April 19, 2013

Social network page of Suspect No. 2

From VK, the Russian version of Facebook:
Djohar  Tsarnaev

Djohar Tsarnaev

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Махачкала, 1999–2001


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Anonymous said...

Dude wore that golf hat like a frat boy pro.

Anonymous said...

Wikpedia says there are 1.7 millions Chechans worldwide, 500,000 outside of their homeland, and 379 in the USA. Their per capita terrorism rate is about one million times higher than European or Latin Americans and also far higher than the distant runner ups Yemeni and Saudis.

Dzhango Unpronounceable said...

Twitter won't have to rent extra servers, he doesn't have the whole LL Cool J police officer look their users most enjoy rooting for

rightsaidfred said...

Nice. Looks like an A-hole with a chip on his shoulder who lived here long enough to blend in and figure out where/when to bomb something to satisfy his need for a collective punishment against mankind in general.

El-Visitador said...


Of course.

anony-mouse said...

Isn't Boston Latin hard to get into?

Anonymous said...

Let's hope the Boston marathon bomber is a white American? Phew, it's a young Bob Dylan Blonde on Blonde period.


Anonymous said...

Right now, millions of young women look at this picture and go, "cute!". While their monkey brain quietly adds, "and violent!"

Lisa said...

He looks like a darker skinned version of a young Bob Dylan to me. Does anyone else see that?

Anonymous said...

Boston Latin and Cambridge Rindge & Latin are two entirely different schools.

Anonymous said...

Pretty sure that's a Jonas Brother. I told you all not to trust those Jonas Brothers.

Rob said...

He wouldn't look out of place in Tel Aviv or Harvard Law School.

Anonymous said...

To rightsaidfred:

You took the words right out of my mouth. I was thinking the exact same thing.

Anonymous said...

Bob Dylan?
Jerry Garcia?

Sophia the Second said...

Looks like a child molester cousin of Bob Dylan