July 19, 2013

Obama, Trayvon, and Hispapathy

From the NYT:
Obama Takes On Florida Killing and Race in U.S. 
... On Friday, reading an unusually personal, handwritten statement, Mr. Obama summed up his views with a single line: “Trayvon Martin could have been me 35 years ago.” ...
The White House’s original plan — for Mr. Obama to address the verdict in brief interviews on Tuesday with four Spanish-language television networks — was foiled when none of them asked about it.

Hispanic apathy strikes again!

The most underrated force in American life is Latino lethargy.

By the way, Hail dug up a poll reporting Hispanic views on the verdict: closer to white than black views.


Anonymous said...

First it was Barack Hussein's Obama possible son.

Now, it's him 35 years ago.

Talk about personal issues.

Jefferson said...

35 years ago ? Black males in the 1970s dressed differently from Trayvon No Limit Martin. As Rachel Jeantel would say, Trayvon was part of the new school.

Anonymous said...

Glad to know that Trayvon Martin is in command of the drone strikes.

Oprahfication said...

"Hispapathy?" Who of any racial affiliation will remember any specific points from today's masterly off-the-cuff presser--I laughed, I cried, it became a part of me--2 years from now? How about 2 months? I'm sure the finest political historians will recall that regardless of the substance the motivational speaker/soft-soaper was at the top of his game that glittering summer Friday, yesiree. This tent revival was the strongest evidence yet for absence of forthcoming DOJ charges.

Anonymous said...

Obama Rex, aka Narcissus I of America; the battleground of nausea and ennui.


Anonymous said...

And if my aunty had balls, she'd be my uncle.

Anonymous said...

Some interesting things that poll unearths:

25% of Democrats think that the media was biased against Zimmerman.

Hispanics appear to be less favorable to Zimmerman than white people. Not sure whether that is due to not sympathizing with a pardo Peruvian, empathy with criminals, or just general admission of not knowing much.

Hispanics tend to admit that they don't know much about these events. Black people may have less IQ, but they sure!

Anonymous said...

The White House’s original plan - for Mr. Obama to address the verdict in brief interviews on Tuesday with four Spanish-language television networks — was foiled when none of them asked about it.

This is almost surrealistic.

Can you imagine FDR [the cripple!] having to forgo his address to a joint session of Congress, on Monday, December 8, 1941, because the Congressmen and the Senators just couldn't be bothered to show up for work that day, and then FDR sitting around all week, fuming about it, and finally, in a fit of petulant rage, calling a press conference, on Thursday, December 11, 1941, and morosely muttering and mumbling his way through a handwritten copy of the "Day which Will Live in Infamy" speech?

Thomas said...

Do you think Obama has considered that, in terms of familial story and possibly ethnic blood quantum, he has more in common with George Zimmerman than he does with Trayvon? Both have one non-white immigrant and one White American parent. Zimmerman is about one-eighth black, with one black great-grandparent, which means that, unless Trayvon has significant white ancestry (certainly possible), half-white, half-black Obama has more in common with half-white, one-eighth black ZImmerman than he does with predominantly-black Trayvon.

Of course, Obama never spent any significant time anywhere near any African-American community until he was an adult. I wonder if he has had less contact with African Americans in his life than Martin has.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Barbara Ehrenreich on facebook.

52 minutes ago

"If you want to take the Trayvon Martin case out of the context of race, then you have to be willing to put George Zimmerman in the same category as Newtown's Adam Lanza: people who shoot other people's children"

Anonymous said...

So is Obama admitting he jumped a shorter Hispanic 35 years ago, broke his nose, slammed his head into the concrete, and was lucky enough to get away as his victim wasn't armed? If so then yes, he could have ended up like Martin.

Anonymous said...

I have an idear on how to save Detroit and reduce violence in black communities.

Indians got the casinos cuz of past injustice narrative. So, they get to cash in on vice but legally through rules and regulation.

Now, what is big business in the black community? Drugs. But it's unregulated and that makes it like the wild west.
So, how about we build drug markets in the black community where the thing is legalized/institutionalized and where the owners get to be blacks who forsake crime and follow rules and regulations?

Indians have their casinos, and black communities can have their drug dens. All legal too.

blogger said...

A kind of Sailiberalism seems to be at work among the white progs.

While white progs insist that Hispanics not be counted as whites, they sure did a number on Zimmerman by making him the 'bad white guy', subconsciously driving black rage over 'white privilege' onto an unprivileged brown guy.

Sailer says that if we get rid of affirmative action for Hispanics/browns, many of them will identify with whites.
Such identification is actually already the case in many blue liberal areas. Though browns may bitch about white conservatives, they are well allied with white liberals, ESPECIALLY AGAINST BLACKS.
After all, what do white liberals and browns fear most in cities? Blacks and black political power. Of course, white progs will say they love negroes and browns, and they will speak the rhetoric of 'people of color', but neither the white prog or brownie wants to live in a black ruled city with lots of blacks.
Indeed, despite their rhetoric, a white progs would rather move to a white conservative city than hang around a black-ruled Democratic one like scary Gary or Destroit. I'll bet a white prog would rather move to Salt Lake City than to black areas of Milwaukee, Miami, Los Angeles, or St. Louis.

So, even though white progs, browns, and blacks are politically united against white cons nationally, in blue areas white progs and browns are united against the blacks. If given the choice between white rule and black rule, browns will go with white rule. If given the choice between white progs or black mobs, browns will go with white progs, especially as most businesses in big cities are run and owned by white progs who do the hiring. Browns are not gonna find jobs from black businessmen. Black middle class focuses on government jobs.

Indeed, your average white prog will prefer a Zimmerman over a Trayvon any day. He will prefer to hire the likes of Zimmerman over the likes of Trayvon. He will prefer to have the likes of Zimmy as neighbor than the likes of Trayvon(or his trashy parents). Zimmy was no saint but he was a rather nice guy, in some ways even more upstanding than most 'white trash' types. Any business would prefer to hire Zimmy the Gent over Travy Train Wreck. Of course, this has long been a dirty secret of why white progs have been pushing for more 'diversity'. Officially, it is to fight the power of 'white racist conservatism', but it's because many cities have been saved by influx of yellows and browns who served as buffer between whites and blacks. Browns make docile workers for white progs, and yellows(and Arab) businessmen go into black areas to do business, something even white progs dare not do. Indeed, how many Apple stores are there in black areas? How many liberal cafes with wifi service open in a black area?

So, white progs know that browns will identify and side with whites against blacks. As white progs have so few babies, without the browns and yellows in big cities, it will be a case of be dwindling number of white progs and homos vs the rising tide of blacks. And blacks make bad workers cuz too many of them steal. And if you criticize them or try to fire them, they act like Omar Thorton or the angry black guy in CAR WASH. (By the way, the victims of Thorton were also Great White Defendants. Yes, our society is that sick. We had to wait a long time before it could be determined if they DESERVED to be murdered for 'racism'. And I don't believe Obama saying "I could have been Omar Thorton." Whether whites are getting killed or doing the killing--as a 'white hispanic'--, the burden of the guilt of 'racism' is on them. We speak of the Narrative but we need to speak of the Context as well. Even when whites are the ones who are killed, the context is supposed to make us sympathize with the black killer. You see, it was Jim Crow. So, Zimmerman case is like Zim Crow. And it won't be long before Truth complains about Whim Crow.)

blogger said...

Browns are the silent minority, blacks are the violent minority, and white progs prefer the silent minority.
But then, a kind of lion vs hyena factor is at work here as white progs favor blacks in other respects. In reality, lions more often attack and kill hyenas. Also, hyenas are better hunters, and they usually lose their kills to thieving lions. So, lions are really the thugs in the conflict between the two species. But in our popular consciousness, lions are noble and wonderful whereas hyenas are ugly and disgusting. White progs associate blacks with cool athletes, cool musicians, cool personalities; they are the lions. They see browns as Guillermo or lettuce pickers or dishwashers; they're the hyenas. And even though native Indians(ancestors of mestizos) suffered a lot more than blacks in the Americas, with some estimates saying that something like 50 million natives of South America and Mexico were decimated by Spanish/Portuguese diseases.
But Latinos, especially the non-white ones, don't interest the NPR crowd that prefer creative homos, intellectual Jews, and expressive Negroes.

Even so, outside sports and music(and maybe sex for some jungle fever white women and homos like andrew sullivan), Negroes are not much liked in big cities as your average Negro is no Marvin Gaye or Lebron James but some corrupt government worker or welfare leech or street punk.

So, politically, browns are the defacto fellow whites for white progs. Thus, a kind of Sailerism is at work here. White progs use browns as people of color against conservative whites but value browns as honorary whites against the blacks. But since blacks would be pissed if this truth came out, white progs push the narrative of 'oppressed browns and blacks as fellow people of color' allied with good-hearted white progs against those eeeeeeeeevil white conservatives who are 'racist' and 'xenophobic'.

Sailiberalism is the dirty secret of white progs.

Anonymous said...

Following the verdict, Zimmerman smiled a rather sweet smile of relief, but lib media are trying to twist it into the evil smile of a man who is gloating over having killed a black child.

Anonymous said...

If a white guy kills a brown guy, the narrative is 'white racist killed brown victim'.

If a brown guy kills a black guy, the narrative is 'white thug killed black innocent.'

Race may not be a myth but racial politics is indeed mythical.

dearieme said...

"an unusually personal, handwritten statement": in cursive, I presume?

Anonymous said...

Women generally fear young males, and feminism talks about male violence on women and even speak of 'war against women'.

Is this 'sexist' and 'ageist'?

Of course, feminism attacks old men too. Wow, such fear-mongering.

Any woman who shoots a rapist to death is a hatefilled killer.

Anonymous said...

Maybe we can blame feminism for the death of Trayvon.

All the crazy feminist rhetoric made people see MEN AS BAD GUYS. Now, which race is the most macho and masculine-oriented? Black race/community.
So, maybe in our feminized society, we are most fearful of those who are still into machismo, and that is why Zimmerman killed Trayvon.
Zimmerwoman felt threatened by Martin the Man.

Anonymous said...

First priority of Obama's comments yesterday: draw attention away from what would have been the #1 news story of the weekend--Issa's committee showed that the IRS scandal is now but a door or two away from the Oval Office, with the finger having been pointed at one of two Obama appointees at the IRS...clock ticking.

Anonymous said...

I was thinking several blacks had been killed by Mexicans in La, one was a football player and the Mexican illegal in La but because they were all Mexican and not part Mexican the national media ignored it. By the way, the next problem between blacks and Mexicans is going to be Houston since the US Census said the city black population grew by 20,000 and I think its near 22 or 23 percent versus about 41 percent for the Hispanics.

Jefferson said...

[QUOTE]All the crazy feminist rhetoric made people see MEN AS BAD GUYS.[/QUOTE]

Feminists only see White men as the bad guys. The feminist movement is very pro-Black male because they both share the same enemy which is the White man.

Anonymous said...

I read a very American Hispanic Ken Lopez Maddox define Martin over Zimmerman. Liberal people see the Negro as victim.

Spike Gomes said...

Zimmerman isn't a "Hispanic" per se. He's something like me, a white-acting mixed-race guy with somewhat citizenist values (one could say that Zimmy is the Dem pardo version of Steve in certain respects). Real Hispanics don't give a fart about him, and even if he were 100% Peruvian, he doesn't really fit it in with the sort of larger Hispanic subgroupings in America.

Now the manure will hit the fan between Hispanics and Blacks when an armed robbery goes wrong and a bunch of immigrant Mexican fast food employees are shot execution style in a storage room late at night by a couple of idiot gangbangers. I'm actually rather surprised something like that hasn't happened yet, since one or two of those kinds of robberies happen every year.

Anonymous said...

Barbara Ehrenreich
"If you want to take the Trayvon Martin case out of the context of race, then you have to be willing to put George Zimmerman in the same category as Newtown's Adam Lanza: people who shoot other people's children"

Isn't pretending a hispanic man is white and pretending the large teenager he shot is a cherubic twelve year old prima facie evidence of the media's desire to incite anti-white hatred and violence?

aunty em said...

"Anonymous said...
And if my aunty had balls, she'd be my uncle."

And she/he wouldn't provide you any cousins.

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