April 18, 2013

Quotes from Ed West's "The Diversity Illusion"

HBD Chick has posted some quotations from Telegraph columnist Ed West's new book The Diversity Illusion: What We Got Wrong About Immigration & How to Set it Right.
“In over sixty years of enormous change such debate [about immigration] had been restricted by taboo, fear and mockery. Immigration is the most thought about and least talked about subject in British history.“ [kindle locations 173-175]

Well, maybe sex in the Victorian Age. But, even then explorer Richard Burton, a polygamy advocate, wouldn't shut up about sex in the Orient, and Queen Victoria knighted him anyway.
"As Kevin Myers noted, the people of Britain and Ireland ‘have taken a secret, Self-Denying Ordinance not to discuss immigration or race in any meaningful way’. In living memory barely a newspaper article, radio or television show has seriously questioned the diversity orthodoxy, and even in the intelligent Right-wing press scepticism has had to be couched in such a cryptic way that the paper’s horoscopes are more candid.” [kindle locations 202-205]

“Writing about Tibet, liberal blogger Dave Osler once stated that China ‘has resettled Han Chinese colonists there to the point where Tibetans are at risk of becoming a minority in their own homeland’. On his own country he declared that ‘further mass immigration obviously has the potential to rejuvenate the population of this island once the politicians can get their head round the idea’. Tibetans becoming a minority in their country are a threatened species; the English are being ‘rejuvenated. Of course the Tibetans have no choice in becoming a minority, yet when the British express their opposition to ‘rejuvenation’ they are condemned as racists.” [kindle locations 1145-1150]

"No universal altruism has evolved because a sense of universal altruism would have no evolutionary advantage. Garrett Hardin argued in a 1982 essay, ‘Discriminating Altruisms’, that a world without borders or distinctions is impossible, because groups that practise unlimited altruism will be eliminated in favour of those that limit altruistic behaviour to smaller groups, from whom they receive benefits." 

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Ray Sawhill said...

Garrett Hardin deserves a rediscovery.

candid_observer said...

OT, but you should really check out the video at


Makes it hard to accept the idea that races are all the same genetically when they behave so differently at age 2 days.

(Link via West Hunter).

A picture is worth a thousand words, a video maybe a million?

This should become the standard link to refute the standard claim that races are all the same, except for melanin.

eh said...

Diversity would be marvelous if only it denoted every ethnic group supporting sensible policy respecting American blacks. Unfortunately, what it actually means is most of those groups deciding to emulate them.

Anonymous said...

The complete success of this program of self-censorship, auto-denigration and out-group altruism, the result of a particularly sordid combination of Soviet-style brainwashing and intimidation, is one of the most striking phenomena in recorded history.

It is a kind of metastatic mental illness, a large-scale "folie-a-deux", and unless reversed, will, without any doubt at all, lead to a permanent loss of our homeland (never mind our erstwhile colonies).


Matthew said...

"[It will] lead to a permanent loss of our homeland (never mind our erstwhile colonies)."

Mass immigration is a worse form of colonialism than the traditional kind. Colonialism involved relocating a small number of people into some non-Western country. That was evil. Mass immigration involves enormous numbers of people moving into our countries. That is good for us, and you are racist if you oppose it.

Nevermind that mass immigration is far less irreversible than colonialism.

Answer: oppose mass immigration as a form of colonialism. Brand the immigrants as oppressive colonists.