June 10, 2014

Donald Sterling makes the same mistake twice

Over at The Unz Review, I look into how Shelley Sterling asserted legal control of the Clippers.


Anonymous said...

Wouldn't Sterling's diagnosis and medical records generally have been confidential and also protected by physician patient privilege?

If so, it is possible that either someone leaked them improperly or that Sterling is in on this whole arrangement.

Sean said...

I thought some way would be found (there is always a way) to take the team away from him. Being rich didn't help him at all, did it?

" So, A. Either the tape everybody in the world is so outraged about was illegal or B. The tape was legally recorded because the octogenarian gave permission because he is going senile, and thus the whole planet is up in arms over what a senile man was coached into saying (which is pretty embarrassing for humanity. When’s the ship leaving for that Earth-like planet they just discovered? I think I want to be on it)."

Get To The Chopper.

Paul Ciotti said...

Would you happen to know why the district attorney here in LA isn't investigating V. Stiviano's apparent illegal recording of Donald Sterling? Is it simply that the D.A. feels that the DA feels she doesn't have to be a stickler for the law if the victim is a racist?