June 28, 2013

Google Reader going away this weekend

If you use Google Reader to follow iSteve, you'll need to replace it right away.

Here are some current articles:
CNET: How to export your Google Reader data Google Reader will cease to exist after July 1. If you haven't migrated to another news reader yet, you only have a few days left before it's too late to export your data out of Google Reader.
Wired: Where to Move Your Google Reader Subscriptions, and How 
Slate: How to Survive the Google Reader Apocalypse: A flow chart of alternatives

Remember, there are only 30 days in June, so July 1st is Monday, not Tuesday.


Cail Corishev said...

I'm having pretty good luck with The Old Reader (theoldreader.com). It works very much like the way I used Google Reader, and it'll import your GR settings directly over. I think the only thing it didn't replicate was the order of the blogs in different categories, so I had to reorder some, but that wasn't a big deal.

Jeff said...

Hear, hear for The Old Reader, which unlike Feedly has a good search function.

Anne said...

OT, article at WSJ on CBO immigrant bill figures, here.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of things disappearing....

Pictures of Venus de Milo or 'The David'

Documents refering to talk about ammo & firearms sales also poltically incorrect topics

All these get your complete Microsoft Skydrive Account - deleted destroyed with No process, due or otherwise plus potentially any linked email and other accounts too.

Now Isn't That Special!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I have been using NewsBlur https://www.newsblur.com/ I think they still have free accounts. you don't have to log in using your Google account and it runs over https.

Yeah, avoid Skydrive, besides deleting your stuff for unknown content policy reasons, they will report you to FBI.

Props to Steve for continuing to allow anonymous comments, some of us are not free to speak under our real names.

Anonymous said...

Feedly has been working great for me. Seamlessly smooth transition from Google Reader.

Anonymous said...

I use Pulse, the smartphone app. It's easy.

Anonymous said...

The best google reader clone so far and it has just launched:


Plus, it is currently open source and you could run your own server.

Last day to have google reader stuff automatically migrated before they shut it down tomorrow.