September 30, 2009

Tracey Ullman's Death Row weddings

Somebody asked if there's ever been a movie about Death Row weddings.

Here's Tracey Ullman's recent clip in which she plays the current Mrs. Wet Wipe Killer and the future Mrs. Tastee-Freez Rapist.

And here's an earlier Tracey Takes On in which fierce lawyeress Sydney Kross convinces meek bank teller Kay Clark to marry her Death Row penpal so Sydney can make an appeal for leniency.

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Anonymous said...

There's a good novel about a woman in love with a death row inmate: The Paperboy, by Pete Dexter.

Jorn said...

Reno 911 had a lengthy subplot about Trudy marrying the Truckee River Killer

Aaron said...

My first thought was that there had to have been one on My Name Is Earl, but then that probably wouldn't have been death row, just ordinary prison.

l said...

Is it wrong for me to assume that 'Sidney Kross' is Jewish?

Drawbacks said...

Amusing 'Nupticution' from 90s BBC news-spoof show The Day Today here.

Anonymous said...

It's not just women:

1. A play last year TERRA HAUTE dealt with Gore Vidal's supposedly sexual infatuation with Tim McVeigh (though Vidal lambasted it and the play was pure b.s.).

2. That Capote movie had him infatuated with the Klutter family killer.

3. The Laramie Project turns 10 this year and has a new epilogue based on the gay writer's extensive interviews with Matthew Shepard's killer. There was a story on yahoo yesterday about it where the writer talks about his feelings for the killer.

Cinco Jotas said...

I cannot be said enough, Tracey Ullman is a genius.

Anonymous said...

The Front Page must be the first, and best, film to have a death row romance at its centre.



Anonymous said...

What brought upon this interest? It's funny because I happened to be thinking about such women yesterday and it is not something I think about often.

I thought of this subject upon learning that an influential propaganda movie, "Roman Polanski: Wanted and Desired" had been directed by a woman. It seemed to me to be the ultimate prison love letter.

Whiskey said...

Oh yes, women in Hollywood love Polanski. Whoopi Goldberg opined on the View he was not guilty of "rape rape" and the audience exploded with applause.

Women will always support the Big Man.

Anonymous said...

It seems to me to be a Hollywood vs. everyone else divide; I don't detect a gender divide.

From here on out I hope Whoopi will be known as "Whoopi Rape Rape". She "clarified" her comments, but she seems truly ignorant of the victim repeatedly saying no, faking asthma, etc. As if that matters much anyway. OT, but my older sister used to teach classes to health care workers and other professionals about child abusers. The modus operandi of all of them is "buttering them up" and "intoxicating them". Physically and mentally induce the child to say, "yes".

Truth said...

"Women will always support the Big Man."

Even if he's 4'11.

ty said...

"It seems to me to be a Hollywood vs. everyone else divide; I don't detect a gender divide."

I agree - if you take a look at women's websites like Jezebel, the women there are practically frothing at the mouth with rage over Hollywood's support for Polanski.

general torpor said...

It's Hollywood, not women in general. Obama should be president of Hollywood. It's the only place he'd be worth a government check.

MaryJ said...

Oh yes, women in Hollywood love Polanski.
I'll bet the "men" who read the "Game" websites love Polanski too.