April 8, 2014

Aunt Zeituni: The worst asylum excuse of all time

From the NYT:
Zeituni Onyango, Obama’s Aunt From Kenya, Dies at 61 

BOSTON — Zeituni Onyango, President Obama’s Kenyan-born aunt, who received asylum in the United States in 2010 after years of living illegally in Boston, died on Tuesday in a rehabilitation home here. She was 61. 
Her death was confirmed by Margaret Wong, a Cleveland lawyer who represented Ms. Onyango in her immigration case. She said that Ms. Onyango had cancer and respiratory problems. 
Ms. Onyango was the stepsister of Mr. Obama’s father. 
Ms. Onyango moved to South Boston on a valid visa in 2000 and sought political asylum in 2002. It was denied in 2004, and she was ordered to leave the country, but she refused. 
She was living in relative anonymity in Boston until just before the 2008 presidential election, when her illegal status was reported by The Associated Press. The Times of London found her in what it described as “run-down public housing.” ...
To escape media scrutiny, Ms. Onyango moved to Cleveland, where the Kenyan community took her in, said Ms. Wong, who helped her obtain a green card. 
In seeking asylum for Ms. Onyango, Ms. Wong argued that if she were forced to return to Kenya she would face undue attention and perhaps danger because of her nephew’s fame. To be granted asylum, people must show that they would face persecution in their home countries. 

Oh boy ...
In Boston, Judge Leonard Shapiro granted Ms. Onyango asylum in 2010. She died before being granted citizenship. 

Aunt Zeituni's reason for getting asylum may even top Ibragim Todashev's, which was more or less: My dad back home in Russia is only three levels down the org chart from Vladimir Putin, so if the 82nd Airborne ever installs Masha Gessen in the Kremlin to bring Russia democracy, good and hard, well, our family could face repercussions.


Anonymous said...

I propose we in the isteve comments forum and the alternative right, setup a petition to the white house for an honorary citizenship for Aunt Zeituni.

Its the least we can do.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it odd how these broken-family tortured-childhood megalomaniacal sociopaths, like William Jefferson Blythe IV and Li'l Barry Soetoro Dunham Marshall Davis don't want anything to do with their ostensible blood relatives?

If I came to discover that I had a relative like that, then I'd walk over broken glass to reach out to them and make their acquaintance.

PS: "Shapiro", that's like, what, an Amish name? Help me out here. Whiskey? Anyone?

PPS: Flashback to the all-time funniest comment in the entire history of the iSteve-o-Sphere, "Oh HELL NO! OH HELL NO!!! Not in MY house that I paid for with my backbreaking work as a community outreach professional! You know how much outreach I had to do to get this place lookin' all nice,and you want some no-account headhunter comin in here..."

Anonymous said...

Will Aunt Zeituni have the pleasure of being eulogized by Obama? Will there be references to an ice maker?

Anonymous said...

steve, it's the 82nd, not the 182nd. Feel free not to post this

Leonard Shapiro said...

In Boston, Judge Leonard Shapiro granted Ms. Onyango asylum in 2010.

Is Immigration Really A “Jewish Value”?

Felix M said...

So Aunt Zeituni was living in sub-standard housing. Given the value of family connections in African culture, couldn't the Prez have found her a spare room in his current free public housing?

Anonymous said...

"In Boston, Judge Leonard Shapiro granted Ms. Onyango asylum in 2010"


Anonymous said...

I would be curious to know just how much money she cost the American taxpayer from start to finish? I an assuming she never contributed anything to the national coffers.

Anonymous said...

"Is immigration really a Jewish value"?

I would say more like a TOOL to advance Jewish interests; Diversity abroad, where Jews are a small minority, Jewish-only in Israel where they are a majority.

The real trick has been Jewish success in selling this hypocrisy to so many dim-witted folks.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure Judge Shapiro would be equally happy to grant asylum in the nuclear fortress shtetl by the sea.