April 16, 2013

Downes Syndrome

Highlighted in the New York Times right now is a quickie by their immigration editorialist Lawrence Downes, a favorite mouthpiece for the views of world's richest man Carlos Slim, who owns 8% of the NYT, on why there should be massive numbers of phone calls between America and Mexico (which Slim is happy to provide, at his monopolistic markup):
How Not to React to Boston 
The marathon bombings are no reason to halt immigration reform.

No matter what happens, just keep repeating: The Grand Strategy of the Bush Administration -- Invade the World, Invite the World, In Hock to the World -- hasn't failed; it just hasn't been fully tried yet!


countenance said...

A bombing (perhaps) done at the hands of a non-white here on a legal immigrant student visa, according to the media:

The fault of:

1. Guns
2. Not having an ATF director
3. Senate Republicans
4. The sequester
5. The Federal government not spending enough money
6. Too few cameras
7. Ronald Reagan
8. White right wingers of any sort
9. The pensions of first responders not being big enough

NOT the fault of:

1. Immigration

Matthew said...

Prediction: the perpetrator(s) will be here on an expired student visa. He will have been stopped for a moving violation sometime in the last few months, when the police did not bother to check his immigration status, because that would be mean. President Obama, the Gang of Eight and the Lamestream Media will then proceed to tell us that this proves why we need to have "comprehensive immigration reform" so that we can bring all of these undocumented terrorists "out of the shadows."

The fact that he could have been stopped with 287(g) in place will be ignored. The fact that we have no entry/exit system in place despite Congress mandating it 6 times in the last 17 years will be ignored.

You read it here first.

RKU said...

This whole "Carlos Slim, secret immigration-puppetmaster of The New York Times" seems totally ridiculous to me.

Slim put some money into the NYT just a few years ago, but the NYT has been strongly pro-immigration for 40, 50, 60 years---maybe forever. And all the other big media groups and newspapers are *just* as pro-immigration as the NYT---does Slim secretly own all of them as well?

If you're trying to avoid having people ridicule you for "crazy conspiracy theories" all this Slim/NYT stuff really isn't helping...

Anonymous said...

Reply to countenance:

10. Any and all white people.

Don't you know when a non-white does something bad, it is always the fault of white people? When Omar Thornton killed a bunch of white people, all that mattered was that he felt "victimised by racism". When 800,000-1,000,000 black people in Rwanda were killed by other black people in Rwanda, it was white people and the west's "fault". You see we didn't stop it in time, so its "our" fault. Never mind that we would have had to have killed some black people to stop it (which would also have been "our" fault.) Never mind that Japan or South Korea never felt any need to do anything about it, or post-angst for such views. It always whitey's fault. Colored people, especially black ones, are always innocent.

You got that!

Anonymous said...

Some quotes from the article:

"latched on to the marathon bombings as a reason to halt immigration reform."

"we need...reform"

"come at time of great hope for supporters of immigration reform. The first actual comprehensive-reform bill in years is about to be debated."

"It would compound yesterday’s tragedy if the push for desperately needed immigration reform..."

"Immigration reform..."

There, see? What could be plainer? It's not about invasion by illegals, it's REFORM! Now get that through your head!

Steve Sailer said...

The NYT editorial board was anti-amnesty when I started writing about immigration in 2000:

“Amnesty would undermine the integrity of the country's immigration laws and would depress the wages of its lowest-paid native-born workers. … The primary problem with amnesties is that they beget more illegal immigration. … It is also unfair to unskilled workers already in the United States.”
[Hasty Call for Amnesty, February 22, 2000]


Anonymous said...

RKU, you obviously weren't around when they were routinely publishing anti-NAFTA editorials.

Anonymous said...

NYT was against amnesty in 2000? The past really is another country.

We should invite the editorial board back to do the job that current one won't do... For less money!

Anonymous said...

Luckily, the Marathon Bombing will be a Federal case.

We have one of our vibrant citizens on trial now for murder. Nicolas Guaman, illegal Ecuadorean, driving drunk without a license, ran a stop sign and hit a motorcyclist, Matthew Denice, pinning him under his pickup. Guaman drove another 1/4 mile, dragging a screaming Denice under his truck. People were running beside the pickup, pounding on the windows trying to get Guaman to stop. He finally did when the truck jumped a curb, dislodging Denice. Guaman then backed up, crushing Denice to death (more like putting him out of his misery). Police say Guaman just shrugged when he was told he killed Denice. This was his 5th arrest; one was assaulting a police officer, and you'd think the cops would have had the juice to get this guy gone, but no soap.

The kicker to this story is that the judge in the murder trial, Gov. Deval "Squeaky Toy" Patrick appointee Janet Kenton-Walker, ruled that Guaman isn't fit to stand trial because of "his unique cultural and linguistic background". Even though he's been here 10 years and this is his 4th time in front of a judge, his lawyer claims that Guaman can't speak English and barely understands Spanish; he speaks an native dialect called Quecha. The Commonwealth has been ordered to dig up a Quecha interpreter, and maybe Guaman can stand trial sometime down the road. He isn't in jail, but has spent the last two years in a cozy psychiatric hospital.

Guaman's passenger on that fateful night (illegal) is back in Ecuador. Guaman's wife (illegal) is in jail for multiple drunk and unlicensed driving offenses. Guaman's brother (illegal) is the unlicensed owner of the pickup.
Here in the People's Commonwealth, an illegal can't get a license but CAN register and insure a vehicle. That was too much even for our moonbat legislature and they passed a bill to close that particular loophole.

Gov. Squeaky Toy vetoed it.

In her 4 years on the bench, Judge Kenton-Walker has managed to work up quite the collection of press clippings. In 2009 a guy pleaded guilty to raping a 19-MONTH OLD! She gave him probation. This year she also gave bail to two gangbangers of murky immigration status who were arrested on weapons and drug charges while on probation for weapons and drug charges. Both promptly exited our fair Commonwealth.

We would actually welcome Eric Holder's Justice Department here.

rob said...

Yes. 'Immigration' reform. Currently we don't deport the alien criminals. That policy needs to be reformed.

Certainly we can't deport them all, some maybe most will have to be repatriated.

RKU said...

Steve Sailer: The NYT editorial board was anti-amnesty when I started writing about immigration in 2000

I think that 2000 editorial was very much the exception. Don't forget that a massive tidal wave of strongly anti-immigration legislation had been narrowly blocked in Congress just a few years earlier, so the NYT probably regarded itself as being very much still on the defensive at that point. I feel confident that if anyone bothered to investigate NYT editorials over the last 40+ years, they'd discover 95% had been on the pro-immigration side. At least that's my opinion, and I've been reading the NYT for decades.

Anyone who believes that the NYT suddenly became pro-immigration after Slim loaned them $250M in early 2009 is simply delusional.

Anonymous said...

RKU is having a bad day-wrong on nytimes, wrong on thinking that human beings out evolve germs.

Anonymous said...

Update from Numbers USA:



What a day!

I've been doing media interviews every hour and just got back to the office from doing the Kudlow show on CNBC. (You have to watch a short commercial before viewing.) It was three against one, and I apologize to all of you who I let down by not making the points that you wish I had made but I was out-shouted.

But watching the video may get your juices flowing about the crazy Establishment, power-elite, prevailing view that Americans don't want to work.

Everything about the bill screams, THE U.S. IS SUFFERING A LABOR SHORTAGE!

You see how hard it was tonight for me to give voice to the unemployed, underemployed and wage-depressed Americans?

Well, it is going to take every one of us to get loud enough to be heard in the offices of 100 U.S. Senators.


You probably have seen a ton of references to the Gang of Eight's release today of the OUTLINE (not the bill, yet) of its Monster Amnesty.

Here's the bottom line:

Before any enforcement, the bill gives work permits and the right to live here and use the nation's infrastructure to virtually all the estimated 11 million illegal aliens.

It sets a lot of goals for implementation of enforcement promises made in the 1986 amnesty and the 1990 and 1996 immigration laws. Promises that were never kept. Like those earlier promises, this bill does not guarantee anything because there are no hard triggers.

We don't have the actual bill yet to calculate how much legal immigration will go up. It looks like the bill might increase new immigration in the first 10 years from around 11 million to 16-20 million! that's in addition to the 11 million illegal aliens who will have been given work permits.

The minute that the Gang releases the actual bill, our staff will begin reading every page so we can report to you precisely what the bill will do.

But the Gang's outline released today supposedly was meant to be the best face of the bill. Not a very good face.


The USA Today story this afternoon on reaction to the amnesty bill began with a not-very-profound comment from me, but maybe it is the message we want to get out through all social media, etc., the middle of this week:

WASHINGTON -- When Roy Beck finally saw the details of an immigration deal brokered by a bipartisan group of senators on Tuesday, the outspoken opponent of granting legal status to the nation's unauthorized immigrants had a hard time finding the right words to express himself.
"I just never expected the bill to be this bad,' said Beck, executive director of NumbersUSA, a group that helped sink the last attempt to change the nation's immigration laws in 2007 and is trying to do the same this time.
After praise for the bill from Pres. Obama and other pro-amnesty folks, the story went on to quote me saying what I told a lot of other reporters:

Aside from opening the door to legal status for the nation's estimated 11 million unauthorized immigrants, Beck says the bill adds even more competition for unemployed Americans by bringing in a huge influx of foreign workers through visas for high-tech and low-skilled workers.
"Every politician that has run for office over the last 10 years has said, 'Jobs. Jobs are No. 1.' And yet, everything in this bill is about bringing in more people to compete for American jobs," Beck said. "This whole bill is written as if the nation is in the throes of a terrible labor shortage."
We Need A Lot More Faxes to Senate

Thanks to all of you who have been sending faxes to your Senators. The rest of you need to follow suit."