April 21, 2006

The most famous sports team in the world?

The most famous sports team in the world? A reader writes:

Check out Google hits for "Duke lacrosse". They are topping 22,000,000, more than for "Dallas Cowboys" or "Manchester United" or "New York Yankees". lol... Is the Duke lacrosse team now the most famous sports team in the world?

News reports should come with labels that say:

"Warning: This news item represents basically the exact opposite of how the world actually works. We are making a big deal about this incident because it is a Man Bites Dog story that is interesting only because it is so unusual. If you rely on stories like this for useful information about the real world to help you live prudently and profitably, you will be sorry."

Obviously, a big reason the media (e.g., the NYT, which seldom deigns to give much coverage to local crimes, has run almost 20 articles on this North Carolina brouhaha) are gleefully repeating the allegations by the drunken black stripper / car thief that she was gang-raped by white athletes is because white-on-black gang rape is vanishingly rare in the United States. (In the FBI's annual National Crime Victims Survey, none of the approximately 10,000 black women surveyed from 2001 to 2003 reported being victims of a white gang rape.) In contrast, black-on-white gang rape is, apparently according to the NCVS, a much more than daily occurrence in this country (although small sample sizes for gang-rapes make it hard to be definitive about the size of the ratios). White-on-black single rapist crime, while not unknown, averages only 900 cases per year according to the FBI survey of victims. In contrast, there are 15,400 black-on-white single rapist crimes per year, according to the NCVS.

There should also be a sticker that says:

"Warning: Accusations against white male college students of race-based hate crimes frequently turn out to be hoaxes perpetrated by either minorities or by leftist whites. But we in the press don't consider this to be news, so you probably haven't heard of it."

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