April 19, 2013

For those who turn to iSteve first every morning

Lots of news overnight: 

The two Boston marathon bombers whose pictures were released by the FBI yesterday murdered an MIT campus policeman, carjacked a Mercedes, then shot it out (and threw bombs) in nearby Watertown, MA with pretty much all the cops on the Eastern Seaboard. Suspect No. 1 (black hat) is dead, Suspect No. 2 (white hat) is still on the run in Watertown.

Two names are widely being circulated via Twitter: Suspect No. 1 supposedly has an Ethiopian/Eritrean name and Suspect No. 2 has a subcontinental name. But does Suspect No. 1 look terribly Ethiopian to you?

Other rumors are that Pete Williams on NBC is saying the suspects have "foreign military training." I'm not watching NBC, so I don't know about that rumor either. It would seem to contradict the other rumor that Suspect No. 2 is the missing Brown student who is a fan of his hometown Philadelphia Eagles.

So, I don't know.

The Boston area is pretty much shut down at present for fear of bombs.

Update: NBC says they are Turks, legal residents who have been here about a year.

Invade the world, invite the world!


Eric said...

Who is Sunil Tripathi?
If it's indeed him, what could be the motive? Beta rage? Did he convert to Islam?

Anonymous said...

Unless overseas terrorists murdered some poor Indian-American a few months ago, and stole ...and are using... the victim's ID.

Bill said...

Suspect #1 could easily be Eritrean, or half Ethiopian. Lots of them are quite fair, and he looked significantly darker in the videos than the still shots.

BTW, turns out Sunil Tripathi used to work for an immigration activist group in Philly.

alexis said...

"the suspects have "foreign military training."

I guess that meant majoring in philosophy at Brown.

Charlesz Martel said...

Personally, I think this bombing might be the beginning of a good thing- and that thing is immigration blowback. Just like the Wall Street bombing in the 20's opened the eyes of the elite to the reality that not all immigration was a positive, if the elite ( and especially their children) start coming home in body bags, we might finally see the beginning of the end of our current open borders masturbatory fantasy, albeit too late.
While I am obviously against innocents being maimed/killed, I do think Boston, as a city, deserves a bombing reign of terror ( if it could be done without hurting anyone). Why? Because Boston was the number 1 supporter of the IRA in the 70's and 80's. The Irish Carholic Pubs of Boston were the primary fundraisers for the IRA to blow up London and Belfast. Heck, Harisson Ford even did a movie about it! They're now getting a taste of their own medicine. How's that working out for you, guys?
I lived in London during that period of IRA bombing. Sauce for the goose/gander.
Now, if only our elites could have the pleasure of their children being exposed 24/7 to the glories of black/brown diversity, things would begin to change. Very quickly.
Nothing like facing the possibility of death to clarify one's thinking!

Anonymous said...

Bill, no, there are no Eritreans who are fair, or even close. The very very lightest are roughly Obama's coloring, and on average they are more like the First Lady.

David said...

Steve, you are a blogging machine. Thanks for all you do.