November 3, 2008

Wiki proofing new version of AHBP: Chapter 3. "Nightmare of a Father"

This is a comment thread for Chapter 3. "Nightmare of a Father" in the revised version of Steve Sailer's America's Half-Blood Prince: Barack Obama's "Story of Race and Inheritance" that was posted online 11/3/08:

In the comments below, feel free to list typos, errors, and other comments.

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Anonymous said...

p61 My 1935 Webster's Collegiate has "hangers-on" as the plural of "hanger-on".
p65 "Latin American" should be "Latin America".
I also have a minor quibble about your apparent inclusion of Arabs in the category "Asians".
p70 You have "Barrack [sic]" but later on "Barak" with no "[sic]"
Also, the quoted passage from Obama Sr. includes the slightly confusing "Marx referred to as [an? the?] advanced stage of capitalism".
p71 There seems to be a superfluous "that" in the first sentence of the Obama Sr. quote.
p78 When the Rev. Wright says "White folks greed", there's no apostrophe, but when you say it, there is. This may be deliberate.
Also, "exotophilic" is not in my (British) dictionary, but "erotomania" and "erotophobia" are, so I'd say it should be "exotophilic".

Anonymous said...

p78 I meant "exotophilic" rather than "exotiphilic", as you have it, if that's not clear.
By the way, it'd have been great if you'd managed to shoehorn The Economist's pun "L'├ętat, c'est Moi" in there somewhere.