April 6, 2014

Pax Dickinson on World War G

From Twitter last summer:
at least if we end up getting into a nuclear standoff with Russia over gay rights we'll know this universe is just a satirical simulation 
— Pax Dickinson (@paxdickinson) July 31, 2013


Anonymous said...


Americans are tired of foreign adventures, even when it involves 'the next Rawanda'.

I haven't heard of Pussy Riot since the Olympics.

Americans like to hector other countries about human rights until they have something real to concern themselves over.

Russia is acting naughty and China is eying the various disputed islands.

Real enough to give the public something to at least think about. Other than WWG.

I hope.

Anonymous said...

Before Pax Dickinson got his Clockwork Orange, his twitterfeed brought the laughs.

He probably figured it wasn't worth the fuss.

Arch Conservative said...

Brendan Eich's twitter feed is now private. You have to ask permission to be allowed on the island. I suspect it was bombarded by the lovely people on the left.

I cannot express how disgusted I am.

The only thing that will stop this, short of economic collapse, is if the US is encircled by a Russia/China alliance (with client states), and is shamed in the public arena. Throw the LGBT imperialists out of every third world country.

They helped bring about the AIDs crisis in Africa with their crazy condom programs.

Anonymous said...

Mildly amusing but not theologically sound.

Bud said...

If Obama appoints a black Jewish lesbian in a wheelchair as SecDef, expect Total War

Naren said...

Eich, to my knowledge is the first member of the tribe to get Derbyshired over something doubleplusungood.

Is this a zeitgeist, that even the Scots Irish now cannot question the narrative, or at least the gay narrative, no matter how insane it becomes? If so, this could lead to some interesting developments.

Maybe what happened to Eich is good- if its getting to this point, the insanity is going to collapse soon, because the left's little ragtag band with nothing in common will finally tear itself apart.

Steve Sailer said...

Larry Summers 2005

Crandall said...

"Americans are tired of foreign adventures, even when it involves 'the next Rawanda'."

I sure am. I find it really hard to hold back when liberals start spouting off about bullshit like Darfur.

How about this? Let the Hispanics prove their support for the US by going there and fighting it out. Better yet, let them take it over and stay.

Naren said...

"Larry Summers 2005"

Ah, crap... so much for that one

Anonymous said...

"They helped bring about the AIDs crisis in Africa with their crazy condom programs."

And gay sex tourism. Buggery almost wiped them out. But they've bounced back.

Cail Corishev said...

I was listening to an old Sam Kinison show the other day, and was reminded just how much things have changed. He did a bit about AIDS wherein he said something like, "Thanks, guys. Your own a--h----s weren't interesting enough for you, so you had to go over to Africa, f--- some monkeys, and bring us back the Black Plague of the 80s. Thanks!" (Of course, that was back when people still believed AIDS was going to sweep through the heterosexual community Any Day Now.)

People protested against him, of course, but it didn't hurt his popularity much. Now it's hard to imagine any comedian even going there. Now anything less than ringing endorsement is grounds for purging.

Sean said...

A nuclear standoff is no deterrent to conventional war. As we know from all the money spent on tanks in the cold war.

We need to apply a bit of ... pressure. A good old fashioned conventional build up in Ukraine by NATO (including military freeloading Germany) is the only way to stop Putin expanding further which he is being drawn into doing by western passivity. Russia has poor quality armed forces and if push came to shove NATO would crush any Russian invasion.