April 19, 2013

A reader in Watertown, MA writes

From the comments to my post below "Is This Relevant?" about whether the MIT shooting is related to the Boston marathon bombing (quick answer: yes):
I'm writing from within yards of where the shootout in Watertown happened. I was just getting to sleep when I heard hundreds of rounds fired in bursts, single shot, staccato, at least three different calibres from the sounds and also what sounded like grenades or IEDs (maybe pipebombs). I will say that Watertown is home to many Muslim immigrants, most of whom are great neighbors and fine people. But I've heard teenage punks sound off late at night in trhe local 24 hour store about Jihad, I suspect mostly to epater le kafir. But I'm now leaning to the conclusion that a couple of these punks may have become over-intoxicated by their own rhetoric and caused all the havoc of the past five days. I agree with other posters that the MSM and feds have done everything in their power to pin this on a couple of white, right-wing loons yet to be found (white Islamics, white Hispanics, WTF). But to my eye the suspects' pictures look a lot like many of my muslim neighbors from various parts of the Balkans, Levant, and Middle East. Color me prescient if I'm right. Call me a hateful right-wing, racist loon if I'm wrong.

Thanks. Keep your head down. One suspect is dead, but the cops are now searching door to door in Watertown for the other suspect (or suspects).

[Update: Suspect No. 2, the guy on the white hat, is the one on the loose. The cops think he set off motion detectors in a building in Watertown.]

In case this surmise turns out to be right, here's my 2010 review of Chris Morris's British comedy Four Lions about a terrorist attack on the “unbelieving Kafir slags" taking part in a marathon.

But, we shall see ...


LiveInCambridge said...

Been listening to Boston PD police scanner. Suspects identified as Michael Mulugeta (dead, black hat suspect), Sunil Tripathi (at large, white hat suspect).

I live in Cambridge. I have been following since about 10:30 PM EST, when the MIT shooting kicked off. Heard the explosions in Watertown from Cambridge.

Current situation (4 AM local) is that the police are holding a perimeter around the suspect, and waiting for daylight.

Steve Sailer said...


ST would be the missing Brown U. student in the Che Guevara t-shirt. He is the son of a prominent IT entrepreneur.

But, we shall see ...

Steve Sailer said...

MM appears to be an Ethiopian name. There are a lot of people on Facebook with that name:


That would be an unexpected marathon connection: Ethiopians and Kenyans are the world's top two marathon rivals. The Boston marathon is traditionally dominated by Kenyans, who use it as their Olympic team trial in Olympic years.

Anonymous said...

I'm confused. One person arrested,now dead he is the one who was naked then?

Anonymous said...

At 5 pm news conference NPR kept repeating how suspects were white... repeat white... and not dark skinned... they were having hard time containing glee. Ooops.

Mike Mulugeta is on twitter ...@MikeMulugeta

Anonymous said...

Tripathi is a prominent Brahmin family name. No way he's a Muslim.


Dennis Dale said...

That Twitter account clearly is not Mr. Black Hat suspect (but he does look Ethiopian).

Steve Sailer said...

"Mike Mulugeta is on twitter ...@MikeMulugeta"

Skinny Ethiopian looking guy.

Doesn't look like Suspect No. 1.