June 8, 2014

The Affordable Housing Racket

Over at The Unz Review, I posted on The Affordable Housing Racket.


Anonymous said...

Noah Smith on how to end racism: http://noahpinionblog.blogspot.com/2014/06/small-steps-toward-actually-ending.html?m=1

Anonymous said...

Well, I think with the Anaheim packing district that Anaheim will be the last for gentrification about 2 years ago the conservatives really nailed Anaheim over a riot with the cops but the city just has a lot of Mexicans very few blacks. The packing district is really geared toward whites and Mexicans born here. Also, Anaheim is building a transportation hub. Anaheim with the exception of Santa Ana is one of the few places in Orange County where you have public transportation work. There are some condo 4 stories being sold and Anaheim city has downpayment programs that are not just attracting 2nd and 3rd generation Mexicans but one white guy was interest. The schools suck unless its a charter school but people who don't have kids its not as bad. Also, Anaheim is a lot less multi-cultural even with the Mexican and Asian population than places that conservatives like like San Antonino or Houston because they are in Texas.

Anonymous said...

Well, we beat the drum on affordable housing instead what about avoiding the afor-American south. Data shows that in the US now the Northeast and the midwest are losing blacks while the south gains a little. Instead of what is the cheapest housing why not what is the area with the least blacks. Maybe, why Florida and Texas with their Latin Populations are beating the blacker south like South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia in some of the stats. The lowest unemployment rates are among whites and Asians. Hispanics come in second place and blacks last placed even expensive California is started to pick up in the job market, it keeps on losing the black population which means that unemployment is dropping except in the real Hispanic farm counties. LA got a lot ways to go but losing the black population and slowly the growth of the Hispanic population is gradually paying off. La Times Ca grows in jobs a little better than US Average. Hispanics have 7 percent unemployment rate and blacks 11 percent.