April 17, 2006

Are Mexican illegal immigrants compatible with Blue State norms?

A tax accountant writes:

One other thing about taxes and illegal aliens. The folks they are letting in, they are not going to be smart enough to actually comply with our complex tax laws and other regulatory obligations. So there is going to be an increase in the flouting of those laws. They also will not see the need of such regulatory burdens - why should they care about the environment, zoning laws, etc.

This is an important paradox. Liberal Blue State whites look down upon conservative Red State whites as low IQ morons incapable of functioning in a complex sophisticated society -- look at the vast popularity of the State IQ Hoax with which millions of Democrats have consoled themselves for their losses at the polls.

Liberal whites also view illegal immigration as a great way to stick it to those horrible conservative whites -- for example, here's James Wolcott of Vanity Fair giving us the view from the Conde Nast Building on illegal immigration -- but aren't they really sticking it to themselves?

For example, I kind of like the LA Times. It's fairly smart and very serious and high-minded, the ultimate non-tabloid. As Mickey Kaus complains, it's a boring newspaper, completely unrepresentative of the lurid mess that is Los Angeles, but, then, I'm a rather serious and high-minded reader, so I like it more than if it were the kind of "Uncle Tortures Tot with Hot Fork" tabloid that would be more appropriate for the population of 21st Century Los Angeles.

Obviously, by championing illegal immigration over the years, the newspaper has been destroying its own readership, by helping drive out middle class, literate, English-speaking Angelenos. The immigrants who are replacing them find it a snooze, if they can even read English, or read anything at all. Eventually, the LA Times will be read only by the wealthy living in the Hollywood Hills. But at least the LA Times will have stuck it to conservative white people! And isn't that what ultimately matters in the great status war among white Americans?

My impression is that Mexican immigrants assimilate more readily into white Texan culture, with its populist animus against high-falutin' high-brow norms, than they do into Blue State cultures.

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