August 9, 2013

Dr. James Thompson's Richwine / rich wine challenge

Four months ago, James Thompson made a challenge to the Ana Marie Cox-types hounding Jason Richwine out of work:
“So here is the challenge: a bottle of fine French wine sent to the first person who can show that Hispanic/Latino American intelligence and scholastic ability is on the same level as European American intelligence and scholastic ability. Data please.”

So far, the data has not been forthcoming.


Jehu said...

When pretty much the entire media apparatus is on your side, and you can't utterly destroy your opponents in open debate, you are almost certainly wrong. Anyone pretending to be 'smart' or 'bright' should recognize this. Richwine's opponents are dead wrong, this is why they limit themselves to obfuscation and personal attacks. How painful must it be for many of these second sigma members to know that uneducated rednecks are more likely to be correct than they on things that actually matter.

Unpersoned at iSteve said...

The Rube Goldberg ish logic underlying the conventional wisdom is, roughly, that

A) If it became socially acceptable to admit in public that blacks might have on average genetic advantages in jumping and sprinting; then

B) It might become acceptable to admit that maybe blacks have lower average IQs for genetic reasons; which would then

C) Let the gentiles find out that Jews might higher average IQs for genetic reasons; thus,

D) The goyim will come for us with their torches and pitchforks; and therefore,

E) We must just bury the whole topic in mindless kitsch to prevent A from ever happening.

Anonymous said...

"Mark Zuckerberg immigration group defends Paul Ryan"

"The arm of the Mark Zuckerberg-backed immigration reform group that focuses on conservatives is going on air in Milwaukee with a pro-reform spot defending Rep. Paul Ryan, POLITICO has learned.

Americans for a Conservative Direction bought roughly $350,000 worth of TV time targeted toward Ryan’s district, a source tracking the air wars said.
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That’s almost double what the anti-immigration Federation for American Immigration Reform is spending on 30-second spots accusing Ryan of backing “amnesty.”"

Anonymous said...

Media not calling him a 'white hispanic'.

Anonymous said...

Typical. If you're a billionaire, you'll find a billionaire excuse to scream 'racism'. So, she flies all the way to Switzerland and meets a woman who didn't know Oprah and that Oprah is loaded with cash... and that is Jim Crow in Europe.
It's like Obama has his own precious stories about 'encounters with racism'.

You can give these people all the money and power in the world, and they will still see everything in terms of 'racism', and Jews are no different. Notice Jewish power? That is the new Nazism.

The notion that blacks will stop bitching about 'racism' if we shower them with money, praise, and power is so much BS. They'll just find fancy/haute excuses to scream 'racism'.

There are so many people with serious problems and troubles in US and other parts of the world, but the great news of the day is some lady in Switzerland thought Oprah didn't have enough cash to buy a super-expensive purse.

Anonymous said...

haute hate.

Anonymous said...

I claim my prize.

There must be equality of scholars... because there is no Hispanic History Month.

Oh, b&*%$%%$$%!

Anonymous said...

People like Obama and Oprah got so far in life thanks to the money, support, connections, and etc, etc. of white people, but they never mention all the favors done them by whites. They ignore all that--and take it for granted, as if they are naturally owed everything from everyone around the world--and bitch and whine about incidents of 'racism'. So, what was the great trauma Obama supposedly suffered from 'white racism'? His white grandma was afraid of an aggressive black panhandler and some whites might have locked their cars long ago when he was doped high on drugs and looking like a fool.

Unanimous said...

James Thompson might as well drink that bottle of fine French wine before it turns into skunky vinegar. That prize will never be claimed.

Anonymous said...

Ana Marie Cox didn't hound anyone out of their work. She was late to the demagogic shoutfest and it was all essentially over.

Her primary role is to act as the support troops. Whatever the higher ups say, she parrots like a good dog. She just parrots.

The people who actually hounded him were newspaper editors, etc.

Anonymous said...

Her [Ana Marie Cox] primary role is to act as the support troops. Whatever the higher ups say, she parrots like a good dog. She just parrots.

Maybe, but just as he has been sacrificed on the alter of PC, its nice to see her held to account.

Harry Baldwin said...

Typical. If you're a billionaire, you'll find a billionaire excuse to scream 'racism'.

Oprah's gotten hip to the micro-aggression schtick.

Anonymous said...

Marc B said...

It's not easy to find empirical data that supports leftist policies.

Anonymous said...

Steve, perhaps you've already done this, but it would be cool if you had a "wall of stupidity" that keeps a list of the blatantly dumb things MSM journalists have said about IQ. With their mag or paper prominently identified. (Which MSM outlet collects the most dumbness? That sounds like something the MSM might report on; they don't mind eating their own. You could keep stats like in baseball.)

Of course, this might be an overwhelming project, but perhaps it could be built incrementally with reader's help. Who is ahead for the season?