May 16, 2006

Ah, the sweet life in Latin America!

Real life is making the Brazilian gangster cult film "City of God" look like "Sesame Street."

Wave of Violence in Brazil Claims 133

By VIVIAN SEQUERA, AP, May 16, 2006

With guns drawn, plainclothes police in a suburb of South America's largest city stopped and frisked motorists in a hunt for gang members who set off a five-day wave of violence that left at least 133 dead by Tuesday.

The crime spree showed the strength of organized crime in the financial and industrial heart of Brazil, and it sent fear rippling through the metropolis of 18 million...

Using machine guns and grenades, gang members attacked dozens of police installations, burned scores of buses and vandalized 15 bank branches. Inmates took over 73 prisons and held more than 200 guards hostage. The violence finally ebbed Tuesday morning, but Sao Paulo residents said they were still stunned.

"It's a civil war," said Manuela Nascimento, a 24-year-old newsstand worker. "Now I leave my house scared and go to work scared."

I can't wait for the Senate immigration bill to pass so we can start importing more Latin Americans.

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