April 22, 2006

Around the web:

- American immigrant in Mexico Fred Reed praises Mexico's sensible approach to immigration in contrast to America's.

- Noah on Gideon's Blog responds (belatedly) to a posting by me on Jews and immigration.

- In Reason, Ronald Bailey defends the new Schering-Plough clinical trial of a Hepatitis C drug even though African-Americans are excluded from taking part.

- Dr. Stat considers high school dropout rates in the light of IQ. He suggests:

"I also advocate an intermediate diploma, say at the 10th grade level, which would give people who otherwise "drop out" a reasonable and achievable goal, and remove from them the stigma of being classified a "drop out" when there are jobs they are perfectly capable of doing. What is so magical about 12 years of school? For some people, 8 is enough, for others, 10 would be enough. Doing this would stem the tide of dumbing down the high school curriculum in order to get more and more people, who are not intellectually qualified, through 12 years of school."

- Case closed! Guilty as charged! The NYT's umpteenth story on the Duke lacrosse goat rodeo comes with this headline sure to induce confidence in the Durham DA's case:

Second Stripper From Duke Party Offers Account

Kim Roberts said she initially doubted the story of her colleague, but now she is not so sure.

Lead & Gold offers more:

The second "dancer" is on probation for embezzlement. She was arrested in March for parole violation. On the day that the indictments were handed up, the DA signed off on a reduction of her bond.

Now she is talking to PR firms:

"I'm worried about letting this opportunity pass me by without making the best of it and was wondering if you had any advice as to how to spin this to my advantage."

We need a new term for hate crime hoaxes. How about "Crying Wolfe"?

A reader responds:

I agree that we need a term for these media fueled fake hate crimes. But i'd hate to see a great writer-- and maybe the most acute observer of post-war America- tarred with the association. Might i suggest:

Level One: For the original accuser-- Doing the Tawana

Level Two: When the usual suspects start mau-mauing for the cameras-- Pulling a Sharpton

Level Three: When it erupts into a perfect media storm-- the Full Jackson

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