November 3, 2008

Wiki proofing new version of AHBP: Chapter 5. "Obama as a Man of Letters"

This is a comment thread for Chapter 5. "Obama as a Man of Letters" in the revised version of Steve Sailer's America's Half-Blood Prince: Barack Obama's "Story of Race and Inheritance" that was posted online 11/3/08:

In the comments below, feel free to list typos, errors, and other comments.

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Anonymous said...

p101 "John Le Carré", not "Le Carre", according to all his book covers.
p103 It'd be "pieds noirs", not "pied noirs" in French, wouldn't it? You could argue that you're pluralizing a French loan phrase - "pied noir" - in English, though, I guess.
p105 "put on the back shelf" sounds a bit odd to me. How about "pushed into the background", or "has a veil drawn over it", or whatever?
p106 Personally, I'd omit the quoted figure for Nixon's IQ as a distraction, especially since you don't have figures for Clinton or Obama.