselves.

But that doesn't give you that crucial race angle which everyone needs.

Finally, what have people like Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton done lately? Not a lot. For them, this also brings them some relevancy after being tarred (fairly) as leftovers of a bygone era.

Obama, having lectured his black audiences to "take off your slippers and stop complaining" or chided them about not having that many exuses or just generally ignored them for their calls for special bills for blacks, now sees his moment to regain some street cred. He's not doing it for the polls(for once), he's doing it for his legacy.

He wants to have something, anything, that he can answer a black critic when they ask "why didn't you do anything?".

Obama already has a good start with the whole "Trayvon would have looked a lot like my son, if I had one".

Cornel West was right about the fact that blacks have been forgotten, mostly, and gays have taken their place.
Obama ignored blacks economically, but culturally he has always stoked that fire(which is why Eric Holder has the job he has, because of situations like this).

In short, everyone on the left has a lot of racial demagoguing to do, that they've did too little of during the recession. The Trayvon thug is a perfect foil to even the score with the base, whether political or readership.

Anonymous said...

"Can't they see the black vs brown angle in this, and can't they see this is the result of increasing diversity?"

They can, but it mustn't upset The Narrative.

This is why the media rushed to pin him as a 'White Hispanic', or why they factored the phone call to make it sound as if he said "fucking coons".

Zimmerman even self-identifies completely as Hispanic, not white. Just like Obama, really, even if both are 50% mixed.

Part of the reason why he's getting a lot of vitriol is because his dad is a white Republican, and Zimmerman is becomming a symbol now, of intense support among white conservatives.

There's bascially three parts of America on this issue:

1. White conservatives. (strongly support Zimmerman).

2. White moderates/democrats (most of whom are probably pretty neutral. Some will support Trayvon, some will support Zimmerman(but won't dare to admit it to others)).

3. Non-white democrats, most of whom are for Trayvon. But Im guessing quite a few hispanics, even democratic ones, are probably having second thoughts about this case.

Finally, the media also knows that if Zimmerman was white, he'd made the perfect Great White Defendant.
They just invested so much into this.

Zimmerman won't have a normal life now for a long time, but a good book deal or two will secure his income for a long, long time if he plays it well.

Anonymous said...

Funny. If a white guy does such a thing, it's called 'sexual harassment'. When a black guy does it, it's 'flirting'.

Btw, suppose a white kid in a black community 'flirted' with a black girl of some big black toughies. What do you think blacks will do to his white ass? I dare any white guy to go to a black community and call out to a black girl(who happens have a big tough black boyfriend), 'Hey bitch, wanna come here and blow me?' See what happens.

Of course, the rednecks overreacted in the case of Emmett Till, but blacks still routinely kill one another over slights about 'yo mama' and gym shoes.

And speaking of overreacting... Didn't Paula Deen have her life ruined over saying some word 30 yrs ago after she was distressed after being robbed at gunpoint? So much for liberal restraint and temperance.

And if Zimmerman didn't have a gun that night, he could have been killed by Martin just for 'flirting' with him as a 'creepy ass cracker' who might be 'gay'.

countenance said...

No riots yet for the NYT to cover, so the NYT has to get to work to provoke riots.

Anonymous said...

"The four suspected grave robbers -- all employees of Burr Oak Cemetery, all African-Americans -- have been arrested and sit in the Cook County jail."

Barter the martyr?

Anonymous said...

I think the real culprit is gluttony and sweet tooth.

Zimmerman didn't trail Martin cuz Martin's black but because he wanted Martin's skittles.

Skittles is not harmless. It is made of sugar, a kind of drug really. It makes people go crazy.

So, this was a drug-related killing.


TontoBubbaGoldstein said...

Quote from some moron in the linked article:
“If Trayvon Martin had not been a black man, he still would have been alive,”

I'm an almost 50 year old white guy.... and if I had done what Martin was alleged to have done (drawn the attention of the neighborhood watch guy by being a stranger in an area that had an ongoing crime problem and then attacking the armed watchman), I would fully expect to end up just like Mr Martin.

Pat Boyle said...

I wrote a couple days ago that Trayvon Martin should not be considered a child because based on my reading of Rushton, blacks mature about three year earlier than whites. I have re-read that chapter and I think two years would be closer to the mark.

In most nations around the world the age of majority is 18. I think that for blacks because they experience puberty earlier the age should be more like 16.

This raises other issues. Does that mean that black teens should be allowed to drink at 16? One might argue that they seem to drink younger anyway. But I don't have good figures on that.

Black men(boys ?) at age 16 commit murders and a host of other crimes at rates that we normally assume are only seen in adults. Clearly this case shows that reflexively calling anyone a boy under the age of 18 is a crude approximation. It may be adequate for whites but makes little sense for blacks.

Grown men are expected to be able to physically dominate boys. In almost all cultures you become a man when you can take your place among men. Martin I would say proved that he was a man - not a particularly wise man - but a man nonetheless when he demonstrated the ability to punch out a bus driver and a neighborhood watch captain.


josh said...

I know I'm preaching to the choir here, but, I keep reaing things like "they don't see African Americans as persons". Does anybody see George Zimmerman as a person. Does anybody even give enough of shit to find out what actually happened before they make his grand children change their names?

blogger said...

BBB Big Black Bomb is a counterpart to the GWD Great White Defendant.

We were told that Martin's girlfriend had the smoking gun--the key phone call--as evidence of Zimmerman's guilt. She turned out to be... Jeantel? BBB.

The black woman in the Lacrosse case was supposed to be the black Joan of Arc. She turned out to be one nasty ho. BBB.

The French Jewish guy accused of molesting a black hotel maid was let go after lack of evidence. She turned out to have a long history of fraud and lying. BBB.

I think all the pop culture movies, liberal books, PC education, and fantasies had a real impact on people's consciousness. They are so addicted to pop culture that they desperately want reality to conform to it.

So, instead of the demand for art & culture(books, movies, theater, and TV) to reflect reality, there's a demand for reality to conform to art & culture.
Since so many people saw noble negroes and evil white 'racists' in TV shows, movies, and drama, they are soooo angry that reality won't conform to the 'higher reality' of cultural fantasy.

When people want reality to conform to culture than vice versa, we are living in a Truman Show world.

Anonymous said...

"I keep reaing things like "they don't see African Americans as persons"

This must be especially true of blacks since rappers call each other n's and since most blacks are killed by other blacks.

Anonymous said...


Name of the game? No, the game of the name.

Anonymous said...

How did Sam Cooke and Marvin Gaye die? Killed by 'white Hispanics'?

Mercy mercy me, I hope change is gonna come.

Anonymous said...

it seems that in the view of the New York times, "justice" requires that blacks be allowed to get away with murder and other serious crimes, and "justice" also requires that non-blacks be severely punished if they use force in self-defense when attacked by blacks.

Anonymous said...

"it seems that in the view of the New York times, "justice" requires that blacks be allowed to get away with murder and other serious crimes, and "justice" also requires that non-blacks be severely punished if they use force in self-defense when attacked by blacks."

It's actually far more devious as NY white, Jewish, and homo liberals certainly don't wanna get killed or even mugged by blacks. Indeed, under Clinton and even Obama, much has been done to disempower blacks in the cities and lock up many blacks in prison.

So, it seems to me that all this liberal rhetoric of outrage is to mask their actual policies. Divert public attention to Zimmerman's racial profiling and away from the racial profiling that goes on in NY.
Divert public attention to Zimmerman's community's tensions with blacks and away from the policies of cities like DC that are actively trying to remove blacks from choice urban areas.

It's like the sneaky general in PATHS OF GLORY. Pretend to be for fairness and justice while pulling strings to get everything his way.

This could be subconscious than conscious, but there's a lot of deviousness going on at the NYT.

Anonymous said...

Steve Sailer: He reads the NYT so you don't have to!

You're doing god's work, Steve.

Anonymous said...


"In a nation where a blend of race and ethnicity are more and more the norm, the labeling struggle is an effort to note that Mr. Zimmerman shares in that mixture more than his name alone indicates."

So.. if Obama's father had been white and his mother black, and if his name had been Barry Smith, he would have been featured as a 'white African' candidate?

Anonymous said...

This whole case should be called

Fist and Furious.

Anonymous said...

If so many people who actually lived through this whole thing still think Zimmerman is KKK, just think of what idiots will think in the future.

As most people know of reality in bite-sized pieces(like skittles), this story will be remembered in yrs to come as the one where 'a white hispanic murdered a black unarmed child with skittles but was acquitted by an all white jury(as the one hispanic was surely an white hispanic too)'. And image wrapped around this bite-sized piece will be that of the angelic looking 12 yr old Trayvon.

It's the skittling of reality.

Anonymous said...

Of course, it's the pride thing with the media.
They were so wrong but don't wanna admit it and apologize.

The sort of people who go into journalism see themselves as the courageous diggers and tellers of truth, the champions of the little guy against the powers-that-be.

Of course, if they had the real courage and mind to dig a little, they would realize that there are plenty of blacks who use their thuggish powers to hurt people and there are plenty of whites(and browns) who have little or no power and are routinely victimized by blacks.
But the Narrative taught in journalism schools and pop culture(it's difficult to tell them apart, as the kind of people who major in pop culture in college are hardly different from those who major in journalism, and many journalists even appear in movies as themselves, and many news stories are compared with movies and TV shows) says 'blacks are holy victims' and 'whites have super privilege and dark hearts', that is unless one is a white progressive spouting PC nonsense.

Since the narrative says white = automatically evil, white liberals are desperate to be cleansed of this evil by refuting their 'white privilege', though it seems to earn them more white privilege at the expense of 'less evolved' whites.

Anyway, it would be nice if journalists had some humility and an understanding that reality is complex and not everything is as it seems. Therefore, more investigation is necessary.
But your average journalist student sees himself or herself as a righteous crusader. So, they have giant egos, and people with such egos rarely admit they were wrong in their assumptions or conclusions.
So, instead of some soul-searching that is called for among those in the American media, they're doubling down to twist the narrative in whatever manner to procrusteanly fit this story into the narrative of 'evil white supremacist murdered an angelic black child' and pulling out the same old photos of kid Martin.

Has anybody here seen that lovely kid Martin, can you tell me where he's gone? He nibbled on skittles but was shot by a 'racist', and he's now with Abraham, Martin(the bouncer on the mall), and John.

Since white = evil and black = good, notice how even most liberals don't much care about Snowden's revelations about Obama's administration. Obama may be president, but he's black, therefore on the side of progress. Snowden may be a hunted man, but he's a white male and his revelations could be used by 'racists' who wanna oppose Obama's 'progressive' agenda.

So, truth is secondary to the game of power, and most journalists see themselves as propagandists of this power. John Reed and Edgar Snow were journalists of this type too.

Anonymous said...

Peer pressure in the news room. For all their vaunted courage, journalists are human beings too with human nature. It's human nature to go along and be liked by most of your peers.
Even those who prolly thought the narrative on Zimmerman/Martin was off were probably afraid of ostracism or shunning by their colleagues, especially 'people of color' ones and especially since so many in the news room had such STRONG emotions on this issue as a GWD case.

As elite journalism is mostly white, Jewish, and homo(and not very diverse), white progressives are probably extra sensitive to appear as 'caring' and 'decent' to their token black colleagues.

It's cowardice packaged as 'progressive courage'.

Matthew said...

"Did they mean this guy? Louis_Till. Oops, wrong Till. Kinda."

Um, WOW. Never knew that. I read Emmett Till's Wikipedia page and guess what? No mention that Till's father was executed for rape and murder. All it says about Till's father is:

Till was born in Chicago and nicknamed 'Bobo' as an infant by a family friend. Emmett's mother largely raised him with her mother; she and Louis Till separated in 1942 after she found out he had been unfaithful, and later choked her to unconsciousness, to which she responded by throwing scalding water at him. For violating court orders to stay away from Mamie, Emmett's father was forced by a judge to choose between jail or enlisting in the U.S. Army in 1943, and died in 1945.

Guess what else? Rare for someone not a public figure, the Till page is semi-locked and cannot be edited by unregistered users.

Lloyd Christmas said...

"We've landed on the moon!"

Anonymous said...

My 13 year old son has the Emmett Till victimhood story fed him at school. I just said "Imagine yourself going in a Sharia Area into a Muslim shop and saying exactly the same sexual jive to the Musselma serving on her own behind the counter"

He got it.

Matthew said...

PSSS. Maybe blacks didn't riot(for the most part) because it would only have confirmed the image of blacks are out-of-control lunatics hellbent on violence.

It's the power of reverse mass media psychology: ever since the LA riots, people have been predicting blacks would riot after one letdown or another. They don't, in part because they know people expect it. It works on conservatives, and it works with fooling good white Christians to raise cuckoo egg adopted black Africans just to prove they ain't raciss.

Anonymous said...

Considering how the NYT has been covering up New York being turned into a sundowner city that is amazingly hypocritical of them.

Although i guess pointing and splutter at someone else's alleged racism distracts from Manhattan becoming schwarzerein.

Anonymous said...

"Progressives are strangely stuck in the past. Can't they see the black vs brown angle in this"

That's why Zimmerman needs to get his face on TV as much as possible looking as hispanic as possible. It'll take the steam out of it.

Hail said...

"Adam Nagourney" [NYT Writer]

Born 1954 in New York City [...]

-American Jews
-American newspaper reporters
-LGBT Jews

Alcalde Jaime Miguel Curleo said...

The press are jonesing so bad for a riot. BTW Nelson Mandela's condition has been upgraded from dead to alive, he's 94 so I never understood the 5-alarm fire on that one

Jefferson said...

There is a book called "How The Irish Became White"

In the future will there be a book called "How The Peruvians Became White" ? lol.

After all, the most hated "White" man in America right now is the son of a female Peruvian immigrant.

Time Machine ride said...

If so many people who actually lived through this whole thing still think Zimmerman is KKK, just think of what idiots will think in the future.

I dunno. Maybe they will view it as typical American witch-trial behavior, or maybe they will actually have developed some social opprobrium of the whole firearms/self-defense thing considering we'd all be plugged into the matrix by then. Wouldn't want to put money on either outcome over the other.

ben tillman said...

Emmett Till, 14, was murdered in Mississippi in 1955, reportedly after flirting with a white woman.


The Zimmerman ordeal reminds us that there is no reason whatsoever to think that what was reported is accurate. If we'd had the Internet in 1955, what do you think we might have learned?

Mr. Anon said...

"Matthew said...

"Did they mean this guy? Louis_Till. Oops, wrong Till. Kinda."

Um, WOW. Never knew that."

Yes, there are so many things I did not know about the whole civil-rights catechism - things that we were not supposed to know. To even know such things is to be a vile "hater". Like, for instance:

The Rosa Parks incident was staged. The white-man who demanded her seat was in on it, and the entire campaign was planned at the Highlander Folk School in Tennessee. When I was in school, it was always presented as a spontaneous act of civil disobedience by a tired seamstress, but it wasn't. Many years later, Rosa Parks was robbed and beaten (in her home) by Sherrif Clarke.....No actually she was robbed and beaten by a black drug addict.

Also, there is all the unflattering information that has come to light about Martin Luther King, which - though technically true (translation: it is actually true) - it would be in very bad taste to ever mention. MLK has been elevated to the status of saint (demigod, even) and saints cannot be plagiarizing, communist whore-mongers.

Anonymous said...

"The Rosa Parks incident was staged. The white-man who demanded her seat was in on it, and the entire campaign was planned at the Highlander Folk School in Tennessee."

Got any links for the above?

Mr. Anon said...

"Anonymous said...

""The Rosa Parks incident was staged. The white-man who demanded her seat was in on it, and the entire campaign was planned at the Highlander Folk School in Tennessee.""

Got any links for the above?"

Here's one. Others are not hard to find.

Highlander Folk School

Mind you, there is nothing illegal about what they did, or even wrong. But what really happened was not the fairy tale that we were all told.

Silver said...

"Forgive me for saying this, but Till's mother DID warn him to mind his p's and q's while visiting Mississippi."

These days it's our PCs and IQs that we are cautioned to mind. "You make sure you mind your PCs and IQs now, Jimmy. You don't want to bring down the wrath of TPTB on you for saying the 'wrong thing.'"

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Interesting Asian-Indian Christian conservative libertarian.


Sean said...

Emmitt Till's mother insisted that he whistled to conceal a stutter, which had been misunderstood; hence he had not even been flirting. The woman said that Till (who looked much older than his age, and she'd thought was an adult) came behind the counter of her shop, blocked her moving, grabbed her wrist, and then put his hands on her waist and simulated sex, and used obscene language. She left and a old black man bystander had told Till's relatives "you've got a crazy cousin". Till's companions correctly thought she had gone to get a gun. As Till was being driven away past the woman who was returning from her car after getting a pistol, he leaned out the car and loudly called her 'baby'. That is the origin of the legend that he merely flirted with her.

The woman kept quite about the incident, but local blacks didn't like the brash Till and told the husband and brother. They planned that Till would be given a severe beating, but in the event they couldn't break him down even with a pistol whipping; he kept saying "I'm as good as you". Till was killed because he would not apologise. It hardly needs to be said that such behaviour could have got him murdered by a black husband.

(By the way, Till's father was executed during WW2 for raping and murdering two Italian women).