May 16, 2006

Is Bush our first Latin American President?

A reader writes:

"Having spent some time in Latin American countries, one of my biggest fears regarding the current immigration issue has been that Latin-style political corruption will work its way into the U.S. However, when I look at the current administration I wonder if that hasn't already happened. In fact, I wonder if Texas' proximity to Mexico corrupted its political culture along time ago, hence our current president. People used to say that Bill Clinton was the first black president. Bush may very well be our first Latino president."

As New York Times correspondent Alan Riding wrote in his 1984 bestseller Distant Neighbors: A Portrait of the Mexicans, in Mexico, "[P]ublic life could be defined as the abuse of power to achieve wealth and the abuse of wealth to achieve power."

As I've been explaining since early 2001, The Bush dynasty has had extensive business, personal, and political ties to Mexico's ruling class, and at least two of Bushes's closest rich Mexican friends have been so corrupt or vicious -- even by the standards of Mexico -- that they've served long prison terms in Mexico.

Meanwhile, the President's politically ambitious nephew, George P. Bush, who is the son of Gov. Jeb Bush and his Mexican-born wife, will be old enough to run for President in 2012.

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