May 17, 2006

Electing a new people

Eunomia on the Senate Bill:

Not only does this wave the white flag on illegal immigration, which we assumed the Senate bill would do, but may as well have a prologue that says, 'We, the United States Senate, have determined to elect a new people.'" [More]

A reader suggests a political cartoon:

Bush is standing before a chart titled “The Xenophobian Mandate” on which are down trending graph lines titled "presidential approval," "spending approval," "Iraq approval," and "immigration approval," an up trending dashed line titled "xenophobia level," and one horizontal line bisecting them all titled "Xenophobian Mandate." Karl Rove: “And this is the beauty of the plan, Mr. President, there is a level of immigration at which you attain a moral mandate to import a new people.”

Meanwhile, PoliPundit writes:

As I’ve said before, The president’s approach to immigration is hard to counter because:

1. It’s bad in so many ways that it’s hard to list all of them

2. It’s deceptive in so many ways that it’s exhausting to point out all of them

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