July 18, 2013

Summer fundraiser

By the way, I've got a VDARE.com article coming out later tonight on what the Zimmerman case illuminates about the politics of immigration. I may not stay up to post it, so, if you do, check over there.

As I've been suggesting for a long time, and as the events of the last week have confirmed, the dominant media mindset consists of large dollops of ignorance, rage, and deviousness. We need a new way of thinking about how the world works based on knowledge, a sense of humor, and honesty. I think that over the years I've got left, I can help forge one.

But I'll need your assistance, intellectual, psychological, and monetary.

So, first, you can make a tax deductible contribution via VDARE by clicking here.

Second, you can make a non-tax deductible contribution by credit card via WePay by clicking here

Third: You can mail a non-tax deductible donation to:

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Anonymous said...

On the subject of fundraising, Detroit has just declared bankruptcy.

Brazilian said...

I love you Steve but I'm poor, sorry.

Anonymous said...

Can I just send you a $20 bill to that address? I don't care what you spend it on. Please let me know...

Ray Sawhill said...

I get tons out of visiting Steve. Happy to send in some bucks -- all of us regulars should do it, no? In any case: Done.

Anonymous said...

I would like to donate, but I'm a grad student living on $400 a month after rent.

Reg Cæsar said...

You should consider offering "rewards" at particular donation plateaux, as do Kickstarter and PBS. Say, a print of a Baloo caricature of you for $35, a stuffed iSteve doll for $75, a private review of one's indie flick for $125, a bar-napkin psephological analysis of one's home Congressional district for $5000.

Oh, and about that Vdare.com article-- excellent, as always. But I wouldn't call getting fewer electors than Harry F Byrd, let alone John Hospers, "the strongest third-party run since Teddy Roosevelt". George Wallace deserves that title.

countenance said...

Sailer wrote in his V-Dare column:

Sean Trende told Brookings that the GOP might get up to 20 percent of the black vote someday. To me, that seems both implausible and unwise.

I respond:

Ann Coulter keeps saying that Romney got 20% of black men under 30, as if that's some sort of accomplishment. Here's why it isn't:

1. 80% of them still voted Obama. Where I come from, 80 against you to 20 for you is an avalanche defeat.

2. If 20% of black men under 30 voted for Romney, it means that of the five black men under 30 that actually voted, one of them voted for Romney. Yes, I'm being hyperbolic, but not very. As Sailer has noted, substantiated by my observations, black voters are disproportionately upper middle aged to elderly black women.

3. 20% of BM U-30 voting Romney doesn't mean that black men are taking up Ludwig Von Mises or The Book of Mormon. It's because they're military men, and Republicans promise to spend more on the military.

Now, back to Sailer's point, it's a good one. I wouldn't want to be part of a political party that did what it had to do and engaged in the kind of slimy pandering and groveling to get even 20% of the total black vote. It would be doing things and promising things that aren't in my best interest.

Anonymous said...

I'd love to donate, but my comments hardly ever make the cut!

blogger said...

"I'd love to donate, but my comments hardly ever make the cut!"

Make the check out to whim. Bribery never hurt.

Anonymous said...

Steve Sailer is a god. Rachel Jeantel just admitted that this was indeed a gay-bashing.


RUSH: Grab sound bites 23 and 24. I want to play the audio backup of something that relates to a point that I made earlier today, and that was something else that we learned from Rachel Jeantel on TV with Piers Morgan on Monday night. She inadvertently... Let's just review this very quickly. What she made clear was that Trayvon Martin thought that Zimmerman was a rapist, a -- a gay male predator. That's what she said. She told Trayvon to run, run, run 'cause the guy might be a rapist.

Trayvon was describing him to her. She said, "Well, you better run, Trayvon," and then she pointed out that Trayvon wasn't "that way," meaning he's not gay. And then she reminded everybody that Trayvon's little brother was at the house where he was staying and didn't want that predator following them home with the little baby there. So it wasn't racism. It was homophobia. Trayvon Martin was homophobic, as admitted to by Rachel Jeantel. She was not supposed to say that, and it didn't get picked up anywhere, after making the point yesterday.

Anonymous said...

Turn your parents onto Steve Sailer. Tell them that here's someone who's countering the anti-American Narrative.

Older folks are more likely to donate.

Anonymous said...

"the truth is that Hispanic immigrants are just not formidable people, individually or (especially) collectively."

This is true. Vast numbers of mestizos in all of Latin America never figured out how to overthrow the white elites. Asian Indians kicked out the Brits, hehe.

But then, Hispanic whites mixed with natives, so everyone is confused politically in Latin America. If whites had kept pure in Latin America, things might have been different.
But white in South Africa and India didn't mix with the natives(on any large scale), so the masses could unite behind native elites like Gandhi or Mandela.

Latino masses are mostly mestizo or mulatto, and they are confused.
Black politics developed in the US cuz race mixing was taboo mostly.
But in Latin America, there was too much gradations between native/black and white, so a unified sense of rebellion never developed. Mestizos were one giant buffer for the white elites.

Moshe Rudner said...

I agree with the kickstarter idea, it has rippling economic benefits beyond ensuring that our money gets utilized efficiently by allowing Steve top continue to be and produce what he is.

For now I'm willing to offer that anyone who donates at least $50 to Steve now can enjoy a scheduled conversation with me for 10 minutes on the subject of your interest.

Aside for being a dabbler in Race Realism I'm also something of a travelling anthropoligist and an ordained and practicing Orthodox Rabbi who recently published a 15 hour audio book on "Exotic Jewish History" which you can learn the basics about on my website www.exoticjewishhistory.com

{Written late night on a mobile so pardon the typos}

To return to the point, if you'd like to receive something unique and cool in exchange for your donation to Steve I'm offering a scheduled ten minute conversation with Rabbi and author Moshe Rudner. Just let Steve know that you're interested and he'll get in touch with me.

As an afterthought it comes to me that I can provide the istever community a special code for a discounted deal on the entire 15 hour audio course on Exotic Jewish History amd I can donate 20% of the profits to steve automatically. Your thoughts on the latter are appreciated. The original offer though is ready to go. Donate 50 to Steve, tell him of your interest in scheduling a 10 minute convo on the subject of your choice and Steve's got a kickstarter started!

Anonymous said...

Do you have a PayPal or Amazon tool? I am too damn lazy to open a new account with Wepay...

Anonymous said...

"We need a new way of thinking about how the world works based on knowledge, a sense of humor, and honesty."

Question: does Paul Kersey help this, or hinder it?

You I like. He skeeves me out.

a Newsreader said...

Steve, here's a story to file under "stuff you could have learned from Steve Sailer years ago".


Anonymous said...

It wasn't too bad. His speech did something to quell the psychosis coming from the black community and to reassure someone like me who am rubbing my eyes in disbelief (naïf I know).

But there's something about Obama when he's being all solemn that makes my skin crawl. He's at his most charismatic singing Al Green, dancing on Ellen or chewing the fat with Conan, more so than during his empty and populist speeches in my opinion. He couches what uncomfortable truth he has to say in circumlocutions like "not naive about" and buries it two or three ponderous subordinate clauses deep. A born politician.

By the way Steve, have you seen this soul sister Anderson Cooper had on tonight talking about the Zimmerman trial? Apparently she's Editorial Brand Manager at BET and a writer on 'urban' topics. A picture.