November 6, 2012

Marriage Gap around 20 points or greater, more than double the gender gap

The marriage gap is always a low priority when news websites put up their exit polls. Everybody knows that's not an important gap, not like the colossal gender gap, so nobody pays attention to it, so next time, the marriage gap isn't give much play either, and so forth and so on forever and ever amen.

After checking a number of outlets, I finally found that the Washington Post has an elegant exit poll demographics page that does have the data.

Romney v. Obama
Married Men: 60 - 38
Married Women 53 - 46
Non-Married Men 40 - 56
Non-Married Women 30 - 68

From this, just guesstimating, until somebody puts up the exact numbers:

Marrieds (both sexes): 56 - 42
Singles (both sexes): 35 - 62

So the marriage gap is around 20 points, maybe higher.

In contrast, the famous gender gap was apparently about 9 points, or less than half of the marriage gap.


jody said...

i've tried to explain this to people over and over. they don't get it. they think it's about "the war on women" or whatever the television tells them it's about. even fox analysts think it's about that, and are now wondering if the republicans should abandon all social issues. LOL. sorry to say, but these people are so dumb.

single women and single moms vote democrat. absent a man in their life, they look to the government to take care of them.

and it's only going to get worse, not better (sounds like all the demographic issues for conservatives). marriage rates keep going DOWN for all races. so what does that mean? it means more single women every election cycle. and what have we discovered about that? it means more democrat voters every 4 years.

strangely, even liberals, who understand HBD pretty well as it relates to politics, don't seem to get this one, and also stick with the "war on women" talking point.

Beefy Levinson said...

The Sailer Strategy strikes again. If people are unable or unwilling to form families, then they need the Beta in Chief to help feed their bastard children. I expect the Republicans will now be like the Tories: they'll promise to run the State more efficiently but that's it.

Tom Regan said...

Don't think its so much a marriage gap as it is a parenthood gap.
People who have kids and grandkids tend to worry about the imminent ruin of the US. Single people have no skin in the game, thinking that if they can inflict the economic apocalypse upon the next generation, great.

Kylie said...

"single women and single moms vote democrat. absent a man in their life, they look to the government to take care of them."

While smugly proclaiming that they are independent women who don't need a man to take care of them.

Silver said...

It's not just about needing the government to provide for you. People who don't marry tend to be the sort of dissolute narcissists (especially when they're white) to whom the entire array of liberal democrat policies, beliefs and values appeals. Personally, I think of them as "ideolusional." They're probably beyond saving. Conservatives shouldn't waste a minute worrying about what a mess they make of their own lives; the concern must be to prevent them making a mess of everyone elses too.

Anonymous said...

How much of this gap is just a generation gap though? The older skew more married and also more republican. Once you control for that how big is the gap?

Anonymous said...

Marriage is generally speaking, something that responsible, heterosexual people do.

Irresponsible people have children too, and those sorts tend to vote leftist.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the marriage gap heavily overlaps with the youth gap?

And starry eyed young voters vote overwhelmingly in favor of the Democrats.

Anonymous said...

"Maybe the marriage gap heavily overlaps with the youth gap?

And starry eyed young voters"

so instead of losing romance with spouse, it's losing it with state too.

Anonymous said...

Given that I feel the US may just have committed suicide last night, I'll make this brief.

The marriage gap simply doesn't mean much when there are as many unmarried women as married ones.

These unmarried vote overwhelmingly for Obama. (But lets not dwell on the fact they by definition voted for a massive influx of cultural groups into this country not exactly renowned for their support for women's rights)

Cail Corishev said...

Unmarried women aren't exactly known for their top-notch decision-making skills or their sharp vision of the future.

Abel said...

I'm a single woman.

Yet perfectly able to take care of myself without needing government nor husband to do so for me.

It's a strange kind of anti woman prejudice that insists we are incapable of taking care of ourselves. Something never said about single

Abel said...

We are.

Abel said...

And unmarried men?