April 19, 2013


From the Atlantic Wire:
Pete Williams of NBC is reporting that two suspects have not been positively identified, but it is believed that they are "foreign nationals" who might have received military training and have been in the country for over a year. Williams adds that they are "legal permanent residents" and may be from Chechnya, but were living in Turkey before coming to the U.S. Boston police commissioner Ed Davis tweeted the most recent surveillance photo of the missing suspect that was taken last night, before the shootout.

Beats me.

Suspect No. 1 looks more plausibly Chechen than he looks Ethiopian, as the overnight rumor implied (I had a hard time buying it because the late Suspect No. 1 is the least Ethiopian looking guy in the world). And Chechens are notorious Muslim hard-asses. Tolstoy, who fought them, wrote a book about them.

NBC is saying the suspects are brothers with complicated Chechyan names, who have at least one Massachusetts drivers license, and are here legally.

Latest: Suspect No. 2 is this guy:

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, 19
Cambridge, MA

Places Lived Cambridge, MA
Phone(617) 864-XXXX
About Dzhokhar Tsarnaev
Dzhokhar A Tsarnaev was born in 1993. Dzhokhar currently lives in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Before that, Dzhokhar lived in Cambridge, MA

Or, then again, maybe not. If this rumor is wrong, sorry to Dzhokhar.

But, in any case, never forget that the grand strategy of the Bush Administration -- Invade the World, Invite the World -- hasn't failed, it's just never been fully tried yet!

Diversity is our strength!


Anonymous said...

Hadn't heard so much from that quarter since the Hilary Swank lounge act incident. But if you've been around Boston in recent years you know the whole city is sort of an ad-hoc billboard for everybody's national/tribal grievances; a real EU on the Charles.

T said...

So what about the missing Indian kid? Misinformation, or did he get whacked by a pair of Chechens ....whole stole his ID?

The world is funny. Left saying it's white guys, Right saying Muslims. We end up with White Muslim bombers.

nobody's perfect said...

Hmm, the resident Boston guy at the American Spectator almost called this, which is to say, not really; he basically whiffed, going straight to the predictable Conservatism Inc. bugbear of the coddled suburban Guevara Lite menace.

I thought the guy whose name & age Sailer is promoting was surprisingly young, till I learned the Chechnya jefe is 36. The radio newsreaders out here will have more trouble with names this weekend.

Podsnap said...

The world is funny. Left saying it's white guys, Right saying Muslims. We end up with White Muslim bombers.

Hilarious. So it was a draw then ? Nice try. If the 'white' terrorists were Billy Bob Smith and his little brother John boy then you might have an argument.

FredR said...

In Hadj Murat, Chechens come across as border people with a hell of a lot of asabiya,