November 3, 2008

Wiki proofing AHBP: Index

This is a comment thread for chapters in America's Half-Blood Prince: Barack Obama's "Story of Race and Inheritance."

The Index is pretty messy compared to the rest of the book. If you're and expert on indexing in MS Word (I have 2007) feel free to comment on how to solve the glaring problems. Otherwise, though, don't bother proofing it.

Also, the absence of Barack Obama Jr. from the index is intentional. I hate indexes to biographies that are twice as long because there are ten pages of sub-entries under the title character.

Do feel free to look for the one infinite loop pair of joke entries modeled on Nabokov's index for Pale Fire.

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Anonymous said...

Not too important, but how about:
half-blood prince,
Harry Potter and the, 30
I don't know anything about Word 2007, unfortunately.