August 8, 2013

Yet another Open Borders logo

Submitted by Andres Roca at the Open Borders logo contest Facebook page.

Song titles from the Kurt Cobain catalog appropriate for the Open Borders Movement:

"Come As You Are"
"All Apologies"
"Rape Me"


Anonymous said...

steve check this out:

DCThrowback said...

Pay the man.

IHTG said...

Oh my, that Facebook page is full of hilarious trolling.

Power Child said...

Nirvana song titles are a treasure trove for this:

"Negative Creep" (one of their best songs)
"Territorial Pissings" (in a sardonic way)
"Drain You"
"Stay Away"---oops, not that one
"On A Plain"
"Something in the Way"
"Endless Nameless" (the hidden track from Nevermind)
"Serve the Servants"
"Milk It"
"Mexican Seafood"
"I Hate Myself and Want to Die"