April 19, 2006

The feminization of high school

I've been pointing out that the College Board severely underemphasizes military history on the AP U.S. history, which reflects a feminine bias in our high schools. Jay P. Greene of the Manhattan Institute has a new report out, Leaving Boys Behind: Public High School Graduation Rates, showing that only 70% of 9th graders graduate from high school within the expected four years, 65% of males, 72% of females. For whites, the graduation rates are 74% for boys and 79% for girls. For blacks, it's 48% for boys and 59% for girls. For Hispanics, its 49% and 58%.

Boy, that overall Hispanic graduation rate of 53% sure makes you feel good about our current immigration system and the plans that the American ruling class has to speed up even more our intake of Latin American peasants.

Here's an NYT article with a little bit about the controversy over dueling methodologies for calculating graduation rates, although not enough to come to a conclusion about which is better.

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