April 16, 2013

Whites and Guns

From my new Taki's column on "Guns and Whites:"
Age-adjusted homicide victimization rates from the Center for Disease Control.

Read the whole thing there. I included a list of celebrities who have New York City "concealed carry" permits.


Whiskey said...

Steve, if Liberal Coastal rich Whites wanted to disarm Blacks and Hispanics, they could already do so. In fact, they do not, as Nicholas Stix reports, the primary purpose of Blacks and Hispanics is to cleanse most cities of middle/working class Whites and enable a few rich Whites to rule in combination with a few tribunes of the Black and Brown voters.

The intention is disarm and make helpless, and thus easy victims, ordinary Whites. In rural and southern and Western areas, as well as NYC.

Heck NYC itself is looking at the end of stop-and-frisk. What will happen is the city will be a free to rob zone for all but the connected with bodyguards. There is no way stop-and-frisk survives in the current legal climate and with the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

And no, someone defending themselves from a violent attack will not mow down masses of civilians. I have said this before, Steve, because of your size/intimidation factor, you miss the intrinsic desirability of guns; it equalizes things; and those with that height advantage are functionally nearly the same as those who have big burly bodyguards.

Disarmed people are slaves, nothing more, and that is the whole purpose of Bloomberg.

Svigor said...

Funny, I read this duplicitous bit of propaganda and went on a statistics-gathering tear of my own. I don't see any way of commenting there, so I'm going to have to settle for posting my reply to my blog. I'll drop a link here when I've published it.

Suffice it to say, the murder rates by state, murder rates by race and state, and rankings of states by strictness of gun laws do not bear out his argument.

Whiskey said...

Let me add, if Bloomberg and Emmanuel in Chicago wanted to curb the Black predator rate, they could run sweeps consistently through both target areas (such as the Miracle Mile) and target predators (those with long records who continue to be suspects in violent crimes). They could use "Project Exile" to send up to the distant Federal Pens said target ex-cons on gun charges, and by sending the top 20% of violent felons off to distant and unpleasant facilities with no homies or friends to provide support and protection, send an unmistakable message.

Sending that message, and controlling crime, however would have deep, DEEP political costs. It would upset Black and Hispanic voters, La Raza, Louis Farrakhan, the Urban League, the NAACP, Barack Obama, Eric Holder, and more.

Instead White elites do a ghost dance (akin to that of critics here blaming "the Jews" for everything) because they cannot face reality: the bargain struck, encouraging and helping White ethnic cleansing of Chicago, NYC, etc. ends up in Detroit or Cleveland territory. No other. Yes of course they wish to disarm and make easy marks other Whites not possessing the right amounts of wealth and class. But they cannot deal with reality either.

Mr. Anon said...

"Who wants do-it-yourself crimefighters blazing away at bad guys but probably plugging random pedestrians instead when the NYPD’s response time to critical incidents is under five minutes?"

Or, rather: Who wants do-it-yourself crimefighters blazing away at bad guys but probably plugging random pedestrians instead when instead:

NYPD shoots innocent bystanders

Anonymous said...

Didn't read the article, but did they happen to allude to us buying guns to compensate for our tiny white genitalia?

Anonymous said...

"at least below the Bobby De Niro level of A-listness"

That's a great line, along with "If your little town can’t afford New York’s 34,500 uniformed officers, well, you should have chosen your level of wealth more wisely."

Some classic iSteve goodness here.

Anonymous said...

Whiskey, interesting new "ghost dance" meme. Is it really relevant?

The Ghost Dance was created in the late 1800s. Supposedly the population of American Indians was originally around 1.5 million in the USA, and dropped to 350k in 1920. By contrast, in 1900 the US population was 76 million.


White Americans are still the majority and most have not even gotten ornery yet because we still have food on the table. We are very well armed, and constitute a large part of the military. In wars we fight as well as any race on earth.

If we get collectively pissed off it won't look anything like Wounded Knee. I'm not sure what it would look like. I would look for Civil Wars for example, maybe the US Civil War or the English Civil Wars. Just as likely to be bloodless though.

You do have a point that noticing conspiracies is not generally going to affect TPTB. For example, both you and I can see that WTC 7 came down at near freefall speed, which was only possible with pre-planted charges throughout the building, which would have been impossible to plant with several federal agencies having their offices there. Pointing that out is not going to change anything at all. Life will go on, there will be no revolution.

On the other hand, it is useful to get an idea of how the world works. It's easier to predict things, for one. It also makes it easier to formulate strategy.

NLA said...

I wonder how much of this native-born STEM shortage is the result of the government taking over student loans and handing out easy money to naive 18 year-olds to enroll in some bs major. Since private banks would never take the risk of giving out so much money for ridiculous majors, students would be forced to either go into the labor market or switch to a useful but harder major. Many of those waiters with liberal arts graduate degrees probably have the talent to succeed in STEM fields but were incentivized to take the path of least resistance.

It works out well, though, for the pseudo-intellectual professors whose command-economy jobs exist solely as the result of government intervention. No manual labor for them. Ditto the vast network of Diversity employees and other administrative parasites who reap the rewards of huge tuition inflation. And when the students default on their loans, the taxpayer ends up paying the salaries for these clowns.

Anonymous said...

BLoomberg is the 'best':
The New York Times first reported of this disparity in 2010, stating that the mayor uses taxpayer dollars to pay for two armed city officers to accompany him on get-away jaunts to Bermuda. But before he can fly them in, he has to obtain special permission so they can keep their guns: Bermuda is so anti-gun that even its own police force isn’t armed,

Anonymous said...

Bloomberg and Emmanuel... blaming "the Jews" for everything...

Whiskey, give up.


Just give up.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if the fact that whites are much more likely to commit suicide could explain the black-white mortality crossover?

Svigor said...

Didn't read the article, but did they happen to allude to us buying guns to compensate for our tiny white genitalia?

God I had fun in that comments thread. I should go back and see if my in-kind responses about (many!) Jewish men and their insecurities are still there.

Svigor said...

Steve, I know you might be playing some psych game I don't fathom, but I still have to say I'm not buying this one.

If it's just about disarming blacks and browns, then why are libs insisting on federal disarmament? Doing it at the local level would be a way to keep everyone happy. Urban whites could disarm their local NAMs, and have another weapon in the broken windows arsenal (it's even easier to catch a thug with an illegal weapon than it is to catch him with illegal drugs); suburban whites could keep their guns. Everybody wins.

And why go after semi-auto rifles? They're a non-issue in cities. What lib interest does grabbing them serve? To crush their enemies, see them driven before you, and hear the lamentation of the women, that's what. To sodomize law-abiding, rural, red-state white men, that's what.

I also don't buy your persistent "everybody knows dogs bite men" thing. Libs will deny to your face that blacks commit more crime. The ones who aren't ignorant of the racial aspects of crime wave them away with tales of racist police forces.

Sure, maybe Bloomberg is honest to himself about it, and a significant fraction of liberals undoubtedly is, too. That doesn't amount to "everybody knows."

Svigor said...

Whiskey, Jews hate Hate HATE guns more than any other demographic in America. They openly brag about how they're leading the gun-grabbing movement. Anybody who puts "Jews gun control" into G**gle knows Jews are the vanguard of gun control.

It's almost like you drag them into the discussion so I'll slap them around for you...

countenance said...

Crossposted from my comment on this article at Taki:


Daily Kenn noted that Boston had some 300 murders last year. (NOTE: Turns out to be 300 murders since 2008.) SBPDL noted that this past weekend in Chicago in terms of dead and injured was fairly comparable to the Boston Massacre. Yet media is 24/7 Boston Massacre. Must not notice black crime.

Sailer writes:

White liberals appear to be frustrated that white conservatives don’t help them disarm dangerous urban minorities who depress their property values. Sure, the Second Amendment was all very fine in 1791, but we need political assistance taking guns away from black and brown gangs.

I respond:

"White conservatives" (NRA and otherwise) ARE quietly doing just that. First off, virtually everyone agrees with felon in possession laws, and second, the NRA has helped design enforcement putsches of these laws in big (hint: black) cities. But who is first in line to whine and moan about this? The Congressional Black Caucus.

Also, even if you disarm blacks of guns, that solves only about 1% of the problem and leaves the other 99%. Blacks can use their own fists and feet as deadly weapon, and also their gang/group mentality. I remember in the early days of the Council of Conservative Citizens national website. An article appeared on it authored by one Jennifer Passiamore (sp?), which stated that even if all firearms and deadly weapons were suddenly to disappear from this world, and people lost the ability to re-invent them, white people would be at a big disadvantage in the "new world," because of blacks' propensity to gang up and whites' propensity not to and to be atomistic individuals. She then made the case that whites would not reciprocate by ganging up themselves.

Anonymous said...

No mention of race here but it is Oakland ...

Paul Mendez said...

FROM THE TAKI ARTICLE: "This isn’t widely recognized because so many gun suicides are old men with terminal diseases who decide to take the quick way out, even if it leaves an awful mess for their womenfolk to clean up."

I've known 3 suicides in my 56 years. One was a depressed college student who hung himself, and that was sad and unnecessary.

The other two were terminally ill adults facing an indeterminate future of terrible pain and depression who shot themselves. Not only can I not blame either, but I'll always have a gun stashed somewhere nobody else can find it in case I ever find myself in similar circumstances.

BTW -- one guy shot himself in the back yard (the neighborhood joke was that if he had shot himself inside the house his wife, who was a real clean freak, would have KILLED him.) The other waited until his family was out of the house, called the cops and told them what he was going to do, and then shot himself when they arrived at the scene.

So, there is such thing as suicide etiquette.

Baloo said...

Steve, your White dichotomy seems to be an essential insight for explaining this damn mess. Anyhow, I've linked and all the usual here:

Paul Kirchner said...

Whiskey said...I have said this before, Steve, because of your size/intimidation factor . . .

This is probably the first time that anyone has described Steve as intimidating.

Mr. Anon said...

For example, both you and I can see that WTC 7 came down at near freefall speed, which was only possible with pre-planted charges throughout the building,...."

No, it isn't. But, hey, don't let reality get in the way of a good conspiracy theory, especially one that makes you feel smarter than you are.