April 19, 2013

A reader in Cambridge, MA writes:

From the iSteve comments:
LiveInCambridge said... 
Been listening to Boston PD police scanner. Suspects identified as Michael Mulugeta (dead, black hat suspect), Sunil Tripathi (at large, white hat suspect). 
I live in Cambridge. I have been following since about 10:30 PM EST, when the MIT shooting kicked off. Heard the explosions in Watertown from Cambridge. 
Current situation (4 AM local) is that the police are holding a perimeter around the suspect, and waiting for daylight.

ST would be the missing Brown U. student whose father is a prominent IT entrepreneur.

That's assuming the cops and the various intermediaries got this right. That's a big if. Do terrorists carry proper ID?

MM sounds like an Italian name to my tin ear, but most of the people on Facebook with that name are Ethiopians. (Something to do with the Italian conquest of Ethiopia in 1936? Update: Ras Mulugeta Yeggazu was commander of the Ethiopian Central Army and killed in the retreat in 1936. Okay, I'm getting off track here.) Or, they are Eritreans.

Does Suspect No. 1 look Ethiopian? I don't know ... He kind of looks more like, I don't know, Nicholas Cage than Haile Gebrsellaise. Maybe his mom isn't Ethiopian?

My apologies to all the Michael Mulugetas out there if this lead turns out wrong. It looks like there are 300 or more Mulugetas on Facebook, so don't assume that guy you know with that name is Suspect No. 1. This could all be wrong.

If Suspect No. 1 is Ethiopian that might explain something about the targeting of the Boston Marathon. Ethiopia and Kenya are the world's leading marathon rivals. Kenya traditionally dominates the Boston Marathon. Since 2002, the Kenyans have won 9 Boston Marathons and the Ethiopians 3 in the men's open division. The ratios in the women's division are similar.

Update: NBC says two suspect have "foreign military training." NBC is making it sound like they came here from abroad a year ago. But ST is a Philadelphia Eagles fan because his father's company is in the Philly area. Or maybe the whole ID of ST and MM is wrong?

The last name of ST is a prominent Indian Brahmin name. Some Ethiopians are Christians, others Muslims, and kind of vice-versa for Eritrea. But, I don't know how confident we can be in these names in the first place, so it's probably not worthwhile to research these names at this point because I'm not sure if we can trust them yet.

We shall see ...

The events seem kind of reminiscent of the Pakistani attack on Bombay in 2008.

From another source I found on the Internet, here's video taken by somebody in Cambridge at about 1am EDT of all the police cars in the world racing by.


confused said...

The white hat suspects looks super Italian in the most recent images. He's clearly some kind of white-middle eastern hybrid (i.e. Italian, Jewish, Turkish)

Dennis Dale said...

Ethiopians look black to Westerners--some of them have that distinctive horn-of-Africa look around the eyes and with a higher forehead (think the model Iman).
We have a Christian Ethiopian community around here and I've never seen a Caucasoid type among them like the black-hat suspect.

Col. Reb Sez said...

Sunil Tripathi is apparently Indian. So now my question. Are there many Muslim Indians or did they all become Pakistanis?


Charlesz Martel said...

There are 160 million Muslims in India. You really didn't think the "religion of peace" would really self-deport to Pakistan when they had the option of screwing up another country, did you?

There's a reason my namesake did what he did TI save the West.

stari_momak said...

"Are there many Muslim Indians"

Yes, 200 million, largest Muslim population in the world. But none of them would be named Sunil Tripathi.

Anonymous said...

So no one is going to mention how the "enhanced" photos newly released, look "whitened"?

The interweb rumors say they will use this incident to campaign limiting sales of reloading powder.

Anonymous said...

The interweb rumors say they will use this incident to campaign limiting sales of reloading powder.

Why not immigration and pressure cookers, or hydrogen peroxide?

Anonymous said...

Nope, largest Muslim population is in Indonesia.
Thanks for playing.