November 3, 2008

Wiki proofing new version of AHBP: Chapter 11. Kenyan Climax

This is a comment thread for Chapter 11. Kenyan Climax in America's Half-Blood Prince: Barack Obama's "Story of Race and Inheritance."

Feel free to list typos, errors, and make other comments.

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Anonymous said...

Help me out here with some logic:

1. Sailer is God
2. God is infallible
3. Not publishing this book until after the election constitutes a mistake
4. But God doesn't make mistakes

What am I missing?

Kidding. But seriously, where is the win in publishing it after the fact? I guess it wasn't apparent 8-12 months ago that Obama would win and that the media would roll over for him this badly, still...

Anonymous said...

Release the book before the election and discussion of your book is dominated by the hysterical partisans and those who pander to them. With the election over your book is forgotten. So it only pays to publish an election season book if it's a lucrative partisan hack job.

Anonymous said...

I thought you'd have the anecdote about how Barack goes to Kenya and tut-tuts a relative about how ethnic differences are 'keeping them back', because from America they have no resonance. Highlights that he under appreciates that big problems have big roots.

Anonymous said...

p217 "he could have just ended it with him breaking down in tears" - if you were being stuffily correct that would be "with his breaking down in tears".