August 9, 2013

From Drudge, a new flag


Anonymous said...

off topic but steve you'll love this -the UK's ten top tax cheats - i am surprised the BBC published their names and pictures... look at the enriching diversity!

Whiskey said...

The thing is, this is happening without any great violence or outcry. Back in the 80's and 90's -- the 1880's and 1890's, the anarchists and unionists were angry enough that they risked death by hanging or life imprisonment to kill plutocrats and aristocrats. One even tried to kill Henry Frick. [And failed btw.]

Today ... nothing.

Most Americans, and most White Americans, are just fine replacing the US with Mexico and having special, separate privileges for Mexicans as well as Blacks, Gays, Lesbians, and women.

Peter Brimelow wrote that "if only" in a column, lamenting the chance to produce politics and politicians favoring citizens over foreigners. But come the hour, come the man. In other words, if closed borders, and favoring citizens over foreigners were actually popular, various politicians locked out of the oligarchy would run with this. But it is not. Even those hurt badly by cheap Mexican labor and the Mexicanization of America, Blacks and working/middle class Whites, don't support citizens-first. Or expensive labor.

Most of America, and this includes most Whites, are sick of America as it existed and don't like the things that a White majority nation produced: technology, security, wealth, etc. They'd rather be in Mexico and being unwilling to move down there invited it up here.

Its an Open Borders World (but just for White countries). And White people would not have it any other way.

If Open Borders were unpopular, an ambitious but underfunded candidate on the outside, would have rode opposition to it as standard bearer for the Republican or Democratic Presidential Nomination: a Cory Booker or Ted Cruz or a Rand Paul or an Alec Baldwin. Heck desperate Weiner would have grabbed and tugged on that issue to spurt to the lead in the polls, if it were a vote-winner. [Sorry!]

It just isn't. White people are sick of White people and want to eliminate themselves.

Anonymous said...

Why is it still covered in the wrapping paper?


Naomi Klein said...

May I remind you that my book spent 18 weeks on the Canadian bestseller lists and influenced Radiohead

Harry Baldwin said...

As always, the press conference today (8/09/13) was a succession of pointless, mostly softball questions easily swatted away by the president. Why do journalists insist we need more press conferences when they never seem to have any worthwhile questions to ask anyway? It's as if they just crave face time with their hero. For example, here is a question on immigration from Scott Horsley:

Thank you, Mr. President. Part of the political logic behind immigration reform was the strong showing by Latino voters last November, you know. That doesn't seem to resonate with a lot of House Republicans, who represent overwhelmingly white districts. What other political leverage can you bring to bear to help move a bill in the house?

Wow, way to pitch one right over the plate, Scott! Did the White house write that one for you?

Here are some questions I would like to hear the president answer:

--Mr. President, more than four years into your presidency we are still suffering high unemployment, especially among our low-skilled workers. Can you explain why you want to give citizenship to tens of millions of low-skilled Mexicans who will compete with our existing labor force for what little work is available?

--Mr. President, you often point out the large companies in this country that were started by immigrants. However, all the companies you name were started by European or Asian immigrants. Can you give an example of a large company started by a Mexican, since Mexicans are by far our largest immigrant group?

--Mr. President, can you explain why you sicced your attorney general on Arizona for attempting to enforce immigration law, but you have done nothing about the numerous municipalities that have declared themselves sanctuary cities and openly flout immigration law?

--Mr. President, in your speech following the acquittal of George Zimmerman, you spoke about the wounded feelings of young black men when they hear car doors locked at their approach or see women clutching their purses tightly as they walk by. But isn't the fear underlying that behavior entirely justified by the appalling amount of crime perpetrated by young black men? Isn't their criminality the real problem, not the fact that people are afraid of them?

--Mr. President, you often extoll democracy as the proper form of government for all nations. Yet when your policies encounter resistance from congress, you threaten to go around it or enact them through executive decree. When you disdain the elected representatives of the people, aren't you showing your disdain for democracy and acting like a dictator?

Anonymous said...

Damn Steve- he got you there. That was solid. Actually he got us all there. That's why he's a multi millionaire.

Dan in DC

Anonymous said...

you know what's really funny about caplan's 'competition?" he really thought his 'free market' theories would produce a bulletproof argument for his theories .. instead he has to become a micro regulator of his website and comments posted therein

Anonymous said...

I like this one the best!

Anonymous said...

loco logo

cmc said...

Needs more red.

DCThrowback said...

Drudge is the man. His page is worth more than the Washington Post. Think about that for a second.

We live in interesting times.

@harrybaldwin - sign up for Conn Carroll's daily newsletter from the Washington Examiner, he had his list of 5 questions for the President today that were just as good as yours.

Anonymous said...

"off topic but steve you'll love this -the UK's ten top tax cheats - i am surprised the BBC published their names and pictures... look at the enriching diversity!"

This is hilarious. Have you not heard of the companies in the UK who pay 1% tax or in some cases 0% tax? The biggest tax cheats are white CEOs, but who are too smart/rich to get caught and instead just buys off all the politicians.

john marzan said...

we have a winner for caplan's open borders logo contest! hands down.

Harry Baldwin said...

DCThrowback said...@harrybaldwin - sign up for Conn Carroll's daily newsletter from the Washington Examiner, he had his list of 5 questions for the President today that were just as good as yours.

Thanks DCThrowback, but most of those questions
were of the type Obama can swat away fairly easily. The first two were actually asked at the press conference and failed to ruffle his feathers.

I'd like to see the list of questions John Derbyshire would ask.

Evil Sandmich said...

The Microsofts are way ahead in this. In Word 2010 if you go to insert clip art, and only select photos, the Mexican flag shows up about halfway down (probably equally ironically, the Brazilian flag is at the bottom). Posted a pic here: