November 6, 2008

I'm on the radio at 4:35 pm EST today (Thursday)

I'm on the Ron Smith show today (Thursday) on WBAL in Baltimore. I'll be talking about my new book (1.8 meg PDF file) among other things.

You can listen in live by clicking the "Listen Live" red button in the upper left of the screen. Times:

4:35 pm Easter

3:35 pm Central

2:35 pm Mountain

1:35 pm Pacific

800-767-WBAL to call in.

Ron's one of the smartest talk-show hosts out there. It's always a good conversation with Ron.

I'll see if I can get my voice in shape over the next hour to talk. It's real guttural-sounding right now.

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jan said...

10.35 pm central european time...

Anonymous said...

not what I would have guessed you sounded like.

Anonymous said...

When will John McCain's Viagra commercial appear?

Anonymous said...

good to hear you on the radio.

i think you should have a radio show. you just reading your posts would be better than anything on the radio.

you actually sounded just like i thought you would sound. i rode the bench in high school on the basketball team with a bunch of tall, uncoordinated white i basically spent a lot of time talking to dudes that sound exactly like you.

my high school was one of those ultra-competitive all boys catholic high schools, the ones that recruit inner city black kids to win basketball games in order to get the ultra-competitive irish-catholic alumni stockbrokers, traders, lawyers etc. to donate loads of money to the school and cheer on their team and watch their sons ride the bench.

Anonymous said...

Have you considered publishing AHBP as a mini-book? That way people will buy it thinking it's a cute rendition of a fairytale. Since it would be too small to read, they'd buy it for their children as stocking stuffers or to go in Easter baskets.

Anonymous said...

Can one hear it now, that is to say is it archived somewhere, couldnt see it on that site.